This Can't Be Happening Thursdays With Andrew Hoffman:

Collapsing silver and gold inventories

-coming end of COMEX


Exploding, near record silver demand

-coming 2008 shortage


FOMC meeting next week, and coming end of belief in Central banks


Commodity/currency crash ramifications



-Brazil downgraded to junk

-China all-in on riggging, as economy collapses

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Jason Hartman believes that when push comes to shove and stock markets around the globe start retreating, investors will go to the world's proven asset class, residential real estate. Everyone needs a roof over their heads and that means that residential real estate isn't a luxury, but rather a necessity. The risks are low if you know what you're doing, so eventually large numbers of investors will wind up here yet again. 

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Susan Antilla of exposed lax online security at Vanguard, the world's largest mutual fund company. It seems that they're not phased by the recent wave of hacks and data breaches that have beset many of the world's largest companies and banks. Like many large companies, hard security is just too much trouble, until the inevitable hack happens, in which case it will be too late. 

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What's Not Imploding Now with Andrew Hoffman:

"manipulators last stand," as markets collapse (equities, commodities, currencies)


lunacy of 9/17 FOMC rate hike discussions


China! And rest of world economic collapse


podcast with Andy from Thursday re: vanishing silver supply

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John writes, "Now it’s not just Europe where formerly-fringe candidates are suddenly vying for power. The US presidential primaries, which were supposed to be coronations for the latest Bush/Clinton snoozfest, have turned interesting and in some cases surreal, as Donald Trump, who a few short months ago was viewed as a kind of circus clown by most Republicans, and Bernie Sanders, an honest, straight-shooting avowed socialist, are drawing the biggest crowds and creating the most excitement. But far from being a surprise, this is exactly the kind of thing an over-indebted and therefore ungovernable society should expect."

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Wayne Allyn Root, hot off his latest hit, The Power of Relentless, joined us to discuss why Donald Trump is the ultimate embodiment of the power of relentless. Fear of criticism, getting others upset and being perceived as not a nice person, has defeated more people than anything else imaginable. Not so The Donald, he sticks to his goals and lets nothing stand in his way, let along criticism from others. Relentlessness may very well carry him into the White House and it can do amazing things for you in your life if you apply it and live it!

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Mark Dannenberg ( has been trading personally for over 30 years and has been teaching traders since 2006. After spending 26 years as a senior executive at ADP and hobby trading, Mark quit his job and converted his hobby into a business focused on helping people learn the Art of Trading. Mark helps people achieve financial liberation and lifestyle freedom through options trading.

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Frank Candido and Michael Dehn have a vision for Golden Hope Mines. They believe they have taken the right steps and have assured a place for their company. They completely restructured their debt and are now ready to pursue opportunities in this beat-up industry. Times like these require the ability to survive and leave to fight another day. The Company is carefully conserving cash, has streamlined their capital structure and is well poised for the future. The only thing missing is higher metal prices, but they're able to wait.

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Jared Lazerson is President and Director MGX Minerals Inc. (CSE: XMG / FKT: 1MG) is a diversified Canadian mining company engaged in the acquisition and development of industrial mineral deposits that offer near-term production potential, minimal barriers to entry and low initial capital expenditures.

The Company's flagship property is the Driftwood Creek magnesium deposit, which is being rapidly advanced towards production. MGX has also consolidated key mining claims throughout the Driftwood district and now controls the majority of known magnesite occurrences in British Columbia.

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What's Not Imploding Now Wednesdays With Andrew Hoffman:

market crash

-commodities!  currencies!

CRB hitting 40 year lows!

-surging volatility  - "single most PM bullish factor imaginable", failing PPT efforts


global economy crash


collapsing silver supply, surging demand

-miners on verge of bankruptcy


comparisons to 2008

-"just like 2008, but much, much worse - and irreversible"




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In his latest installment of judging former presidents, Ivan writes, "Two former presidents have recently been in the news for unfavorable reasons. Recent DNA testing showed that Republican Warren Harding, already believed to have had an extra-marital affair with at least one mistress, likely had a love child with another, perhaps confirming the second one's tell-all book about their affair written in the 1920s after Harding had died in office. Another former president, Democrat Jimmy Carter, announced that he had cancer. What do these seemingly unrelated chief executives--in both time, party, and temperament--have in common? They were both significantly better presidents than the historical reputations they have been given.

In fact, these presidents may have been better than they themselves believed. Warren Harding famously admitted that he was unfit for the role of chief executive. In Jimmy Carter's case, he has done little to try to improve the historical memory of his time in office, instead concentrating on many noteworthy humanitarian accomplishments during his post-presidency--perhaps an admission that things didn't go so well while he was in the White House. These two men were too hard on themselves."

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Danielle joined us today. She's certainly not surprised by the current market action and in fact believes that the sooner they come back down to earth, the better off we'll all be. Enough fraud already, let's see honest valuations and a de-emphasis of the financial sector that seems to be feeding off of our collective misery. But, Danielle is truly optimistic about a future that will amaze us all. 

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We caught up with Doug Casey enjoying the summer at his Aspen Haunt. With all the turmoil going on in the markets the past week, he's still seeing the same economic and societal trends taking place, except they're probably accelerating. He believes that Donald Trump is going to be our next president, but so what? Government truly is the problem and their solutions just create more and more problems. So what's a citizen to do? 

