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Dec 2, 2021

I sit down and catch up with Charlotte Dumford, who specializes in mobile home park investing. It has been a great yet challenging year for people in this industry, but mobile home parks have picked up great speed in 2021. Charlotte’s company is working on creating a monopoly within a niche, and the coming year looks very promising for this industry. Tune in for more.

-Charlotte Dunford specializes in mobile home park investing
-What can we learn from 2021 and how will it help you go into 2022? It has been great yet challenging for people in this industry especially due to the pandemic and issues in the economy
-They will be able to acquire more parks at a faster speed and get more business
-Mobile home parks have picked up speed in the last year, which has racked up prices
-They’re able to negotiate and get deals at higher cap rates
-Why is this sector overlooked? A lot of people want to get their money into the bigger stuff—it offers stability
-A business succeeds if they can create a monopoly within a niche—Charlotte’s company is putting this philosophy to work
-They’ve seen a lot of growth this year in the mobile home portfolio
-For 2022, they are ready to take the business to a new level and further diversify their portfolio
-Their top priority is creating a sense of community; proud ownership is the driving factor of stability in a park
-In 2021, they were focused not just on making the most capital, but on showing investors that this is a great choice

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