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Kerry Lutz's--Financial Survival Network

Jun 16, 2023

During the meeting, Kerry Lutz and Aaron Clary discussed the benefits of getting off the societal support and validation grid by building your own home. They argued that this approach could provide economic opportunities and valuable skills, and could be a solution to the housing crisis. They also discussed the potential mental benefits of opting-out of society and rediscovering oneself, but acknowledged that not everyone will participate in this trend.

Aaron suggested that young people should consider building their own homes instead of pursuing higher education, and mentioned the hurdles that come with this unconventional approach, such as the cost of land and the need for skills in carpentry and home repairs. Kerry shared a personal anecdote about fixing a toilet and encouraged listeners to take on household repairs themselves or find a handyman to save money. They also discussed the potential for creative financing, such as rent-to-own, and the availability of resources like YouTube for self-instruction.

In the wrap-up of their interview, Kerry and Aaron discussed where to find Aaron's work and had a brief personal chat about South Dakota and Aaron's personal life. The tone was friendly and casual, with both speakers expressing pleasure in talking to each other.

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