George Matheis, Jr., is an a leading self-defense expert. He's taught thousand how to stay out of trouble and how to get out of trouble once there. He's trained SWAT officer too. Now he tells you what to do when you wind up in a Ferguson type situation. Valuable information in this day and age. Because you never know when it's going to happen to you!

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When it comes to taxes and the IRS, there's nobody out there like Sandy Botkin. Attorney, author and CPA, Sandy knows how to save you on taxes, big time. In fact he's made a career of it. So listen to the interview, there's at least three important tax saving tips and a number of ways to avoid an audit. 

Direct download: Sandy_Botkin_5.Sep.14.mp3
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One area where you can save a bundle is auto maintenance. Today's cars are as complicated as the passenger jets of yesterday. But Pam is 4th gen auto expert and she knows every trick in the book for keeping your car running right for hundreds of thousands of miles. When that check engine light goes on, ignorance can cost you thousands, but if you listen to Pam, it doesn't have to. She's written books and shows you how it's done.  

Direct download: Pam_Oakes_5.Sep.14.mp3
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Jeff Berwick thought he had fournd paradise. He was going to co-develop Galt's Gulch Chile. Instead he's lost hundreds of thousands and damaged his reputation. He says he was duped along with numerous other investors. There's a lesson in it for Jeff and for you too. Beware of the sociopath, they're lying in wait for you and for me!

Direct download: Jeff_Berwick_04.Sep.14.mp3
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How does an ordinary guy like Craig Bergman go on to make a movie that's going to be released in 700 theaters across the nation on October 14? It's an interesting story. Unfair the Movie details the corruption and perversion that's taken place at the nation's tax collector, the IRS. It's about abuse of power and abuse of citizens. But Bergman's work doesn't stop there. After the movie airs, there's going to be a panel discussion that deals with solutions, abolishing the dreading agency and instituting a national sales tax in its place. We love solutions at FSN

Direct download: Craig_Bergman_4.Sep.14.mp3
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Frank Vernuccio is editor-in-chief of New York Analysis of Policy & Government121. He believes that the Obama administration is clueless when it comes to the proper functioning of government and its use of power, both within the US and outside. When it comes to the IRS, the Justice Department, Bengazi and a host of other situations and scandals, Vernuccio says the administration acts not from legal and constitutional prinicipals, but rather from its own set of prinicipals, which don't appear to be written down anywhere and are completely unpredictable and unknowable. 


Direct download: Frank_Vernuccio_4.Sep.14.mp3
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Michelle Seiler-Tucker is sick of society's prevalent attitude that somehow two wrong's make a right. In Ferguson, MO, the rioters somehow mistakenly believed that if Michael Brown was wrongfully killed (which of course is still an open question) they could take matters into their own hands and riot and loot innocent businesses in their quest for justice. Michelle feels that it's time for people to start taking responsiblity for their actions and allow the system to work.

Direct download: Michelle_Seiler_Tucker_04.Sep.14.mp3
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David Gurwitz of Charles Nenner Research joined us for a look at the leading markets. Obviously the precious metals have taken a hit recently. However, David sees a tradable low coming in a few short weeks. Crude oil also is trending lower but will be going up as well. Look for the Aussie Dollar to resume its climb too. We touched on a number of other markets as well. Apple seems poised to continue hitting new all time highs, which David/Charles called over a year ago. Always interesting and make sure you pay attention to the war and weather cycles.They're affecting us all the time. 

Direct download: David_Gurwitz_03.Sep.14.mp3
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Danielle Barbieri is an entrepeneur who has created a unique site for couponers. It's well organized and helps you find coupons for commonly purchased items. She's rapidly expanding the site and in the New Economy, it's just what you make-it's what you keep. Danielle saves thousands every year and wants you to do the same. The site is Check it out. 

Direct download: Danielle_Barbieri_03.Sep.14.mp3
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Kip Marlow, like your host, is a serial entrepreneur. He also helps others, especially young people, to follow their dreams and their passions and start new businesses. It's not always easy, but it certainly beats the rat race. Kip's got a radio show and he is very dedicated to his mission. Sounds like a great formula for success. 

Direct download: Kip_Marlow_03.Sep.14.mp3
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If it all hits the fan, there's a list of must have medical items that Dr. James Hubbard,, has put together. It probably wouldn't cost more than $150 to assemble and yet it could save many lives. From natural disasters to man made disasters, the items he lists have many uses and could make all the difference in those early hours when the system is unable to respond. Duct could be a life saver. Find out why and get the list today!

