According to Bo Polny gold has broken out. The big resistance is $1300 where the big money is trying to hold it back. Silver outperformed gold in January and it will probably outperform it into the near future. To Bo the trade is on silver rather than gold. The ratio between the two is so out of whack that it virtually has to narrow. As has been said in the past, "Silver is the money of the people, gold is the money of kings." 

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Craig Bergman, creator of Unfair: Exposing The IRS, is out advocating the abolition of the IRS. He believes that the time has come. The system is antiquated, unfair and unAmerican. Now with Obamacare, your compliance costs have shot through the roof. Americans are wasting over $1 trillion per year, enough to nearly balance the budget. The time is now to contact your senators and congressmen and get the job done. 

Direct download: Craig_Bergman_3.Feb.15.mp3
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Sandy Botkin, CPA and Attorney and leading IRS authority says that paying taxes and fear of the IRS due to perceived improper documentation are probably two of the most important concerns among real estate professionals in the country. The real secret that most self-employed taxpayers don’t realize is that tax planning is a year-round activity especially if you want to keep much more of what you make.

Direct download: Sandy_Botkin_03.Feb.15.mp3
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Volatility continues to be the buzz word. Stock markets were down for the month. Energy continues to get slammed, big time. The dollar is still going up, which means the Euro is going down. Precious metals seem to have begun their long awaited rise, but it's still too early to know for sure. And bitcoin continues to take it on the chin, with double digit monthly declines. 

Direct download: Mickey_Fulp_2.Feb.15.mp3
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Martin Armstrong says, "Anyone who claims to be not a doom and gloomer is either a sublime idiot or a fool in denial. This is not a system that can be sustained indefinitely." We agree and have been saying this for years. But that doesn't mean you have to be in a depressive funk. There's always humor to be found in every tragedy. Don't believe it, look at Comrade deBlasio. He's always good for a chuckle, whether he's out killing groundhogs or giving away the store. We also talk about a NYC teach who's gotten lousy reviews for 6 years running, is habitually late and absent and can't seem to manage her classroom. Her penalty, 45 days suspension without pay and more coaching. There's no gloom and doom here at FSN, ever!

Direct download: TLR_378.mp3
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John writes about Business Insider's recently posted a Deutsche Bank chart that illustrates the difference between life under the Classical Gold Standard and today’s “modern” forms of money. It’s for the UK only but is a pretty good representation of the world in general: 

UK inflation 1500 to 2010

For the first four hundred years depicted here, money was gold and silver — the quantity of which rose at roughly the same rate as the human population. Prices during that time fluctuated, but only modestly by today’s standards, and they always returned to more-or-less the same level. In other words, money held its value for not just years but centuries. It was a fixed aspect of the financial environment and was therefore not a tool of economic policy. Governments and individuals had to adapt to unchanging money rather than forcing money to adapt to political circumstances.

Direct download: John_Rubino_02.Feb.15.mp3
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Steve Lord isn't concerned about bitcoin's recent plunge in value. Rather he's looking at Coinbase's recent $75 million raise of capital and sees that as confirmation that Wall Street's interest level is going up. New York State has backed off of much of its proposed draconian regulation of digital currencies and is focusing primarily on exchanges, where there's the highest potential for fraud. Steve and the rest of the world are wondering if the Greeks and other EU citizens will flee to bitcoin, if  confidence in European banks keeps dropping, which is already happening. Such an event could easily lead to another rapid appreciation of the digital currency, which could quickly leave the last record in the dust. 

Direct download: Steve_Lord_13.Feb.15.mp3
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Frank V. Vernuccio, Jr., joined us today to discuss the political crisis that is brewing in New York. With the arrest of Sheldon Silver and the shadow that has been cast upon Governor Andrew Cuomo, a crisis of confidence is brewing. New York's corrupt-to-the-core politics is not unique, by any stretch. It's just in the spotlight now. If Silver decides to sing, a large portion of New York's government could be holding court in Club Fed. Is the time now ripe for reform? That remains to be seen. 

