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Kerry Lutz's--Financial Survival Network

Jun 23, 2022

CC Lagator comes on the show to present a better method of trading—allowing investors to get better options for trade. One has to have a strong command of probability calculations to be successful in this industry, and Lagator’s company—Options AI—provides the resources to get involved in options. To learn about this profitable area of the market, be sure to tune in to this episode.

-There’s been a ton of market volatility, and it’s difficult to make money in these markets
-The math for trading options is difficult
-Options aren’t like equity or stock—there are hundreds of strikes in each stock
-There is an options market maker on the other side when you place an options order
-You have to look at the platforms themselves and the offerings of retail brokerage
-At Options AI, about 75% of order flow is multi-leg options
-You can theoretically make money with a market going sideways
-The esoteric language around the industry almost seems intentional; it is a gate-kept industry that not all investors understand
-For most of options trading, you need to be able to continually perform probability calculations throughout the entire process

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