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Oct 6, 2021

The supply chain has raised a lot of concerns, especially in consideration of the upcoming holiday season. Carl Gould comes on the podcast to talk about this, and to give advice on what we can do to compensate for these disruptions. If you see something that you know you’re going to need, it’s probably wise to get it now—especially if it’s trendy, or comes from a manufacturer overseas. Tune in to get advice on how to adjust to some of these changes in preparation for the coming months.

-The supply chain has been affecting all aspects of life lately—if you see something you want now, it’s best to go ahead and get it
-Especially in consideration of the holiday season, it’s important to start thinking about purchasing things soon since the supply chain is so far behind
-Popular and trendy items will be especially hard to get ahold of at this point
-The category of item will likely be available, but not the specific item itself
-We don’t have the labor force to load/unload ships and ships are leaving without being fully loaded
-Secondary markets are equally robust, and worth considering (i.e. Ebay, Facebook Marketplace, Poshmark, etc.)
-The supply chain disruption affects many areas of your life
-Anything coming from overseas, especially apparel, is going to require a long wait
-Europe is going to have disruptions as well
-It may be a good year to give things that are experiential rather than tangible

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