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Kerry Lutz's--Financial Survival Network

Oct 28, 2021

No matter what, you can always turn your life around and become the best version of yourself. I chat with Randy Gage—who has battled addiction and financial problems, and has ultimately done a 180. He emphasizes the value of mindset, and says that when you start viewing yourself as a victor rather than a victim, you can come to terms with what it is that you want to change in your life. Tune in for an inspiring message from Gage, and for tips on how you can take steps toward change.

-There is always a chance for you to turn your life around and be the best version of yourself
-Randy Gage managed to turn his life around despite getting into a lot of trouble in his younger years
-The break he needed was having someone believe in him more than he believed in himself—one of his friend’s Father’s helped him out
-How do you make people believe in themselves and take advantage of a second chance? You can decide whether you are a victim or victor
-Gage started working on a restaurant and learned he cold play by the rules and still get far in life
-He ended up investing all of his money to start his own restaurant, and he lost it, but learned from this experience.
-People think the opposite of success is failure, but failure is part of the process of succeeding
-Gage tells his story at detention centers and halfway houses
-You have to be committed to working on yourself every day, analyzing what’s working and what’s not working
-It comes down to self-honesty, and you have to admit what needs to change within yourself
-The pandemic also allowed people to re-evaluate their life

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