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Kerry Lutz's--Financial Survival Network

Jul 1, 2022

Michael Moor comes on the show to talk about the S&P and the overall market. He’s predicting that we’ll see some choppy, downward movement in the next few weeks. With gold, we’re also experiencing consolidation, and Bitcoin is on a trajectory to potentially go into negative territory. Tune in for a comprehensive, analytical overview of the markets from Michael.

-Markets are volatile; many people have suffered losses
-With the S&P, we are now in a bearish corrections
-We’ll probably see some choppy, consolidated, downward movement
-You should always know where you want to get out if you’re down
-We’re heading towards $10 Natgas; it’s broken above significant levels over the last ten years
-Gold is in consolidation—testing a bearish pattern down below
-We had broken below a significant number, but then traveled beneath that number and couldn’t move up
-We’re sitting on a bearish formation
-Bitcoin is below a significant bearish formation
-Bitcoin could go into negative territory
-We could be in the last stretch
-The market can turn in four different ways

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