John Feneck is now an unabashed gold bull. There’s good reason, with gold’s recent break past the $1700 resistance point. He’s been in the sector for decades. He’s an authority on ETF’s and fully comprehends the current composition of the VanEck Vectors Gold Miners ETF (GDX). He believes that a metals portfolio must be balanced between majors, such as Newmont and juniors. They both offer amazing profit potential. Besides the monetary story, QE to Infinity or Death  - whichever comes first, there’s an incredible energy play as well. With energy prices at generational lows, the cost of digging an ounce of gold or silver out of the ground has plummeted. Mines are shut down all over the world, awaiting the passing of the Coronavirus. The story has never been more compelling than now. 

John began his career in 1992 as an equity analyst on the Merrill Lynch global allocation fund (MALOX). From 1993-2019, John was a senior executive for Mutual Fund and ETF providers, spending most of his career at Merrill Lynch Funds (now Blackrock) and JP Morgan Chase Funds. He was ranked #1 in both gross and net sales once at Merrill Lynch and three times at JP Morgan Chase (out of 40 senior executives.) John has conducted over 250 seminars and has been part of an investment roundtable at 4 global events. He has also been a contributor to Live Gold Prices | Gold News And Analysis | Mining News | KITCO .

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