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Oct 11, 2022

These are dangerous times in global markets, stock markets, and commodities. Can you make money in a market like this? Chance Finucane comes on the show to discuss this topic; based on past long term bear markets, there’s still a way to go before you should consider hopping back in. Inflation has already peaked, but it is not going to decelerate in the way that the Fed hopes. There are many factors at play in regard to the current market, so tun in for the latest insights.

-What sort of strategy do you implement in this market? The focus is much more on preservation of capital; Chance doesn’t mind increasing liquidity
-Chance might not hop back into the market until sometime next year. Based on analyses of past long term bear markets, there is still a bit of a way to go
-Chance’s company typically invests on behalf of former business owners, and they try to manage the downside so that bonds/portfolios don’t go down too much
-Inflation peaked in June when it got to around 9%
-Inflation is going to decelerate, and will probably stay in the mid-single digit area for longer than you would expect
-There are lots of external factors, especially with oil
-Chance’s company likes the pipeline businesses
-Usually this recessionary environment isn’t good for commodity prices
-We’ve started to see some home price decreases
-People aren’t willing to leave their current home if they own one

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