Direct download: Frank_Vernuccio_30.Jan.15.mp3
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Chris Martenson was back with us today. He's wondering what Germany and the ECB will be doing with the Greek Debt burden now that the anti-austerity government has been elected. The new government is unwilling to service the unsustainable debt load and is demanding relief. But if ECB gives in, what about Spain, Italy and the others? We're quickly reaching the point where the can, can no longer be kicked down the road. 

Direct download: Chris_Martenson_30.Jan.15.mp3
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Born in Detroit’s inner city, Earnest Cobb faced many challenges from a young age. Gangs, drugs and crime was a way of life. The future Slot Guru followed the teachings of his grandmother to stay in school and stay away from drugs. At a young age he found a love in baseball, and it was on the field that he first channeled his energies. Baseball was his ticket out of the inner city and the life he knew. Through his dedication to hard work and determination to reach success he earned a college athletic scholarship.  Ultimately, it became the game changer of his life... until he played a slot machine. Earnest tells us how he did it and how you can too. 

Direct download: Earnest_Cobb_30.Jan.15.mp3
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Dennis Miller of joined us today. Investing is all about managing risk. When you're approaching retirement you need to be obsessed with it, which is why you if you're not using trailing stops, you should be. Dennis explains how it's done. He also cautions investors who are looking for safety to jump into annuities. Check out his Free Report on the topic. And don't write off gold and silver just yet either. No one can tell what the future will bring. 

Direct download: Dennis_Miller_30.Jan.15.mp3
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We talked with Professor Car Schramm today about the state of New York State and it's a real scandal. The once Empire State is a mere shadow of its former self. And no wonder, the inmates are running the asylum. With the recent indictment of Sheldon Silver, arguably the most powerful politician in New York, a web of corruption and self-dealing has been uncovered, which was obvious for years to all but the most uninterested. We also talked about Carl's new book about entrepreneurship, which promises to be quite interesting. 

Direct download: Carl_Schramm_28.Jan.15.mp3
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We spoke with Tom Cloud today about the state of the world precious metals markets. Things continue to tighten up as prices rise. The Swiss evidently have been tightening their relations with the Chinese and their act of breaking the peg to the Euro could have been part of that relationship. We'll tell more as we know more, but it's an interesting aspect to the story that's been completely ignored by the mainstream media. 

Direct download: Tom_Cloud_28.Jan.15.mp3
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Whatever it takes with Andrew Hoffman:


FOMC today

collapsing commodities, economic data worldwide

Greece freefall, ready to implode Europe

                - where are derivative fears?  Will ECB just print them away?

surging dollar crushing earnings

                - when will China de-peg

surging physical pm demand to start year

                -yen gold touched all-time high earlier this week, several others close

Canada downward revision of 2014 jobs data - u.s. next

Direct download: Andy_Hoffman_28.Jan.15.mp3
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Danielle Park and I agree that Wall Street and the entire financial sector have become anathema to the world economy. Once upon a time, their primary purpose was to help allocate capital to insure that worthy growing companies got the funds necessary to finance their expansion. Now their primary function is to exact tribute from every living person on the planet, to fund their extravagant lifestyles of the rich and famous. Thankfully, this is all coming to an end. Gone will soon be the days of such decadent excess. And it can't come soon enough! 

Direct download: Danielle_Park_27.Jan.15.mp3
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Join Bill Walsh, Mike Gazzola and myself on January 29, 2014 for an unforgettable event. For years Bill Walsh has been helping people realize their dreams and build successful companies. He's known as America's Business Expert and he loves showing people what it takes to succeed. Others have paid thousands to attend this event, but you can attend the event and have lunch for free. Just let them know you heard about it on FSN. I look forward to seeing you there. 

The event is being held at the Miami JW Marriott located at 1633 North Bayshore, Miami FL 33132 from 10am to 4pm. For more information click here




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We spoke with author Jim Mosquera, who's just published a follow-up book Escaping Oz: Navigating The Crisis. He covers how neither Federal Reserve, nor the Federal Government have rescued the economy by issuing record amounts of debt. Rather they have simply aided the wealthiest members of society by inflating asset prices. This has led to more income equality and less opportunity for the middle class. Jim advocates market based solutions, which will have the effect of lifting all boats and solving the crisis much faster than any economic intervention possibly can.  

