Woody O'Brien joined us today to speak about the dollar and economic conditions. Forget everything else that Uncle Scam tells you. The labor force participation rate has been dropping consistently overtime. Bullion is your only defense against a sinking economy and debasing currencies. Some food and other survival tools won't hurt, but in the long run it's bullion. 

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John writes, "Some recent stories from, of all places, Texas, offer the first clear glimpse of the coming energy revolution. The short version: Combine wind at night, solar during the day, and next-generation batteries, and you get an energy economy that doesn’t need oil, coal, or gas." Truly an energy revolution is taking place. How long it may take to become fully embedded is the question. It may be sooner than you think. 

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Lisa Bissell, CEO of Pure Grown Diamonds, explains the breakthrough technology that's making the revolution possible. The end product is indistinguishable from the mined product. Best of all there's no mining caused pollution, no conflict blood diamonds. The prices are substantially less than their mined competitors, with absolutely no diminution of quality. Truly revolutionary!

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What's not imploding now Wednesdays with Andrew Hoffman:

Commodity, currency, junk bond crash - even NASDAQ advance/decline line negative, as "Economic Mother Nature" winning the war

Spain/Portugal/Greece political crises

Collapsing eocnomic data, and bogus NFP report

plunging global silver production,

etc., etc.

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PC has run amok. From Halloween costumes on college campuses to San Francisco where they no longer want to call petty thieves criminals. Don't we have better things to waste our time on? Next, we discuss Estonia, an actual free market experiment that is actually working. Of course this comes as no surprise to you FSN Listeners. The free market always works best in the long run. 

The war on healthy mayonnaise has been exposed. Who would think that the government would go after a company making healthy mayonnaise with no eggs? But the Egg Council had them in their crosshairs. There was a concerted effort by Unilever and the US Government to put a company out of business because they made egg-free mayonnaise. I wish I could say that we're surprised by it. 

Millennials just don't drive enough or drive gas guzzlers to keep the Highway Trust Fund going. Revenues are way down and they're blaming it on this hapless generation. The real culprit is record low work force participation, which has led to less people driving to work and lower incomes, which has also led to less people driving, period. What's an unemployed Millennial to do? You know this a smoke screen to raise the federal and state gas taxes. It's for the roads of course.

Finally, free electric in Texas. A surplus of wind energy and the lack of connections to the Texas power grid has resulted in a utility giving away electric for free after 9pm. Don't worry about the utility. They're making money a federal tax credit that was unwisely passed to encourage clean energy. You the taxpayer are picking up the tab for this free energy!

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We sat down with Wall Street's Watchdog Chris Markowski. Chris is skeptical of Any Fed rate hike. Can the economy and Wall Street survive it? He believes that the time has come for tax reform in the form of a flat tax. And repeal of Obamacare is a major priority as it is an unmitigated disaster that is starting to cause real harm to real people. We can only hope our future leader is listening. 

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Dr. Stephen Wangen – World Class Expert on IBS, Co-Founder IBS Treatment Center, and Author of “The Irritable Bowel Syndrome Solution” and the award winning “Healthier Without Wheat: A New Understanding of Wheat Allergies, Celiac Disease, and Non-Celiac Gluten Intolerance” was with us in this episode. 

Part of the challenge in healthy living is that you see the effects gradually. That can be frustrating when you’re working hard in the gym and sticking to your diet.

But whether you see it immediately or not, your body responds the moment you begin making healthier choices. These changes can reduce your risk of obesity, heart disease, cancer and diabetes, all while making you feel better. Is it ever too late to start?

Direct download: Dr._Stephen_Wangen_09.Nov.15.mp3
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Bill worked for a CEO who usually considered himself the smartest person in the room.  He had extensive experience in the industry we were in and had paid his dues to work his way into the C-suite. He considered himself the smartest person in the room because every time someone presented a new idea, the CEO would say something like this, “That’s a great idea!  But it would be better if you….”  Sometimes he would say, “When I was at XYZ Company, we did something like that and here is what we found that worked.”  There are an infinite number of variations of this exchange.  My CEO couldn’t resist adding value, a variation on the need to win (last week’s article).  Do you know someone who always tries to add value?  What about you?  Do you always try to add value? Then it's time to lead by following. 

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Dale Nabors, well known real estate agent comment on the recent home sales numbers. New home sales slumped last month, according to a report released Monday by the Census Bureau. Analysts expected new home sales to tick down slightly in September following August's originally reported seven-year high. But few expected last month's housing numbers to drop off as dramatically as they did. What's behind the numbers? 

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Ned Schmidt was on with us and he believes that the SDR is going to adjusted in the next few months to include the Chinese Yuan. This will have the effect of putting a floor on Yuan and a cap on the Dollar. It will force much of the world to diversify their portfolios away from the Dollar and towards the Yuan. We will know shortly, when the IMF acts. 

Direct download: Ned_Schmidt_04.Nov.15.mp3
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We spoke with MoneyAnswers.com's Jordan Goodman. As he recounted, there's 5 debt bubbles currently blown, that will one day pop. Student loans, sub-prime auto loans, emerging market debt among others. Low interest rates and misperception of risk is driving the trend. When they pop, there's going to be big trouble ahead. 

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What's Not Imploding Now Wednesdays with Andrew Hoffman:

Interest rate "fears"
-historic market manipulation, based on nothing but miserable data
-yesterday's "speechless" hand holding article


exploding central bank money printing - Euro near 12 year low, etc.

