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Mar 28, 2012

Chris Mayer has travelled the world seeking out investment opportunities in the least likely of places. People in the lesser developed countries of the world see what citizens of more prosperous areas have and how they live. This has lead to a global modernization drive to bring these countries' standards of living up to the Western World's standards. While there's a lot of uncertainty and fears about what the future will bring, this rising tide will inevitably lift all boats. Chris sees Asia driving a global prosperity wave.

At Agora Financial, Chris is managing editor of the Capital and Crisis and Mayer’s Special Situations newsletters. He gave up commercial banking to take up financial research/writing at exactly the right time. Now, he has thousands of subscribers around the world, and it's a big world. Chris regularly uncovers unique investment ideas and themes in such diverse areas as agriculture, water, energy and infrastructure. You can find information about World Right Side Up, Chris's newest book, here.

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