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Dec 7, 2021

The stock market took a big hit last week. The real question is whether it’s going to come roaring back or not. I sit down and chat with Charles Nenner, an amazing forecaster of the markets, to discuss what’s happening with the markets and why. We’re expecting a few rallies with long term correction eventually, but for now we should expect to just see short term correction. The new bull markets in gold should come by the end of the year. Tune in to hear more about what’s to come.

-Nenner is a great forecaster of the markets
-Nenner was out of stocks prior to the correction
-There are a number of stocks/markets fluctuating due to the virus—especially in consideration of traveling
-The stock market took a big hit last week—is it going to come roaring back?
-They are expecting a few rallies, but it doesn’t look great in the long term. This is a short term correction that will eventually transition into a long term correction
-Some people are seeking the relative safety of the bond market
-Inflation is as high as 14% according to some
-Copper is the ultimate indicator of economic health and trends—it goes higher due to inflation
-The new bull markets in gold should come by the end of the year due to the perception that things are not as good as they seem
-A lot of these trends are noticeable at the wrong time
-The US hasn’t had the same parabolic move as Europe with gas and oil
-The weekly cycle of natgas is down
-We used to only look at oil, but natgas is a substitute for oil
-There may start to be some selling later next year within real estate

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