Direct download: Jim_Mosquera_27.Jan.15.mp3
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Nick Barisheff wrote his book $10,000 Gold almost 2 years ago. While many laughed, we certainly didn't. Nick is sticking to his prediction and feels that the recent moves in the Euro, Swiss Franc and Oil, further bolster his case. Gold has been moving up since the beginning of the year. Nick sees the ceaseless pm appetite of the Russians and Chinese as further proof that his target will be attained sooner rather than later. So buckle your seat belt for the ride of a life time.

Direct download: Nick_Barisheff_26.Jan.15.mp3
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Greece just elected an anti-austerity government that insures there will be a conflict with Germany and the ECB. Will they default or repudiate their debt. According to the mainstream media's meme this is an act of pure insanity. But then again, if you're Greece and have seen your economy dessimated by the Euro, it makes perfect sense. And so do precious metals, so turn off CNN and CNBC and turn FSN!

Direct download: John_Rubino_26.Jan.15.mp3
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Recent moves in precious metals make it look more and more like the 3 year PM bear market is over. But is a break-out coming? Many of our recent guests believe that it's happening now. We're not so sanguine, but we don't really care all that much about it. We treat precious metals as the ultimate insurance policy, and save a small amount of our funds for a few speculative situations and leave it at that. Eventually all life insurance policies that are kept in force pay off. So look it as a life insurance policy on the dollar, with a substantial surrender value built in, and you'll be just fine. 

Direct download: TLR_377.mp3
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Dr. Frieda Birnbaum believes that there would be many benefits to having a female President, although she doesn't believe that it should be Hillary Clinton. It's surprising that the country has not yet elected a woman to the highest office in the land. Very few have even tried to get there. Dr. Birnbaum and I go through a list of potential candidates and see if they have the right stuff. The answers might surprise you. 

Direct download: Dr._Frieda_Birnbaum_23.Jan.14_.mp3
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Criag Hemke a/k/a Turd Ferguson was on today to explain why gold and silver have risen dramatically since the first of the year. The answer is really quite simple, confidence in currencies is falling rapidly and will continue to do so. Manipulation of precious metals through derivatives has found its limits. There will continue to be times where the paper price of gold and silver are susceptible to manipulation by the computer algorithms, but these will decrease over time as worldwide demand increases. 2015 promises to be an intense volatile and perhaps scary year. Precious metals may be your only defense. 

Direct download: Craig_Turd_Hemke_22.Jan.15.mp3
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Gordon T. Long joined us today. In our last discussion, we talked about the continued decline in credit quality across the nation and the world. Now Gordon has uncovered a new wrinkle in student loan debt. Much of it is being deferred or forebearanced under various government programs, all under the radar screen. We also discussed the reason that QE failed in the US, Japan and elsewhere, and why it will fail in the EU. QE cannot create new demand, it can only move up future demand to the present. Also discussed the buck, the Euro, the Franc the peg and more. 

Direct download: Gordon_T_Long_22.Jan.15.mp3
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Nick Santiago of joined us today. When he last appeared on November 14th of 2014, he was extremely bullish on the metals. He received much flak from the pm doubters, who believed that gold/silver had no place to go but down. Here we are in the 3rd week of January and Nick remains bullish and who can blame him? Japan is printing money like there's no tomorrow, the ECB is emarking on a futlie QE program and the dollar is heading to record heights. And now the old barbarous relic has started its rise. What's going to happen next? 

Direct download: Nick_Santiago_22.Jan.15.mp3
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So much of life boils down to keeping control of your emotions. In 2011 most precious metals investors believed that the sky was indeed falling, that the dollar was going to soon be found in the dustbin of history, including yours truly. But not Don Harrold. While some were putting everything they had into $49 silver, Don was busy taking profits. It turned out to be a wise move as the past three years have proven. Now Don thinks that gold and silver have hit bottom and are getting ready to make another big move upward. If past is prologue then he deserves to be listened to. 

Direct download: Don_Harold_21.Jan.15.mp3
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