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Jul 11, 2022

With the dollar going higher and precious metals going lower, the markets are crazy. Here to analyze this is Bob Hoye, who uses historical trends in financial markets to evaluate what is happening in the contemporary economy. The current patterns within precious metals and interest rates are indicative of a great financial bubble. Tune in to hear Bob’s perspective, and data driven predictions on what’s to come.

-The markets are crazy; the dollar is going higher and precious metals are going lower
-Bob has looked at extensive history on financial markets, and over time we’ve seen patterns with financial bubbles
-With the conclusion of a great bubble, copper’s real price goes up and gold’s real price goes down
-In July 2020, the precious metals sector got completely overbought
-In a financial bubble, gold deflated goes down; then it stabilizes and goes up
-Bob has been specifically looking at the rise of gold’s real price in relation to the CPI
-If you’re in the mining business, get out of base metals and into the gold business
-Gold, base metals, and real long interest rates have done what they are supposed to—indicating that the bubble is over
-The Fed has tried to inflate in previous crashes
-The dollar is going to keep going up
-In China, base metal mining and gold mining have soared
-High prices for metals build capacity

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