How can we be hacked on vacation?


* How are these hackers targeting such a large volume of people?


* What are some of the ways to prevent these attacks?


* Why has the online world become a place full of criminals?


Heather and discuss how you avoid being a victim. If you don't take proper precautions you're a sitting duck. Think of it as hackers being out there who's fulltime job is just looking for victims to steal your data and sell it for a profit or use it themselves to buy tons of stuff. So watch out! And listen to Heather, she's knows what she's talking about. 


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Fed minutes today!


-have to be more dovish, as Yellen Reversal approaches

                -commodities crashing anew (base metals down 10% in last two days)

                                -CRB index approaching March 2015 (and late 2008) lows, even with oil up $16!

                -oil falling

                -dollar surging (commodities plunging)

                -ECB essentially increased QE yesterday, and PBOC started theirs

                -horrible economic data, starting with 1Q GDP and now 2Q looking horrible (and way above "consensus")

                -need to give "guidance" for June meeting, with all these horrible factors occurring

                                -not to mention, the continued "tectonic market shifts" - as rates continue to rise, and it appears, as I suggested, to be due to Chinese Treasury selling (very ominous)


-Grexit potentially by early June, as extention (and cash) run out

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The beauty of Instant Equity is that you're using cash to buy discounted properties, reselling them at profit and then repeating the process. Therefore, it doesn't matter what your credit score is, Instant Equity is the cure. Start small and work your way up to the bigger deals. It doesn't matter whether you have a lot of experience or a lot of cash, this is the best real estate market of your life. You don't need to rely upon borrowed money or credit to get started, just get started now! The formula works!

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Jason K. Roberts has been making his fortune buying and selling distressed real estate for more than two decades. Right now he says the place to be is Florida. While the worst of the real estate collapse may be over, and we don't know for sure, there's still lots of bargains in the Sunshine State. Jason has developed a system for finding them. He likes properties in that $100k range where the demand is robust. He sees nothing but blue skies ahead. 

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The Super State is coming for your E-Cig, are you surprised? It's not really really a health issue, it's a tax issue, they've got hundreds of billions of tax dollars riding on your smoking habit. If a substantial number of smokers switch it could spell disaster for many high tax states around the nation. 

Then we discuss the Google Clown Car, The Electric Pedicab in New York being under attack, Comrade De Blasio's chronic lateness and his bid for the presidency, the upcoming inter-generational battle that's brewing and our nation of Peter Pans, Gold and Silver prices and much more...

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Bruce D. Price explains exactly what's wrong with education in America today. Common Core is just a rehash of every failed idea that's been tried for the past 25 years and will meet with similar results. Self-esteem isn't a substitute for learning. There's a definite plan for failure in today's schools and it's been very effective. Bruce has been writing about education for decades and he explains what needs to be done and why it isn't being done now. 

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Exactly two years after the IRS first admitted improperly scrutinizing Tea Party groups, congressional investigations into the tax agency show no sign of drawing to a close anytime soon.


Congressional Republicans say they are deeply irritated that they haven’t finished off the investigations launched after Lois Lerner apologized for the IRS on May 10, 2013, and insist that President Obama’s Justice Department has stonewalled their efforts. Why are these probes left unfinished? Is it a government problem?

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David Gurwitz joined us today. Gold and silver are looking very good through the end of August. After that it's uncertain and it could test new lows. Nat Gas is looking strong the next year. Oil is uncertain. Dollar is looking weak. More to come from David and Charles. Stay tuned. 

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Once cash is outlawed the government will be in complete control of your financial decisions, or so they think. When they want you to spend more, they turn up the pressure to spend and when inflation starts heating up they'll turn it down. However, man is very ingenious and will come up with a way to beat the bankster, guaranteed! Whether it's with gold and silver or with gift cards the law of unintended consequences will prevail!

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American freedom is being gutted. Whether we are trying to run a business, practice a vocation, raise our families, cooperate with our neighbors, or follow our religious beliefs, we run afoul of the government—not because we are doing anything wrong but because the government has decided it knows better. When we object, that government can and does tell us, “Try to fight this, and we’ll ruin you.”

In this provocative book, acclaimed social scientist and bestselling author Charles Murray shows us why we can no longer hope to roll back the power of the federal government through the normal political process. The Constitution is broken in ways that cannot be fixed even by a sympathetic Supreme Court. Our legal system is increasingly lawless, unmoored from traditional ideas of “the rule of law.” The legislative process has become systemically corrupt, no matter which party is in control.

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Mike Dana is a law enforcement officer who's been chasing identity thieves for years. Now he's now one of the Identity Theft Warriors. Until came along consumers were really at a major disadvantage. Your information is out their, just waiting for the identity thieves to strike. Mike has been there helping to pick up the pieces and it ain't a pretty picture. That's why he's working with the good guys to help put an end to it. 

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As a prosecutor in Texas, Brandon McCarthy watched as identity theft became an overnight epidemic. He was outraged over the horor stories he encountered on an almost daily basis. He knew that he could only prosecute only some many of the miscreants. That's when a light bulb went off and he started It's not monitoring a service like the big credit reporting agencies offer, so you can watch you identity get stolen and then run to the police or FBI. Rather it actually prevents the identity thieves from stealing your identity in the first place. There's nothing else out there quite like it. As Brandon says, "Your information is already floating on the internet and you're basically a sitting duck just waiting for someone to get ahold of it and start abusing it." Why wait, take action now and beat the identity thieves to the punch! Go to 

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Constance Stellas is a noted astrologer and believes that the heavens are looking very good for gold and silver. While the prices aren't going up dramatically today, she believes they'll remain stable and go up over time. She doesn't see a crash coming in the stock market either. But she's troubled by the banks and believes that the safest place to keep your money could very well be in your mattress. Food for thought. 

