Gold is back on the move and you should be too. There's so much uncertainty in the world and you need an insurance policy more than ever. Besides the potential for war in Europe, Asia and elsewhere, the monetary system is clearly a house of cards. We also talk about Comrade DeBlasio and much, much more. So listen up. Oh and why the world will never willingly go back on a Gold Standard, especially the Chinese. 

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Nick Santiago of InTheMoneyStocks was back. As predicted, Gold and Silver have been up big time since 1/1/14 and stocks have been struggling. It's all in the charts according to Nick and there's more to come. Just keep your eye on the Yen. A lot more mayhem is on the way to be sure. You just need to know how to watch the charts. It's so obvious. 

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Bill Holter was back on discussing the absence of truth in the world financial markets. The latest instance was the destruction of recordings by the Bank of England in an obvious effort to hide what took place during the run-up the financial crisis during 2007-08. What do they have to hide, then and now? If only we all knew the truth, things would definitely be different. 

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Julian DW Phillips has been following Gold markets for nearly four decades. In that time he's seen gold go from $42 to over $1900 and settle back to just under $1400 presently. He has no doubt that the market supply is currently 1350 tons short and that this will result in large price increases. The key is Asian demand, particularly China. It won't be long now.  

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Don Silver is the definitive source for information about Obamacare. Not the harm it's doing or the potential economic devastation it will cause, just the facts. He's spent thousands of hours writing The Best Obamacare Guide. Not only has he read all 2,000 pages of the dreadful law, but he's read over 15,000 pages of its regulations as well. While he may not have a life, he does have unique knowledge about what your healthcare is supposed to look under the new system, so that's all the more reason why you need to hear what he has to say. 

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Dr. Larry Kawa is an Orthodontist from Palm Beach County Florida, home of the Financial Survival Network. He's on a one man crusade to topple Obama and Obamacare. He's got an appeal pending in the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals challenging the Aministration's use of Executive Order's to illegally modify the Affordable Care Act. While he is clearly in the right, the issue is whether he has standing to attack these orders. We wish him well. 

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Bob Hoye is a noted scholar of economic history. He believes that the 20th century was the third era of centralized governmental authority. The cycle always repeats itself. Great wealth is generated by the citizenry. This leads to an empowered governing class which seeks to confiscate all this wealth. Their appetite then exceeds the citizenry's earning power and we wind up with a bankrupt state. The state falls and then the individual again rises. It happened with Roman, then Spain and now the Modern World. Bob is expecting a similar course to occur this time. 

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Our good friend Joe Messina was on today talking about the media uproar over the latest Cadillac commercial which praises American exceptionalism and pokes fun at the European vacationalism. We talk about the results of the Florida special election, what happens after the Republicans sweep the Senate and more. 

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Former Senator Adelai Stevenson, III has seen many things during his long life. He never believed he would live to see the decline of the greatest country in the world. The blunders that have taken place during the Ukraine uprising have shocked him. But it's all part of the decline of the country he once served. 

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New York City needs $50 billion for infrastructure over the next 5 years. But what about the children? This is where the obvious failings of New York's first openly communist mayor are going to shine. The money just isn't there and while Gotham crumbles, he's playing his fiddle and worrying about universal pre-k, a proven failure. And what's with the war on E-cigs. These seemingly benign little products of technology offer millions of smokers the hope of finally kicking the habit, but government just can't seem to allow it. That and more on this edition. 

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Former Congressman John LeBoutillier joined us today for a discussion about our hopeless government. So what if the Republicans take over congress this November. They have no vision and no plan for the future. They won the special election in Florida with an inferior candidate in a district that Obama took twice, all because of Obamacare. It still won't matter if they don't have a plan for the future. They're unprepared to lead. 

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Sandy Botkin the Tax Avoidance expert was back with us detailing a dozen scams that the IRS is warning taxpayers about. Some of them were downright ingenious. No wonder millions are falling prey to them. But we deconstruct them and give you practical advice that will help you avoid the scammers. Sandy's got some tips you won't find anywhere else. 

Direct download: Botkin_3-11-14.mp3
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Trace Mayer got in on the ground floor of bitcoin. Don Harrold has been talking about money and investing for more years than he cares to remember. Trace thinks that bitcoin is the currency of the future. Don is skeptical and believes there are privacy and safety issues that many members of the public need to be made aware of. Both men are extremely intelligent and worldly. Their hour long debate/discussion is quite compelling and discusses a number of issues that you need to hear. 

