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Kerry Lutz's--Financial Survival Network

Dec 7, 2023

Kerry Lutz and Carl Gould discussed the resurgence of buy now, pay later plans and how they can be an effective way for companies to attract new customers. They cautioned consumers to be aware of potential hidden fees and penalties before signing up for these programs. The speakers also discussed the challenges facing retailers in the changing retail landscape and how they are adapting to attract customers. They emphasized the importance of creating a compelling experience for customers and using innovative tactics such as bundling, clearance racks, promotions, and discounts.

The conversation also touched on the pros and cons of online shopping versus local stores, with Amazon being a trusted source for finding products and managing expectations. The speakers noted the advantage of curbside pickup offered by Target and Walmart, which has proven to be a valuable service for customers who need items quickly. Additionally, the speakers discussed the trends in Christmas shopping and the rise of buy now, pay later programs.

They cautioned listeners to be aware of the fine print and not to use the programs to play catch up. Finally, the speakers emphasized the significance of the three major holidays of Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, which make up to 40% of businesses' revenue, and the importance of strategic planning for consumers to save money by buying off-season.

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