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Ross explores which party will be best for investors? What would each republican presidential candidate mean for Your Wallet? What would each Democratic Presidential Candidate mean for Your Wallet? – Ross takes an unbiased look at the facts to date and how each candidate could affect your wallet.


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What In The World Is Going On Wednesdays With Andrew Hoffman:

U.S. economic collapse;

                -gdp, retail sales, mortgage apps, unemployment;

Horrific Euro GDP;

                -Grexit upcoming, as well as BREXIT (must discuss);

Worst Chinese capex "growth" in 15 years;

Tectonic market shifts;

                -surging rates and desperate government attempts to slow them (today's article, not yet published);

                -QE4 coming, a matter of time;

Comex inventories rapidly sinking and gold is up $21 per ounce today;

                -Interest rates are surging!



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Bo Polny joined us today for an update on major markets. He's calling for a major sell-off on the dollar and treasuries. He also sees a major sell-off on world stock markets as well. It's going to occur before summer and this will lead to a major increase in gold and silver prices. He believes that you need to be long gold and silver and short the dollar and bonds. Will he be right this time, we'll know shortly. 

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Evolutionary Health Expert, Founder and President of One Team Humanity Foods and Managing Member for The Truth Movie, LLC.


We have a right to know what’s in our Food!


What Are We Eating? Are we consuming the proper ingredients to support our health? Or, are we unknowingly putting ourselves and our loved ones in danger?


GMO’s are now in 75-95% of our American crops and are hidden killers inside our kitchen and is nearly all fast food, even those high priced “fine dining” establishments across our country. Is this the land of the free anymore?


Today, it takes brave scientists to expose the lies paid for and funded by the same GMO’s acri-giants who rule our food and money supplies.  GMO's have not been proven safe, and the long-term health risks on humans of genetically modified foods have not been adequately investigated.

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The Originator and Creator of The Women's Code and Nationally Known Gender Decoder Beate Chelette (herself a survivor of a decade of bad luck)can elaborate on this developing story and how it relates to her continued battle to keep women in power on the frontline.   


Meet Beate Chelette:


* Respected Speaker, Coach, and Successful Entrepreneur


* German Immigrant


* Start-Up Business Specialist


* Single Mom


* Social Media Expert


* Creator and Owner of The Women’s Code® and ego-RHYTHM®


* Worked as a Photo Editor for Elle Magazine


* Owner, President, and CEO of Beate Works for 13 years until she sold it to Bill Gates


* Senior Director of Photography Entertainment for Corbis, one of the world’s largest providers of images



* Author of Happy Woman Happy World


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Pam says that every 33 seconds a motor vehicle is stolen in the United States according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). This hot summer weather is absolutely perfect conditions for car theft. Car theft during the summer months is as common as posting a picture of your car thermometer with a triple digit reading. What makes the season so favorable for theft? What are some of the most common reason why theft occurs? Use your common sense and you'll greatly reduce your odds of becoming a victim. 


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Dave Bego has been fighting unionized thuggery for years. While forced unionization has been fighting a losing battle, he believes that they will be going on a major rampage the last 18 months of the Obama Administration. With Ambush Elections now in a somewhat gray area and the Justice Department clearly on the side of the unions, they have nothing to lose by making one last charge for more membership and more dues. Will it work, mostly not, but in some instances yes. So stay tuned. 

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Like the previous installments of The Black Book of the American Left, this volume addresses the role progressives played in undermining the defense of Western civilization against the totalitarian forces determined to destroy it. The present volume focuses on the holy war or jihad waged by totalitarian Islamists in their quest for a global empire. It is divided into three sections, the first and third of which contain narratives of campaigns I organized to confront the growing Islamist presence on American college campuses. While these accounts describe a cultural conflict in university communities, they have implications for a parallel culture war in the society at large.

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John writes, "Three things happened this morning: The Labor Department reported a big jump in employment; the financial markets responded like kids on Christmas morning; and — with a few hours lag — level-headed analysts deconstructed the jobs report and found it to be mediocre at best. 

To take just a few of the high (or low) points:

• Americans are still leaving the labor force
• Most of the new jobs created are part-time
• The vast majority of those are in services, which is to say waiters and bartenders and such
• Most new hires are over 55"

So don't fret or get upset, remember that mediocre is the new perfect!

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Jason Hartman returns with a discussion of the economy and the global war on cash. Government doesn't want you using cash, partly to track your every movement and partly as part of Financial Repression. Also, he shows how his system of buying single family homes for investment assures you a high rate of return in virtually any economy, inflationary, deflationary or stagnant. It really doesn't matter and with today's demographic trends; Millennials aren't looking to become homeowners and Jason's business has never been better. 

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If you're wondering how to hedge against inflation, protect against a potential currency collape and make a fashion statement as well, Aron Clarey has found the answer, The Silver Dollar Bikini! Captain Capitalism has struck again. It probably has certain germicidal properties too, but we'll leave that for the proof of concept testing. Hopefully Aaron will be appearing on Shark Tank raising capital and eyebrows of the Sharks. Will it be a new hit on QVC, that remains to be seen or not seen. 

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Whatever Will We De Wednesday with Andrew Hoffman:

"Deflation" and the soaring cost of living
-and steve wynn comments yesterday
gdp, trade deficit, ADP data
horrible euro ecnomic data
market deformations
-rising oil, rates - why?
-falling dollar!
-capped PMs, amidst wildy bullish fundamentals
-biggest stock, bond bubble yet
and much, much more!

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