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Oct 21, 2013 presents

Are you being eaten alive on the job? Maybe your angry boss yells, your co-workers stab you in the back or difficult customers suck you dry. Whatever issues you’re having at work, Carrie Hart can help you regain power and control with her business insider secrets. You’ll learn what your boss really wants from you and how to advance by capitalizing on this secret, how to avoid giving away your power at work, and how to use your four intuitive senses to determine the best way to handle any situation in the office. Have your listeners call in with their workplace dilemmas and she’ll offer expert advice as well as explain how to identify and work with power animals. Carrie Hart is a management consultant, author and speaker. For the past 20 years she’s focused on guiding people to reach a high connection with themselves. She has a private healing practice and is the author of “A Call to Greatness: The Exciting, Joyous Journey Your Soul Wants You to Take.” 

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