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Kerry Lutz's--Financial Survival Network

Oct 4, 2022

Chris Markowski—AKA Wall Street’s Watchdog—has some criticism for the Fed, and comes on the show to talk about what they’re doing wrong at the moment. A lot of the conventional wisdom that is being taught about the Fed needs to be re-evaluated; there are a myriad of solutions for the current economic problems that go beyond our conventional perception of the Fed’s role/power. Nonetheless, there is a lot to be taken advantage of right now from an investing standpoint, and Chris names some assets and ventures to keep your eye on.

-Inflation is not transitory. Additionally, the Fed had raised rates slightly last year or cut back on bond buying, the situation could be different
-Markets got crunched this year
-The concept that the Fed is going to be able to solve this is just one part of the solution—things can be fixed in a myriad of ways
-We don’t have enough resources for things like alternative energy
-A lot of this inflation is self inflicted
-Many recessions in the past haven’t been named recessions until later, but we’re currently seeing slowed economic activity on numerous fronts
-As an investor, there’s a lot you can take advantage of
-Chris gets nervous when markets are rapidly going up
-It’s all about quality and companies that pay you to own them
-Uranium and lithium need to be part of your portfolio
-Many commodities across the board are starting to come down

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