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Jul 28, 2020

Gold hits all time record. Silver hits $24+. Should you buy more or take profilts. Gold miner

Everyone is giving up – Portland is a ghost town because riots are out of control and Seattle’s police are hamstrung (police chief wrote an open letter to businesses telling them that they're on their own). Pandemic rules are increasingly random and frequently ignored. It's like everyone just decided to accept the new normal

Would a stock market crash derail the gold/silver bull market?

Clean tech boom is huge for silver. In electric cars: “The majority of electrical connections in a car use silver-coated contacts—silver switches are used to start the engine, control electric seats, and open/close electric windows. Silver is also used in heated seats, window defoggers, and most luminescent displays.”

Smithsonian report on “whiteness” concludes that clocks and logical thought are tools of white supremacy.

Matt Taibbi’s latest article claims that the left has replaced the right as the home of authoritarian morons.

 Gunshot, Parkinson’s deaths in Palm Beach attributed to covid-19

 China’s Three Gorges Dam on the brink of failure.