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Kerry Lutz's--Financial Survival Network

Sep 8, 2021

Today we have Chris Miles, self-proclaimed anti-financial advisor, on the podcast to tell us the truth about investing in this day in age. He outlines some of the tried and true strategies that many financial advisors don’t acknowledge, and gives advice on how you can re-prioritize your investments to attain financial freedom. Tune in to hear tips from Chris and to learn about the concepts in the financial sector that really do work.

-Miles calls himself the anti-financial advisor, which is good in this day in age
-Things don’t go up forever—they must come down eventually
-Miles started off as a mainstream financial advisor - “live on rice and beans” and save everything
-All of financial advising is different combinations of the same things
-Consider how many of your clients are financially free, and if you’re profiting off of the investments you’ve been recommending
-Mutual funds are not the way to go
-Miles decided he couldn’t keep teaching concepts that didn’t work
-A lot of strategies put forth by financial advisors mean that retirement will be extremely delayed
-It’s not about working smarter, but working right. Work on creating efficiency
-Miles tells people to buy real assets—don’t invest for appreciation
-They’re not going to get rid of social security, but it’s not a good idea to bank on it
-Personal responsibility creates freedom

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