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Kerry Lutz's--Financial Survival Network

Sep 20, 2021

We currently see the precious metals getting slammed down in comparison to other commodities, which is an upsetting phenomenon for many investors. Today, we have Brian Leni on the show to talk about this and to re-emphasize the inherent value in the metals despite shifts in prices. Gold remains a critical asset when it comes to maintaining your wealth, and this becomes even more crucial as currencies err on the side of instability. Tune in to hear from myself and Leni about how to have confidence in your investments in a changing market, and to learn more about why these fluctuations are occurring.

-Precious metals have been mercilessly slammed down—the last time gold got slammed down like this was back in June
-To the amateur investor, this is an upsetting phenomenon. From a professional standpoint, this is also somewhat surprising given the current circumstances in the world
-Gold is the most important asset for one that wants to maintain their wealth
-Those that own it are glad they own it
-Debt keeps going up; government and currencies are becoming more unstable
-There has been lots of commodity price inflation with the exception of precious metals
-You buy gold and silver for insurance—to maintain your wealth
-You buy junior resource stocks because they are speculations of people and their ability to execute on action plans
-High gold/silver prices mean that financially and socially there are some bad things going on in the world
-Assay labs are taking longer than normal—sometimes having to travel lots of other places
-Everybody is drilling across the world, and assay labs may be restricted
-It’s hard when the market is imploding and people are impatient—but this presents opportunity
-Patience has to be part of your repertoire
-If you’re early to an investment, it’s going to be a while until its value is recognized, but this is where the big gains are
-If you’ve done research, you need to have confidence in your investment and see yourself through

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