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Nov 24, 2014

Manipulation Mondays with Andrew Hoffman:

Swiss referendum

                - Switzerland only nation with capability of saving itself, with powerful forces backing both sides - and likely, a dead heat going in

                                -ARTICLE (today's) ' "Decision of a Lifetime", and last week's "Call to the Swiss"

                                -ARTICLE - "Splintering" - not just in Switzerland, but the entire world

                                                - Scotland, Catalonia, Venice

                                                - Switzerland

                                                - ECB itself, as Germany against QE as Draghi pushes it forward

                                                - ECB vs. SNB, per ARTICLE "ECB (and many others) vs. SNB          

                                                                -last week's ECB comment that it is considering buying gold and Dutch repatriation announcement - which seemingly attack the SNB at its great moment of propaganda need (as clearly, the ECB wants the F                                                                Euro/Franc peg broken, per the "final currency war."  Not to mention, Draghi's uber-dovish comments Friday, in which "whatever it takes" was supplanted by his new catch phrase, "whatever means                                                                         necessary."


                                -anti-gold propaganda off the charts

                                                -ARTICLE "He doth protest too much - the Best of Thomas Jordan"


PHYSICAL PM markets on fire, care of this month's blatant pre-Swiss vote attacks - and, as it turns out, Ukraine desperation gold sale as its currency collapses

                                -most negative GOFO rates since 1999, lowest level since then is this morning

                                -record 1H Indian silver imports, 1H Royal Canadian Mint Silver Maple Sales, U.S. Mint Silver Eagles sales YTD, even with sales suspended for 12 days in November, elevated premiums still

                                -massive mining industry capex cuts (see BHP Billiton today), and year-end will be cataclysmic for mining industry in general at current levels

                                -Chinese gold imports likely will meet or exceed 2013's record level as well


Massive global money printing

                                -just weeks after Japan announced "Abenomics 2.0," China surprise market with rate cut, and expectations of more to come as Chinese economy collapses

                                -fears that this week's Euro inflation numbers will be too weak (more money printing), and if OPEC engages the world in a price war (Thursday meeting), could accelerate money printing further

                                -U.S. data across the board weak, other than the "lie to end of all lies" - i.e., last week's 10 sigma beat of Philly Fed.  John Williams thinks 3Q downward revisions could be large, and 4Q potentially negative

                                                -only a matter of time before Fed QE to Infinity widely understood, especially as "strong dollar" killing U.S. multi-national earnings and stocks and bonds at record high valuations