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Kerry Lutz's--Financial Survival Network

Sep 13, 2021

How can you buy raw land in a way that allows you to minimize costs and maximize upside potential? Brent Bowers comes on the podcast today to talk about his life changing experience with buying and selling land—profiting exponentially with the right strategies. Tune in to get advice from a highly successful individual in this field and to learn about an area of the market you could get involved in yourself.

-How can we buy raw land in a smart way to minimize costs and maximize upside potential?
-Bowers was an army officer and decided to get into rentals, wholesaling, and land
-He was able to sell land for exponentially more than he bought it for
-Land is turning to a seller’s market; you have to pay more initially, but you also will get more
-How do you know you’re not paying too much for a property? Look at what the actual land is worth by calling realtors and looking at Zillow/other sites to find the property value
-Sell it before you buy it to get immediate profits

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