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Oct 27, 2014

Manipulation Mondays with Andrew Hoffman:

FOMC meeting Wednesday, "end of QE" expected.

                - today, supposedly last POMO operation - following 933 in the past eight years, at the 10:00 am EST "key atack time"

                - maniacal PPT ops the past two weeks, to "stabilize" markets ahead of this meeting, including six Fed governors hinting at or calling for QE extension after last Wednesday's liquidity vaccuum

                - Fed will still be as dovish as imaginable, but won't have to delay ending overt QE so long as markets don't crash               

                                -ARTICLE" - "manipulation, jawboning, and prayer"


Of course, OTHER markets are crashing worldwide, particularly in Europe

                -last week's PIIGS bond crash has somewhat stabilized, but European stocks - big markets like Germany included - have decoupled with the U.S. PPT efforts, continuing to plunge despite QE commencement

                -most yields, Treasuries included, continue to crash

                                -Fed desperately attempting to prevent bond yields crashing, especially ahead of FOMC meeting

                                -ARTICLE - "the most damning proof yet of QE failure"

                                -ARTICLE - "2.2% is the new 2.6%" - spinoff of earlier article, "2.6% - Nuff' Said"

                -dollar/euro has stabilized, but rest of the world's currencies crashing

                                -rupiah, real, yen, ruble, etc.

                                -ARTICLE - "the single most precious Metal bullish factor imaginable"

                -oil collapsing, under $80 this morning - and this, after Saudi's pathetic 300,000 bbl/d oil cut announcement Thursday

                                -ARTICLE - "collapsing oil prices portend unspeakable horrors"


Plunging U.S. economic activity

                -even rigged PMI indices falling

                -retail demand collapse - WMT, NFLX, EBAY, and disasters like Sears

                -death of American icons, due to collapsing demand, surging dollar, and competition - WMT, IBM, MCD, KO

                                -ARTICLE - "changing of the guard"


Surging physical demand worldwide

                -incredible Chinese gold demand numbers in recent weeks, well above global mining supply

                -surging Indian gold demand, silver imports on pace to match last year's record level

                -both U.S. Mint and Royal Canadian Mint on pace to match and/or exceed last year's record Silver Eagle sales

                -GOFO rates in backwardation

                -massive gold withdrawals from COMEX, GLD

                -per "Miles Franklin Silver All-Star Panel Webinar," production on verge of all out collapse           

                                -and just wait until year-end reserve revisions, if silver near $17/oz


Early polls show the "yesses" in the lead for 11/30  Swiss gold referendum