Mark Skousen says that 2015's Freedomfest promises to be the greatest of them all. Economics Nobel Laureate Paul Krugman will be debating Wall Street Journal Columnist Stephen Moore. Mark should be selling tickets to this one, but it's included in the price of admission. Krugman is the one who says that the Fed hasn't printed enough money and we shouldn't be bothering with things like tax cuts and reducing government waste and employment. I promise to be there and to report back. Heck, maybe I'll even sit down with Krugman and find out if he thinks that savings is evil and gold is a barbaric relic. 

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Former Congressman John LeBoutillier discusses the prospects for the November elections. Looks like the Republicans have a good shot at taking over the Senate, in spite of themselves. A couple of surprises though, they stand to lose seats in Kansas and South Dakota, but you never know. But what will they do if they take control of both houses of congress? 

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Steven John was living in the US and decided he wanted a change. He picked up and moved to Mexico and has been living there happily for the last couple of years. He's been trading during that time, partly as a hobby and to make extra income. He tells us what happens when the markets get slammed like they have in the past week. There's virtually no way to avoid substantial losses, unless you work for a Too Big To Fail Bank. But at least his health insurance is cheap, taxes are low and the weather is great. 

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Jason and I cover the latest economic and real estate trends. There's a lot going on and no one knows exactly where things are headed. Will interest rates go higher? Will gold and silver start rising again? And is real estate a good bet under these circumstances? There's also a contest for three tickets to attend Jason's Meet the Masters of Income Property Investing a $1497 value!

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Bob Hoye, master market historian, was with us today to discuss what's going on with the share markets and with the commodity markets, as well as gold and silver. Of course no such discussion could be complete without talking about the US Dollar. While reports of its death have been greatly exaggerated, Bob was looking for it to hit 85 and it did a little bit better. Now it's pulling back a bit and we'll have to see if this is temporary or long term. But it's doing nothing out of the ordinary as this has happened in prior credit busts many times before, where the reserve currency always does well for a time anyway. 

Direct download: Bob_Hoye_13.Oct.14.mp3
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John writes. A rising stock market, like a rising tide, can cover a multitude of interesting and/or scary things. The thinking seems to be that if the finance guys who really know what’s going on are buying, then the disturbing stories that lead each evening’s news must be manageable. So, in general, we’re okay.

But let the market fall a bit and those headlines suddenly begin to seem both oppressive and really, really numerous. And maybe we’re not okay after all. To take just a few of the issues that, in the wake of the recent equity correction, now loom large:

Islamic State, the tiny band of religious crazies that the US armed to do its bidding in the Syrian civil war is now threatening to take Baghdad, capital of Iraq and home to a US embassy that will live forever in the annals of hubristic excess. Actually a small, self-contained city, the embassy contains all kinds of sensitive equipment, documents and personnel, and will be defended with (thousands of) boots on the ground if an Islamic State victory appears imminent — which it now seems to be. In other words, we’re getting ready to dump another trillion or so dollars into the hole where we previously dumped two trillion with nothing to show for it but chaos.

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Manipulation Mondays with Andrew Hoffman:

 - Last week, Andy wrote "2008, with one temporary exception" - which was PPT support of the U.S. stock market

 -now, breaking down horribly, which is why I think the title of my audioblog last Wednesday, "Has 'it' Begun?" is apropos.

 -European stock markets collapsing, small cap U.S. stocks, and ALL Western sovereign yields, with 10-year Treasury at 2.25% this morning and 30-year below 3.0%. i.e., the "most damning proof yet of QE failure."


Head of Shanghai Futures Exchange admitted this weekend that Chinese gold demand was above 2,000 tonnes in 2013, compared to global production of 2,770 tonnes.

 -validates record gold demand, and likely silver demand estimates as well.  Both are likely at or near 2013 levels this year, and early October U.S. Mint Silver Eagle sales at fastest pace of year.


France outlook downgraded by S&P- PIIGS (or PIFIGS, with France) on verge of 2011-12 collapse, even with Draghi doing "whatever it takes."  Worse yet, Draghi fighting the Germans tooth and nail on the extent of QE - and without it, Europe implodes NOW.


Commodities collapsing, will have dire economic ramifications on mining/energy industry - and production; particularly in mining, where care of Cartel suppression, Capex is already down 50% in past two years, enroute to much lower levels in 2014.  PM mining industry on verge of collapse, IMO.


