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Kerry Lutz's--Financial Survival Network

Aug 16, 2022

Is the market still going up, or is it going to fall away? I have Andrew Arons on the show to address this topic, in which he is quite optimistic about the future of the markets. This optimism stems from a number of things we can observe right now; earnings are pretty good, and earnings inflation may have peaked. Looking forward, the market could possibly move higher in the next six months, and there are a few key stocks related to rampant consumerism that you should keep your eye on. Tune in for more insight!

-In May, Andrew was calling for a rally—which is happening now. How long is this going to continue?
-Earnings are pretty good; the market was scared about rising interest rates and inflation
-Earnings inflation may have peaked, and all of this is looking good for the market
-The market could also recover from the lows in June
-We’re looking out and seeing where things could be six months from now
-The market could possibly move higher
-There will be some volatility and resistance as we retrace
-Andrew likes stocks such as Amazon, Boeing, and other companies that thrive from lots of consumer spending (i.e. Disney)
-Overall, Andrew is optimistic

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