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Sep 8, 2014

Global economic collapse            

                -European recession - record debt, near record unemployment, historic plunge in German investor sentiment;

                -France in outright collapse, Italy triple-dip recession, Spanish banks as insolvent as Portugal;

                -UK could be thrown into chaos if 9/18 Scottish independence referendum a yes - and now polling that way;




                -Japan massive economic data negative revisions this weekend

                -China housing bubble burst accelerates, which is why the PBOCs PSL, or pledged supplementary lending, QE program commenced last month, following the Yuan devaluation earlier this year

                -essentially all nations in or near contraction

                                -article references last week:  "West to East, Economic Collapse"; "European Economic Collapse, in Simple Math"


ECB        - rate cuts (extended NIRP)

                - $1 trillion QE announced, starting October

                - article references:  "Thursday's ECB meeting could destroy Europe, if Ukraine doesn't first


NFP jobs             

                - 142,000 vs. expected 230,000

                - 102, 000 birth/death jobs

                - 0 manufacturing jobs

                - 35 year low labor participation rate

                - a third of all jobs now "temp"

                - completely refutes "island of lies" U.S. economic data like diffusion indices and weekly jobless claims

                - Stockman article "why bubblevision misses epic failure in labor market"

                -just two months ago, Yellen complained of "significant underutilization of labor resources"; and two weeks ago, dedicated here Jackson Hole speech to addressing such fears

                -article references:  "significant underutilization of labor resources"; "jackson black hole"; "what jy and md really said"


"Rising dollar"

                -new meme of U.S. QE ending and Japan/Europe accelerating, thus creating a "strong dollar" and weaker PM demand

                 -ridiculous in so many aspects, lots to speak of

                 -only against items of real value is "the dollar" to be measured, not other fiat trash

                 -900 million people in Japan/Europe, compared to 300 million in U.S. - sounds like net more PM buying to me


Manipulation Monday

                -bombshell that CME boasting "governments" and "central banks" as customers, and offering volume discounts to them for overnight PM futures "trading"