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Kerry Lutz's--Financial Survival Network

Feb 14, 2022

Those that work in media jobs are facing a tougher environment than ever before in consideration of cancel culture and ethics that divide people in countless ways. Jeremy Murphy comes on the show to talk partially about his experience, and also about a book he wrote on navigating this cutthroat industry. Tune in to hear more about the Gen Z type, ‘Chloe,’ and how you can survive a media career in our contemporary world.

-Jeremy Murphy is an individual that is embittered by the media because of the tumultuous environment it has cultivated
-Once Trump left office, people lost interest in certain aspects of the media; politics lost a bit of entertainment
-Murphy writes a Gen Z type that he calls a ‘Chloe’ that feels entitled, and comes to work expecting everything to adhere to their own expectations and values
-There needs to be a balance of ethics in the workplace, and efforts need to be put into implementing things like diversity in the right way
-The goal should be getting each person to achieve their fullest potential
-We should be able to focus on being the best we can be, not just avoiding upsetting people

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