Geopolitical risks exploding, particularly in Iraq, where Kirkuk oil field within reach of ISIS, as well as Baghdad and key areas in Syria.  Iraqi government begging for 10,000 U.S. ground troops.

- plunging oil prices will only cause signficantly expanded tensions with Russians and Arabs.

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Martin Armstrong's commentary about the coming divergence point was on ZeroHedge today. He says that society can go either way, Mad Max or not. I guess it's all in the cycles, but what can you say about the master forecaster? One thing for certain, he has called the current markets better than anyone else around. Just look at the dollar. And he says that if interest rates go up in the US, then there's going to be serious capital flight out of Asia. But getting back to the Mad Max scenario, what happens when government stops sending out the checks? What happens when the EBT cards no longer work at Walmart or your local supermarket? And not just here in the US, but in the rest of the civilized western "democracies?" Will it be Annie get your gun? Or will something greater and unimaginable occur, an expansion of human consciouness? Only Martin knows for sure. 

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Lowell Ponte and Craig Smith have released a new book in their epic series, Don't Bank On It:  The Unsafe World of 21st Century Banking. They show you why it has become illogical, and hazardous to your wealth, to trust your money to today's increasingly vulnerable and unsafe banks.

Banks (as we know them) and the U.S. Dollar are dying as we are pulled into the rising "cashless society" where everything, from your digital "money" to your household appliances, will be Internet-controllable and hackable, as well as trackable and taxable by bloated governments desperate for ever-more revenue.

Smith and Ponte propose a surprising alternative future you can bank on, based in part on what a Harvard economics professor did with his own near-million-dollar bank account. This book shows ways to save your savings.

Call now to get your free copy 1-800-630-1494.

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Rick E. Norris is a CPA and a JD. He's worked with people who couldn't make ends meet who were making $20,000 and $20 million per year. Their situation was the same, it wasn't an income problem, it was a spending problem. Creating a budget is the first step to fiscal sanity. The second is learning to live with it. After that things get remarkably easier and better. Rick's a numbers guy with a personality. He understands that people want to indulge, but helps keep them on the path. 

Direct download: Rick_Norris_10.Oct.14.mp3
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We talked with Jerry Robinson of fame. He's getting very concerned about the safety of the banking system after the JP Morgan data breach, where information was stolen on over 83 million people. The bank spends $250 million per year on computer security and yet they were powerless to stop it. Perhaps it's time to put your money in several banks. Jerry also believes that we're close to a buy signal in precious metals. Of course we've all heard this many times over the past three years, but this time really could be different, what with wars breaking out across the globe, pandemics and a lousy economy to boot. 


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We talked with Steve A Klein who says he awakens Sleeping Giants. Steve has developed a wide range of training and consultation programs as well as a strong background in personal development training. As President of the Professional Development Center, Steve's mission is simple: he works with Individuals who want to double their sales in less time and Leaders who want to motivate and develop their people. He believes success is "the movement of one's potential toward their objective!"

Direct download: Steve_A_Klein_09.Oct.14.mp3
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Comrade DeBlasio has New York City on a race to the bottom and he's not going to let anyone or anything stop him. Hopefully gold and silver have beaten him there and are on their way up. We also cover basic Austrian Economics how regulations actually do cost jobs, $2 trillion worth every year! Also, we're looking a small winery in California that was put out of business by abusive regulation because of a horrible business practice called volunteers, the scourge of humanity. Oh the horror! And finally the long awaited Stockton CalPERS decision that sounds the death knell for public pensions and marks the golden age of municipal bankruptcy. 

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Arch Crawford joined us today for a look at the stars and their impact upon world events and markets. This morning was the latest Blood Moon, which bodes ill for mankind and world markets. There's still several more left before the last next fall. What are the stars and planets trying to tell us? According to Arch, be ready for more turmoil and civil unrest. It's all ready taking place and it's bound to get worse. Arch isn't to optimistic about gold and silver in the short term, until they start making higher highs. However, everyone should own an "insurance policy" against economic chaos. There's a lot more coming up in the months ahead, so be prepared. 

