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Dec 1, 2021

Unsurprisingly, the markets experienced a major meltdown over Black Friday—is it time to flee the market, or is this just another variant of financial disruption? I sit down and chat with Jeffrey Small to get the full picture of why this happened, and its relevance to the current economy. Thankfully, this disruption will most likely not mean much, and we will probably bounce back from the extreme inflation in the coming year. Tune in to get more insight.

-The market’s reaction on Friday was a knee-jerk reaction to the unknown
-Markets don’t like uncertainty
-This disruption probably won’t mean very much in consideration of the virus we’ve been living with for a while
-Inflation does create earnings growth, which is good for the market
-Investors need to buy companies that they know will have earnings growth
-The inflation we’re having now is excessive and will hurt the GDP growth
-Once we get past the holiday season, things will deflate and people won’t be spending as much on goods
-There is no reason as to why oil should be priced how it is today
-The government is directly responsible for oil trading at a high
-Are the tech stocks defensive? The Tesla stock is somewhat of a trend

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