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Apr 22, 2015

What Will Happen Next Wednesdays with Andrew Hoffman:

We are in a world amuk, with bubbles inflating in late 1999 fashion as the news flow worsens by the minute.  I mean, MCD stock surges on this morning's abysmal sales report?


Never have I seen so many dichotomies, and market manipulations, in so many areas of the global economy/markets.


Greece a goner, no one cares

Oil and copper supplies explode, no one cares

-oil (and copper) now "PPT'd" just as Dow

Economic data plunges, no one cares

-all-time low European yields, more than half of global government bonds below 1%, Eurobor now negative, 10 year bund nearly negative

-aside from oil, copper, and few others, commodities plunging - lumber, iron ore, even rice

-dollar near highs again, killing U.S. business


All out bubble in China/Hong Kong/Japan, all Central bank caused


Nasdaq 5,000, but record low CNBC ratings


Gold at nearly lowest inflation adjusted price ever!