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Kerry Lutz's--Financial Survival Network

Jan 11, 2012

The International Forecaster joins us again, this week for our bi-weekly chat. Bob and I discuss the gold and silver New Year's take-off. We touch upon the Commodity Futures Trading Commission's review and investigation of the CME group. The C.F.T.C.'s has been tasked with looking into the leading causes of the MF Global failure. Check out a great interview Bob posted about this at

Most of us thought Jon Corzine was finished, we were all sure he would never work on Wall Street again. However, Corzine is rumored to be going back into business and is even looking for new office space near the New York Stock Exchange. MF global is attempting to get everyone their money back, but why didn't CME stand behind their clients from the beginning? Regardless of who's really at fault, Bob predicts major changes in the way the Comex and other exchanges operate and a whole new level of transparency. There's really no other choice if we expect markets to continue functioning.

Bottom lime, these government agencies aren't helping the public. Instead, they aim to serve the industry or group they are supposed to be monitoring, and this is upsetting the gold and silver markets. You should always remember there's two sides to debt, and when it comes to taking customers' funds, a thief like MF Global can never pass good title to stolen goods. Gold and silver are doing well, and at present, notwithstanding government manipulation to the contrary. Bob predicts the next stop is 1700, then 1800 and 1900. The fact that gold and silver are increasing while the dollar's in a up trend and the Euro's getting slammed is a major bullish indicator. Never forget one of the International Forecaster most telling lines, "inflate or die." It really explains everything you need to know about financial markets.

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