Direct download: Dr_Hubbard_02.Sep.14.mp3
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John writes in the Money Bubble, "In a very real sense, it is fractional reserve banking and not money itself that is the root of so many of today’s evils. Whenever fractional reserves are permitted, the banking system – including the one that exists today throughout the world – comes to resemble a classic Ponzi scheme which can only function as long as most people don’t try to get at their money."

A Better System
"Now, is this critique of the current monetary system just impotent ideological whining over something that, like the weather, can’t be changed? Or could fractional reserve banking and the resulting need for economic central planning actually be replaced by something better? Specifically, how could a banking system without fractional reserve lending accommodate depositors’ demand that their money be there when they want it andborrowers’ desire for 30-year mortgages which would tie up those deposits for decades? And could this market operate without the need for government oversight and management?"

Direct download: John_Rubino_02.Sep.14.mp3
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Manipulation Monday(Tuesday) with Andrew Hoffman

  • Operation Annihilation PM Part II;
  • ECB on Thursday Trillion Dollar QE;
  • Collapsing manufacturing data around the world;
  • Spain issuing new debt at low rates;
  • Currencies falling around the world thanks to Draghi;
  • Yen broke 105 yen to the buck;
  • Abenomics will be doubled up when it ends in April;Diffusion indexes keep going up right before the election;
  • Labor Day attack;
  • Ukraine is getting close to a real war with Russia;
  • ISIS our next 911. 
Direct download: Andy_Hoffman_02.Sep.14.mp3
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That old Dow Jones keeps on rolling along. Uranium finally starts making its move. Palladium keeps going up. Gold is flat, silver is down, the Dollar is king. Oil takes a hit, but Henry recovers. This and more as the Mercenary Geologist prepares to go on a major road trip. We put the market into perspective. Oh and let's not forget, the 10 year rate is way down and so is Bitcoin. 

Direct download: Mickey_Fulp_08-29-2014.mp3
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When it comes to the Libertarian Movement, Lew Rockwell has been there from the beginning and has seen it all. He was Ludwig von Mises' editor; a colleague and friend of Hayek, Rothbard: and worked on the Barry Goldwater and Ron Paul campaigns. He helped found the Mises Institute and describes himself as an anarcho-libertarian. He believes that in spite of the doom and gloom that we're feeling today, there's much to be optimistic about. Libertarianism is resonating with the young like never before. China and Vietnam are reaping the benefits of economic freedom in ways that most thought impossible just a few decades back. And the web of lies, which the current paradigm is built upon, are starting to crumble. Lew believes that the truth will always win out in the end. 

Direct download: Lew_Rockwell_29.Aug.14.mp3
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Ayn Rand's Steve Simpson was on discussing the fake dispute over corporate inversions and whether they're unpatriotic. Recently the President struck out at companies who merge with overseas businesses and move their headquarters to lower their tax burden. For some reason they've have been branded unAmerican. Steve sees it otherwise. Most people believe that we all have a duty to legally lower our taxes and this applies to corporations as well, regardless what Warren Buffet has to say about it. We also discussed the IRS email scandal and how the missing emails have magically shown up again. Amazing what can happen when the courts reassert their authority. 

Direct download: Steve_Simpson_29.Aug.14.mp3
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Gold has been going up the past few days, why? This is usually the time where the elites like to slam it down, right before a major holiday when the trading is extremely light. Makes one wonder, has the trend finally changed? We talk about Martin Armstrong and his piece on Civil Unrest and Ferguson. Also, the gun industry is headed down, has everyone who wants a gun finally gotten one? And what about ballistic precious metals, time to buy? We'll know soon.

Why is there a Federal Consumer Financial Protection Bureau? A truly useless entity that has no reason for existing. Its has overlapping jurisdiction, it issues rules that makes it hard for people to get mortgages and it's just one of thousands of government agencies that has no reason for being. 

Direct download: TLR_362.mp3
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Bruce Anderson is a computer security professional who says you need to be worried about all your ex's. Ex-wives, ex-partners and ex-friends, who may go after your computers, tablets and phones, emptying your bank accounts and taking everything you treasure in the process. Bruce says that very few people take the steps necessary to secure their personal data. He has dozens of stories about people he's helped get their lives back. And the problem keeps getting worse as shown by today's data breach at a major bank. 

Direct download: Bruce_Anderson_28.Aug.14.mp3
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Personal finance expert, author and advisor Heather Wagenhals says that the way our brains are wired makes us all susceptible to scams like the IRS refund fraud. You get that unexpected call from the Government and they really do want to help you; all you have to do is give them your bank account and routing number and they'll send money. The next thing you know, your account has been cleaned out. Heather gives common sense tips for avoiding this scam and so many others. Trust but verify; rather than assume that everyone is out to take you, simply demand verification when anyone requests information that could cost you if it fell into the wrong hands. That way you'll stay safe and you won't have to become cynical. 

