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Oct 4, 2021

Andy Schectman and I sit down to discuss the precious metals, inflation, and some of the recent shifts in the economy that have left people wondering what’s in store for us as a nation. It seems that transitory, in regard to inflation, has taken on a whole new meaning. We are not going to see inflation disappear eventually; rather, it is most likely structural, and will continue to increase. Furthermore, we look to the precious metals as a way to maintain a sense of privacy in a world where it seems to be dissipating—gold and silver seem to be the only dependable way to secure your wealth.

-The precious metal markets have not been behaving well—silver is under pressure right now
-Many things that are vitally important are not spoken about in the media; there’s a lack of honest reporting
-What does transitory even mean in light of the current inflation?
-The shift in inflation could be structural, and continue to increase
-The Chinese are on the path to taking over the reign of the economic powerhouse; wealth is moving eastward
-Our infrastructure bill will probably not even go towards infrastructure
-China is building relationships and assets that will allow them to transition
-The biggest thing in the tax bill is the proposal to monitor all gross in-flows and out0flows of money above $600 on all platforms (Venmo, PayPal, etc)
-Precious metals give a sense of privacy in a world where privacy seems to be dissipating
-The biggest problem will ultimately be people not being able to source anything
-There will most likely be higher premiums on gold and silver
-In regard to the supply chain, there are shortages of everything
-Keeping interest rates low is the only option
-You don’t buy gold and silver to get wealthy; it is wealth

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