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Oct 19, 2022

Where are the precious metals markets going? Furthermore, why are they going down, and how is the dollar going up? Andy Schectman comes on the show to break down what has been happening in the metals markets, which are defying logic in many respects. We’re seeing more silver being drained at the top, and massive withdrawals of gold from the exchange—with deliveries to China. Tune in to hear about what to expect from the precious metals as we continue to struggle with supply, increasing rates, and uncertain conditions.

-Precious metals are defying logic in many respects. Andy says he’s never seen a market quite like this in his career
-Over the last five months, almost 550 tons of gold have been removed from the metals exchange and have seen four year high in exports to China. Essentially, we’re seeing massive withdrawals and deliveries
-Silver is trading at triple the premium it normally does in India, and India is importing large amounts of silver
-At the very top, we see more silver being drained
-Supply is as stressed and as strained as 2008
-It is getting increasingly hard to maintain a flow of product
-It’s better right now to be early than late
-Even with high rates, it is extremely difficult to get inflation back under control
-The cost in rolling bonds over has become exponentially more expensive

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