Direct download: Mayer-Harrold_Bitcon_Debate_3-11-14.mp3
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While Putin is busy taking over the Crimean Peninsula Obama skips a national security briefing and then is out golfing in Florida. Joe Klein says it's more of what we've come to expect from the current occupant of the White House. Russia has held these ports in the Ukraine for more than 300 years. Shouldn't the US have seen this coming? 

Direct download: Joe_Klein_3-11-14_011.mp3
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We caught up Mark Skousen founder of the Libertarian hoedown Freedomfest and well known writer and Libertarian commentator. This year's Freedomfest promises to be better than all the rest. It will be held at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas. The theme will be Is Big Brother Watching You? P.J. O'Rourke, an FSN favorite, will be appearing for the first time. Try to attend if you can make it. 

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On Friday China had what some are calling its “Bear Stearns moment”. For the first time ever in the history of the People’s Republic, a domestic company announced it could not make an interest payment due on one of its loans, and Beijing did not intervene or lean on creditors to suppress their claims. In allowing the first ever bond default to proceed, the concept of risk has been introduced to the Chinese $1.4 trillion corporate bond market, that had heretofore been blindly chasing the highest coupon payments with no concern for the creditworthiness of the borrower. The revelation that capital loss is now part of the investment landscape naturally causes participants to re-evaluate risk and look for significantly higher yields in compensation.


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Our Monday Discussion-Things are heating up:

  • Chinese water torture;
  • Exports down 18 percent;
  • Japanese trade deficit;
  • US retails stores closing all over;
  • Ukraine potential blow up;
  • More on the phony employment numbers.
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This Episode

  • Where's all the new Federal Reserve Notes;
  • The most corrupt town in America;
  • Commrade DeBlasio leave those horses alone;
  • Liam Neeson fights back;
  • What else can possibly go wrong?
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Triple Lutz Report 339

  • Woman dead for 6 years but the payments keep coming;
  • The bloom is off Comrade DeBlasio's rose;
  • Obamacare numbers not so good;
  • More good bad job numbers keep coming;
  • What difference does it all really make?
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Barry Stuppler, renowned gold coin dealer joined us today to discuss the recent gold coin discovery in California. He knows the dealer involved and saw a number of the coins from the discovery. While he may have handled the matter differently, he can confirm that the discovery actually occurred. There certainly were better ways of disposing of the treasure and who needs more rapidly depreciating fiat dollars anyway?

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John Rubino of joined us for an interesting discussion of nextgen warfare. We're seeing some of it take place right now in the Ukraine. Russia has threatened to undermine the dollar and dump dollar assets if the US takes any action against it's Crimean moves. We've also seen a number of cyber acts, from interference with the Ukraine's communication grid to potential mayhem with its electrical infrastructure. Is this what's next for modern warfare? For sure! 

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Answer-nobody. It looks like the new group coming into power in the Ukraine is at least as bad as the old pro-Soviet group. They're potentially composed of ultra-nationalists, neo-nazis and all around bad guys. That's the problem with the old, "The enemy of my enemy is my friend" strategy. You never really know who you're getting into bed with. We also talk about a myriad of other problems confronting the country as well. 

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Best ways to improve your credit score.

  • Spread out your debt on your cards;
  • Pay for delete;
  • Live beneath your means;
  • Get financially educated;
  • Time is the great healer. 

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When it comes to technical trading Rick Ackerman is up there with the best of them. His Rick's Picks Newsletter has a great track record. He likes the way the weekly gold price chart has been moving since the beginning of the year. It's been breaking all sorts of resistance points and that means more upward action ahead. It will probably take silver with it too. Interesting times ahead.  

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Lowell Ponte is nothing if not a historical scholar. He gives us a major schooling in Eastern Europe, Russia, Putin and Angela Merkel. There's a lot going on in that part of the world in case you haven't noticed it. For instance, there was no way that Russia was ever going to give up those two warm water ports. This should have been obvious to everyone, especially the US State Department. Therefore, a move on the Crimea was inevitable and so is a fight to the finish. Angela Merkel is buddy-buddy with Putin, which should also come as no surprise. But Russia has been a country in decline for many years. It's just a question of whether the US and the Dollar will decline faster.  

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