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Jul 18, 2012 presents

John Aziz, based in the UK, was an English Major who discovered he had a flare for economics, especially the Austrian variety. After the Crash of 2008, he went looking for answers and found them. His ability as a writer and a communicator is nearly unparalleled in the Blogosphere. He has the unique ability to take very complicated concepts and simply them in a manner that can be understood by people of all educational levels. His insights and skills are helping to get the word out. People are starting to understand what caused the economic collapse and what the alternatives are for getting out of it. And there's only three real choices: 1) Keep praying and printing; 2) Default and repudiate or 3) Forgive the debt or a debt jubilee. There are no other options for dealing with an over indebted financial system. So the next time you hear a politician claiming otherwise, understand that he's lying to you. 

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