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Oct 11, 2021

I sit down to chat with Brian Lundin, who will be joining me on October 19th at the 2021 New Orleans Investment Conference. We talk all things economy—addressing the precious metals, China, digital currency, and more. Tune in if you want some insightful updates as well as more information on the upcoming conference.

-October 19th is the New Orleans Investment Conference
-Precious metals don’t appear to be behaving rationally—in the inflationary environment, you would expect to see increases in gold and silver
-Either gold is unresponsive or hyper-responsive
-We’ve seen a typical correction in gold based on history—it’s not out of the ordinary
-The fed is constrained on a lot of fronts, and gold is in a holding pattern right now to see what it can do
-Central bank digital currencies are on the way as a tool to be used for efficiency
-A lot of China’s economy is insulated from the West; there are a lot of western investors
-We haven’t seen things this interwoven before, but China has spread a lot of their economic effects across the rest of the world
-We could have a slow-down in the Chinese economy and it would have an effect on commodities
-The conference will be in-person and it will be like a homecoming for investors around the world
-There’s going to be a blockbuster event with a multitude of top-thinkers in the market

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