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Jeff Berwick of joined us to discuss the Shemitah Year that is unfolding before us now. Under Jewish Tradition, every 7th year is a Shemitah year. And every 7th Shemitah is a Jubilee Year. There are so many events unfolding that it's hard to keep track of them. From Jade Helm, to the UN's 70th Anniversary, to the Papal Visit and the world-wide stock market decline, things are starting to heat up. 

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When it comes to trading not many people have the skills and ability of Chris Vermeulen. He's been playing the markets since he was a teenager. He's seeing a lot more turmoil ahead, although the next few sessions could see a bounce back in the share markets. But longer it's going to be a while before there's a real turnaround. Same with oil and precious metals. While gold has had a nice bounce, Chris doesn't see the technical signals that would presage a new bull market. We're basically in wait and see territory. Approach all markets with great caution!

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As the world's stock markets continue their rapid descent, will governments just stay on the sidelines, or will they unleash another and greater round of Quantitative Easing? While the temptation is certainly great, what will it really accomplish? Martin Armstrong believes that this is just a correction, which will lead to even greater stock prices, as the world loses confidence in government to shape events. Either way, we will have the answer very shortly. 

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Noted author Stephen Halbrook joins us to discuss gun control during the Third Reich. During Hitler's rise, gun control became a major priority. Proposed as a means of protecting the populace, it soon became clear that gun control was a method of disarming Jews and other disfavored groups. This paved the way for The Final Solution and the rest is history. We explore modern parallels in America and elsewhere. 

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Gerard Lameiro came back on with us today. Seems like he too has caught Trump Fever. He sees 2016 as a truly pivotal election that will change the parties as well as the country. Such elections have occurred in the past, such as the election of 1896, which brought us a century of progressivism. Whether the Donald wins or not, the system will be forever altered. 

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Christopher Markowski, America’s Watchdog on Wall Street uses his expertise to dissect the fraudulent companies and can elaborate on the ways to get the most credulous information from top-notch financial institutions.


Time and time again we have seen Wall Street companies being ousted for their fraudulent business practices. Just recently five Wall Street banks were charged with a $5 billion dollar fine for rate rigging. How is this supposed to make the average consumer feel? Who is really helping and who is just out to steal?


It seems as if every financial company is secretly out to get the consumer making it more important than ever to find a company with your best interests in mind.



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What's Imploding Now with Andrew Hoffman:

China devaluation - ramifications of all kinds (crashing commodities, currencies, Dong devaluation today)


Greece "bailout" terms - GrExit more guaranteed than ever


Today's article, on incredible St. Louis Fed "white paper" saying QE is a failure!


FOMC minutes - raise rates? LOL


Massive physical silver shortages developing, which I have been writing of ad nauseum


And more...

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When I first started interviewing Bob Hoye over 3 years ago, he made the point that a credit boom bust is always good for the reserve currency. Now almost according to script, the Dollar is booming and most other currencies are going bust. He also stated that the purchasing power of gold and silver will increase, regardless of their nominal prices. Another great call that we're seeing now. What's next? Hopefully a New Bull Market in Common Sense will prevail. 

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Robert Bakke is a jet pilot, a black belt and a NASCAR Driver. He is also a self-published author who beat the odds by becoming an Amazon #1 best-selling author, so when he says it’s time Americans get real about opportunity, ambition and wealth, you may want to listen. 


“Our current political leaders are fueling ‘class warfare’ to divisive levels and its killing America’s ambition.  We’ve got to get this corrected if America’s economy is ever going to return to prosperity,” says Bakke, who continues, “People are being brainwashed into thinking that wealth and those who have acquired it have done something unfair. It’s ridiculous. America is bursting with opportunity for those who have the guts to take a risk and the ambition to make their dreams, real.”



According to Bakke, people also need to dismiss the religious miss-teachings about money. “Many of the most significant figures in the Bible were the wealthiest men on earth. It’s time people learn the truth about money, wealth and making dreams come true if we’re going to return America to greatness. It’s time to replace political correctness and class warfare, with ambition and success.” Bakke went on to explain how a nation is “never to borrow, but only lend.” A staggering revelation as America’s debt is headed for 20-trillion dollars.


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Former Congressman John LeBoutllier joined us today for a talk about the current state of the presidential election. He believes that Hillary is finished, it's all over except the crying. The Obama Admin has totally done her in, for reasons of their own. The only question is when will she throw in the towelAnd Donald Trump continues destroying the status quo candidates, but will he be able to go over 25%?

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Our friend and fellow ex-New Yorker joined us today for a look at the markets. He sees no movement in the stock market until perhaps the holiday season. Gold will stay in a range for the rest of the year, unless he sees the flow of funds take off. Oil, more declines ahead, but increase volatility will be the by-word.  Lots more fun ahead, Nick is extremely credible and has a great trading record. 

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John observes that the global recovery meme got another series of jolts this morning, as pretty much everything suprised on the downside. From manufacturing in New York, to a slumping Japanese Economy to more bad news in the energy patch with Iran ready to start oil exports, the inflation treadmill is shutting down.

US Retail investors are starting to pool money out of the stock market. This is different than usual where the little guy piles into the market right before a decline. Why, is the question, for which there's no answer right now. Is it because Wall Street is pushing international stocks?

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