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Kerry Lutz's--Financial Survival Network

Mar 15, 2012

The rats are fleeing the burning tenement of Wall Street. First, Greg Smith from Goldman Sachs who resigned in horror over the the firm's alleged disregard of any ethical limitations upon their ability to separate their clients from their money. Then today, an anonymous insider at another large bank comes out making numerous allegations about rigging off the silver and financial markets. We have no evidence to base any conclusions as to the veracity of these allegations, but certainly we have seen numerous Wall Street clients end up in the poor house.

Surprise, surpise, just when you thought the bad guys at MF Global and their network of enablers had won, the MF's Trustee in Bankruptcy turns up another $685 million, which just a few days ago seemed all but lost. Perhaps they found it in John Corzine's filing cabinet, or maybe it was in the supply closet along with the records of all that other money they haven't been able to find. Or perhaps some of the banks who were holding these funds decided it just wasn't worth the bad PR. Either way, FSN is always skeptical of coincidences. Especially now, when the global collapse is perhaps switching into high gear, and we're going to get a sample of those weapons of mass financial destruction that Warren Buffet has been losing no sleep over. 

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