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Jan 10, 2022

It’s important to look at trends in gold and silver to analyze what is to come and how you can prepare. Here to help us do that is Andy Schectman, and we discus what could possibly happen in 2022 in light of the Fed’s decisions to taper and hike rates. 2020 and 2021 were record years for the precious metals as people become increasingly cautious about leaving their money in the bank and fully relying on the dollar. It’s critical to consider whether the Fed will follow through or not with what they have said, and either way we need to prepare for the outcome; ultimately, buying gold and silver now is the best move. Tune in for more.

-Schectman is here with us to review what has happened and what is going to happen in 2022, specifically with gold demand
-Both 2020 and 2021 were record years
-Gold has lately been reserved for the central and commercial banks, and less for the public
-A lot of people are concerned to leave money in the bank
-The last 24 months have been incredible in terms of demand
-Price is a tool of misdirection; it is used to accumulate gold
-The public is being swayed towards other asset classes, such as cryptocurrency
-The Fed announced that they were going to start to taper, and the market thought this would be a short term situation
-People didn’t think the Fed would follow through, and it seems as if the market was caught off guard
-They discussed 8 rate hikes over the next 2 years
-The market has become addicted to stimulus and money printing
-Some believe that they will cut back completely on their asset purchases in March or April
-If we see rates rise up to 2%, you could theoretically see houses drop by 20% or more over the next 2 years
-There has also been much under-reporting with inflation
-It’s hard to determine whether they want to preserve the markets or the health of the dollar
-In the end, the Fed can’t outwit mathematics or the nature of things
-There are also record deficits taking place
-How serious is the Fed about following through? This is what needs to be considered
-Everyone needs to own gold and silver, because the dollar is at its end stages
-If the Fed follows through with their statements, there will be a massive awakening, and getting product will be nearly impossible
-Ultimately, the place to be is in gold; silver is a pathway to getting more gold
-Those who want to get into gold will be able to increase the amount of gold they buy if they get into silver right now
-The focus ultimately should be on gold because it’s a tier 1 reserve
-When silver corrects, it will probably overshoot

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