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Kerry Lutz's--Financial Survival Network

Apr 28, 2017

Bryan Slusarchuk is a director of First Cobalt (TSXV: FCC & US: FTSSF). We used to think that adequate supplies of Lithium were required to power the growing numbers of electric vehicles. And while at the present time Lithium is the preferred energy storage battery component, Cobalt is every bit as important. The supplies are rapidly shrinking and what we do get is often the product child mining slaves. As with many vital minerals and elements, Cobalt is often a bi-product of base metal mines. When the underlying metal becomes uneconomical to mine, Cobalt products stops as well.  First Cobalt is out to change all that. They've got an amazing project in Canada - Keeley Frontier that has yielded large amounts of Cobalt and Silver in the past. Now restarting it is a major goal. It's blue skies ahead for the blue metal.