Direct download: Heather_Wagenhals_27.Aug.14.mp3
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Jack Duffy is currently a trial attorney from Ft. Worth, Texas. We had a great talk about the JFK Assassination, an interest we both shared, as Jack was in second grade and I was in first grade on that fateful day. 

He has spent the last 40 years researching the important facts surrounding the JFK assassination. This includes interviewing several key witnesses that were part of the assassination investigation. This also includes doctors who treated Kennedy at Parkland Hospital.He became interested in the JFK assassination in the early 1970′s after seeing a copy of the Zapruder film at a friend’s house.

His parents attended the breakfast on November 22, 1963 in Ft. Worth where President Kennedy gave his last speech.

Mr. Duffy was in the second grade at Bruce Shulkey elementary school in Ft. Worth when he heard that President Kennedy had been shot.

Over the last 40 years he has researched the JFK assassination and interviewed many key witnesses including several Parkland surgeons who treated JFK.

He has collected and read almost every book on the JFK murder and has one of the largest private collections on the assassination

In 1998 he decided to write a book about time travel and the JFK assassination conspiracy.

His book was 90% complete when he heard about Stephen King’s time travel book “11-22-63.”

Mr. Duffy’s book, ”The Man From 2063″ is about a lawyer who travels through time back to 1963 and prevents a well organized conspiracy from killing JFK.

The book draws on Mr. Duffy’s deep knowledge and personal research and is therefore based on actual events and people surrounding the assassination.

Direct download: Jack_Duffy_27.Aug.14.mp3
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We caught up with Martin Armstrong just before the holiday and the start of September. Martin says beware of early September, it may be a buying opportunity and a temporary new high. The world is a complete mess and that means the flow of funds are headed to Wall Street. Where else can large institutions park their Trillions? It's the only game in town.

Get ready for electronic currencies. Your paper cash will literally become trash shortly and the world's governments want it that way. Think of the billions more in taxes they'll be able to extract. The day of the $10,000 bill is gone and soon the $100 bill will follow. Perhaps Bitcoin will be banned as well, it all remains to be seen. Just get ready for what's next. 

We also discussed Martin's proprietary system Socrates, to which he's devoted a large portion of his resources and his life. The system takes the emotion and opinion out of forecasting, tracing the flow of funds and confidence, thereby providing and unbiased forecast on what's next. Sounds like an ad for the Financial Survival Network!

Direct download: Martin_Armstrong_27.Aug.14.mp3
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Uber is banned in Berlin and Hamburg to protect the passengers, sure thing--we're from the government and we're here to help. AirBNB is under attack all over the world, probably to protect lodgers from bedbugs, if you believe the government. You can't stop progress and you can't stop the Internet. 

And Mish Shedlock isn't too happy with Warren the hypocrite Buffet. He's financing the inversion merger of Burger King and Canada's Tim Hortons, which will see yet another treasonous American corporation escape the taxman, but with rates at 40 percent, who can blame them?  

And then there's Karl Denninger's take on colleges, isn't it time that they stop getting all manner of legal preference, especially when it comes to student debt that never goes away? We agree. 

There's a quiet revolution that's picking up steam around the globe. The elites would like to pretend that everything is normal and nothing is happening, but we know better. Just read the headlines on FSN. 


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Elizabeth Beavers of the Friends Committee on National Legislation believes that the incidents which recently occurred in Ferguson Missouri are the inevitable result of government programs that have militarized the police over the past decades. Starting with the 1033 program, which turned over army surplus weaponry at little or no cost to police departments, the trend has been going on with little or no public input until now. Will the public finally stand up and demand change? Hopefully, things will change for the better. 

Direct download: Elizabeth_Beavers_26.Aug.14.mp3
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Manipulation Monday with Andrew Hoffman

  • New Home sales down again;
  • Biggest supply since October 2007;
  • Jackson Blackhole;
  • What JY and MD really said;
  • Openly talking about currency wars;
  • JY complete and utterly clueless about labor woes;
  • Wall Street says more hawkish than expected and interest rates plunge;
  • France dissolves government;
  • Stock markets surge on hawkish news;
  • Chinese call US dirty spying thieves;
  • Gold manipulation goes on and on;
  • Swiss referendum on sales of gold and backing Franc with gold.
Direct download: Andy_Hoffman_25.Aug.14.mp3
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John Rubino was back for our Monday discussion. While the US appears to be ending QE, Europe's economy is going down fast. Will the ECB be doing QE or will it just watch, that's the big question? While they decide, the dollar continues to pick up strength, even though new housing sales continue to decline. But auto sales are up thanks to lower credit standards and cut rate financing, so everything will work out in the long run, right? 

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