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Jun 28, 2022

Author John D. Kuhns, an expert on Bougainville and the mining aspect, comes on the show to discuss the next big conflict that the US will have to face with China. Bougainville is going to become the newest nation, and its mining reserves approximate $100 million. In order to re-develop the mine, they’re going to need help financially and technologically. Tune in to hear what’s to come with Bougainville, the US and China, and the mining sector. Additionally, if you’re interested in John D. Kuhns’ They Call Me Ishmael, you can find it via the link to Amazon below.

-Bouganville is on the front line of what is expected to be the predominant conflict the US will face over the next decade—the conflict with China
-Its reserves approximate $100 million
-There is a lot of mining, but also a lot of poverty in this area
-Bougainville is going to become the newest nation
-Their constitution differs from that of Papa New Guinea
-Bougainville’s mining/resource rules parallel the ones in the US
-They need help financially and technologically to re-develop the mine
-They Call Me Ishmael is John’s novel that discusses this topic
-China is upgrading to a military involvement
-A big problem is coming and we need to be financially/militarily prepared
-China doesn’t always deal with their land properly or assess risk

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