"How's economic mother nature" doing - reality versus markets

mining earnings

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As the deleveraging continues, more and more Mlllennials are foregoing cars and returning to the city. The sharing economy is tailor made for this group. And the recent survey cited on JugglingDynamite.com shows that people who save more are happier. Hopefully the trend is shifting so dramatically that the number of happy people will increase geometrically. But before this happens, there's still much pain to be had. The real estate bubble appears to have popped in Canada and the results are being felt. 

Direct download: Danielle_Park_03.Nov.15_1.mp3
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Chris is about to release a new book entitled Prosper. It covers many techniques and ways for you to succeed in the new economy. Prepping isn't a recipe for success in the New Economy. It's necessary and can enable you to survive, but it's not enough. That's where Chris explains his strategy for helping you Prosper and live well. Well worth the read!

Direct download: Chris_Martenson_02.Nov.15.mp3
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Greg Writer is incredibly upbeat about the prospects for new entrepreneurs in America. With new SEC rule changes that will make crowdsource funding and promotion of companies looking for investors, Greg sees blue skies ahead for entrepreneurs looking to raise capital. Angel Investor's Network is modeled after the hit show Sharktank. With his growing network of investors, more companies will be able to find financing faster and hit the big time like Greg's great hit Go-Video. 

Direct download: Angel_investors_Network_31.Oct.15.mp3
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We caught up with Dave Drummond in New Orleans. As more Americans and other expatriate, they're finding Belize a welcoming place. From highly solvent banks, to extremely favorable asset protection laws, to highly protected bank secrecy, Belize has it all. Not to mention a very favorable climate, great diving and English-speaking natives. Dave is bullish on Belize. 

Direct download: Dave_Drummond_NOLA_31.Oct.15.mp3
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Nicholas Green has been a fiduciary advisor since 2003 and an experienced value investor. He focuses on preserving and building the wealth of his clients, protecting them against the injustices of Wall Street. Nicholas doesn’t represent companies or banks — he represents his clients. When he is not working with his clients to help them accomplish their financial goals, he is constantly focused on developing their portfolios.

Prior to founding FMT Investment Advisory, Nicholas served as the Chief Investment Officer of Federal Street Inc., through which he gained vast real-life experience and developed his skill and wisdom as an investor.

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John writes, "It’s understandable (sort of) that the Fed wants to raise short-term interest rates so it can cut them again in the next downturn. But what if the next downturn is already here? That’s the signal being sent by the world’s other central banks." Central Banks around the globe are loosening the monetary strings or pursuing their own variety of QE. How can the Fed possibly tighten when the end result will likely be a stronger dollar and decreased exports? 

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We caught up with Mickey Fulp, the Mercenary Geologist, at the New Orleans Investment Conference. We were able to do the monthly review face to face, which was a great experience. These reviews are extremely important in giving you a longer term perspective on markets. And very few others ever actually take the time to take a look back.

Stock markets were all up for the month, even the hapless TSX Venture. The USD was back up and the Euro was down. The Ten Year went up slightly to 2.16. The big winner for the month was Bitcoin, up to 326.33 or 38 percent. Metals were up but have retraced much of the gain. Oil was up slightly and NatGas was down 10 percent. Uranium was also down slightly. We're now going to start tracking the VIX Index so we can help you get a handle on volatility. So check back next month.


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Zach Marks who's 16 now was just 11 years old when he realized that kids needed a safe alternative to Facebook. He came up with GromSocial.com to solve the problem. He now has 1.8 million kids signed up at the site and the sky is the limit. He's thinking about going public and taking his company to the next level. Entrepreneurism isn't dead yet in the US, it's just moving to the next generation. 

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One of the reasons we go to conferences such as the New Orleans Investment Conference is to find innovative new companies that do things differently or better. Growth Equity Group is a perfect example. They take people's IRA's, help turn them into Self-Directed IRA's and then provide a turnkey real estate solution, complete property management and financing. You'll be buying property in places like Virginia and Omaha, Nebraska. Stable markets with great fundamentals. Cash on cash returns can be amazing and if you throw modest appreciation, the results can be spectacular. Definitely worth a look. 

For more information on self-directed IRA's click here

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Dan Ameduri and I sat down with the Mercenary Geologist Mickey Fulp. Mickey gave us his views on Uranium and precious metals. He gives three uranium companies to watch and believes there are opportunities there. On the precious metals front he believes the recent run up is technical/seasonal and not a sign of a turn around. There's more treading water ahead. 

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Live From New Orleans #2844

A hit-and-run victim feels her pleas for help were tossed aside after it took NOPD nearly a day to get to the crime scene at her Mid-City home.

NOPD Chief Michael Harrison blames the wait on a lack of manpower and says the officers he does have are dealing with more violent crimes that take more time.

click the link below for the full story.


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I'n with Mike Gazzola today at the world's greatest Foreclosure Sale. Amazing values here and I'm hoping to pick up a couple of properties. What's going on with Trump? The Second Amendment is his strongest point. Hail to the DC Mayor! Bridgestone buys my favorite auto service chain The Pep Boys! Don't bother calling a cop in New Orleans. And more...

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Nevada Gold production has been declining for the past decade, not for want of trying. Now are new partner Wade Hodges CEO of Nevada Exploration Inc., may have come up with the solution. There's as much gold in the ground in Nevada as has already been mined. The key is finding it. Wade has many successes under his belt and his newest venture is looking for gold in the state's valleys, rather than it's mountains. He's doing it by testing numerous water wells around the state. The technique holds great promise, not just for gold but other minerals as well. This could be the antidote to declining gold production in many other places around the world as well. 

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