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Sep 1, 2021

We sat down with Osino Resources' CEO Heye Daun for a sponsor update. Recent drill results, like those that came before, have been encouraging and the company recently released a highly anticipated updated PEA, showing a pre-tax Net Present Value of $579 million and an after-tax NPV of $377 million (5% discount rate) with a 2.3 year payback and an internal rate of return of 38% (based on $1700 gold).

Daun emphasized that during the current sector downturn, Osino has been focused on execution and delivery. He's been committed to building a top-notch team, keeping the company well-financed and pushing forward as the company grows and develops. With an aggressive drill program, the Twin Hills Project keeps getting bigger and bigger. This will eventually lead to a large shareholder payday (we own shares).

With its recent upgrade to the OTCQX, Osino should be well positioned to capture more investor attention and a higher valuation once the sector regains favor. And with all that's going on in the world and increasing financial instability, that should be sooner rather than later. Tune in to hear Heye Daun discuss Osino's potential.

Company Website:

Ticker Symbols: OTCQX: OSIIF - TSXV: OSI