Direct download: Arch_Crawford_08.Oct.14.mp3
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Manipulation Monday becomes Manipulation Wednesday


Europe in full-free fall

                -Germany industrial production/factory orders/biz confidence

                -nearly all PMIs below 50


Japan collapse

                -industrial production, real wages freefall

                -debate about utility of Abenomics



                -Tokyo/Osaka top two most expensive cities in 12-13, before Abenomics smashed yen by 45%

                -Europeans claim rising prices their biggest concern

                -the recent "strong dollar" is causing MASSIVE global inflation


PM attacks

                -way below cost of production

                -record pace of Oct. silver Eagle sales, for one month and the full year

                -nearly no silver inventory left in exchanges, backwardation in China, surging COMEX open interest

                -mining writeoffs at year end will be enormous - mining industry on verge of collapse

                -shortage coming



                -PPT failing, as stocks clearly plunging.

                                -half of all stocks in bear market, Russell 2000 plunging

                                -rates down nearly to 52 week lows, after blatant Fed "tape painting" ahead of September FOMC meeting when they goosed rates higher

Direct download: Andy_Hoffman_08.Oct.14.mp3
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Tom Cloud has been selling precious metals for almost as long as he's been selling diamonds, 38 years! He's seen markets go up and down, several times. He's convinced that we'll soon see gold and silver put in their final lows and it will be all up from there. In the mean time, colored diamonds have been doing nothing but going up for the past decade, and that's with little interference from the cartel. So take your pick, but get ready, because fiat currencies are suspect and for good reason. 

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Danielle Park joined us today. Besides the rising dollar and the affects being felt around the globe, from declining profits of America's multi-nationals to investment flows finding their way to the States, there's going to be a new Sheriff in town soon. Mr. Too Big To Jail Eric Holder has resigned as attorney general. Will this clear the way for the return of the rule of law in America? Danielle thinks it might and we certainly are hopeful.

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Ivan Eland believes that neither the Congress nor the Courts will ever limit the President's war powers, regardless what it may say in the Constitution. They're unwilling to risk the fallout of having troops in the battlefield being forced to return home because there's no funding available to keep them stationed there. So the President effectively can make war at will, just like the kings of yesteryear. 

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Former Dean Dob Neuman believes that college is still worth the time and expense if it's done properly. Properly means graduating is in 4 years or less if possible. That way you'll keep your debt to an absolute minimum. It also means getting the most in grants and scholarships and of course planning your major before you step foot on campus. Using this common sense approach will insure that your college education pays for itself, rather than you paying for it the rest of your life. 

Direct download: Bob_Neuman_07.Oct.14.mp3
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Nationally known radio personality James Lowe believes that legal pot is helping the homeless in Colorado. Is it possible that the homeless are finding jobs and improving their lives as a result of the legalization movement? Well the studies aren't in yet, so you'll have to make up your own mind on the subject. 

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What can you say about September that hasn't already been said? It was a horrible month for precious metals. Gold, silver, platinum and palladium were all down significantly. Same with energy except NatGas. Uranium was the stellar performer, up 26 percent for the quarter. All the stock markets started turning down with the TSX.V and the Emerging Markets really getting clobbered. The Dollar Index was a bigger winner for the month. Bitcoin got down 24%. Volatility was definitely the word for the month. Listen on for more details. 

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Dick Morris, well known political consultant and media personality has written a new book Power Grab: Obama's Dangerous Plan For A One Party Nation. In it, Dick outlines what he believes is Obama's shadowy plan to make the Republican Party irrelevant. Using the levers of government through immigration, the EPA, the IRS and other agencies, it will soon be impossible for the Republicans to win the presidency. Scary, but it still can be stopped. Listen to Dick give the details of what's taking place before our very eyes. 

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Frank Miniter, New Times Bestselling Author, debunks many gun control myths and explains how responsible gun owners make us all safer. The fact is that since the adoption of "shall-issue" carry permits, violent crime has greatly decreased across the country, despite what people like Nanny Bloomberg says. The statistics don't lie, unlike the many gun control advocates who refuse to honestly debate the issue. 

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Bob Ong, a long time Wall Street Insider is concerned about the coming retirement crisis and he's helping people do something about it. Rather than going for Wall Street's conventional retirement strategies, which just aren't going to do the trick for most people, he outlines several ways to get larger returns without adding tons of risk. He says you should be investing in businesses and life insurance settlements. But make sure you do your due diligence. You always need to know exactly what you're investing in, before you write your check. 

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J.V. Crum, III joined us today to discuss his work in helping people to discover their purpose, leading them to build a business based upon it. A recent Gallup polled shows that most people derive little or no satisfaction from their work, a situation that J.V. wants to change. The best way to remedy this situation is to find your passion and to start your own business. That's what we've done on FSN and that's what many thousands are doing around the world. 

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