Wipeout Wednesdays with Andrew Hoffman:

 Fed meeting today, with entire global economy collapsing - What can they possibly say
 Is this "the Big One?"  And if not, can TPTB possibly kick the can much longer?

 Miles Franklin Q&A meeting in Denver/Boulder Thursday night - Huge turnout, shows just how rapidly interest in Precious Metals - and fear of what's occuring - is growing

Miles Franklin "2016 Silver Outlook Webinar today (Wednesday), with David Morgan, Chris Marchese, and Andy Schectman

COMEX nearly out of gold - 73% of registered inventory taken out yesterday!


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Noted CPA and attorney reminds us yet again that it's IRS Scam time. We're not talking about what the IRS is doing but rather scammers pretending to be from the government and either demanding money from you or demanding data that they can use to steal your identity. The first rule to understand is that the IRS will never call you first, asking for money. Their primary collection tool is the US Mail. If someone calls you asking for money, hang up. That will eliminate many potential scams and keep you safe. 

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Where will American Foreign Policy go after the election. Ivan believes that while foreign policy might not be dead, it's on life support. Everyone talks big on the campaign trail and indulges in Sledge Hammer Diplomacy. Trump is espousing a non-interventionist policy unless a direct American Interest is threatened. The main stream establishment candidates are very hawkish, but the American Public has no appetite for any overseas military engagement. Will the public's view on the subject prevail? 

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Danielle Park has been warning you for years about the unsustainability of the stock market's upward trajectory. Sure enough, right after the new year the bear market officially started. You've got a consistent pattern of lower lows and lower highs, which is never a good sign. The only real question is how long will it last, which no one knows for sure, but Danielle believes that if you've taken your profits, you'll have enough cash on hand to be a bargain hunter when the time comes. 

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Nearly two years ago we wrote about Operation Dirty Money (click here to read). Effectively, this was the beginning of the War on Cash. Since that time we have seen governments around the world take measures to ween their citizenry off of the dreaded paper currency.  

At the present time 80 percent of the population carries less than $50 in their pocket. 40 percent carry $20 or less or no money at all! Less than 7 percent of all transactions in the country take place using currency. So the war is over and depending upon your point of view it's either been lost or if you're the government it has been won. 

Get ready for the Panic of 2016, it's happening now according to Gerald Celente. Hopefully, you're ready for what's next!

Finally, the FDA (Food and Drug Admin) is planning to ban the use of stem cells, even when you're treated with your own. They have their reasons, but overall the therapy appears to be extremely safe. They're having a public meeting on April 13, 2016 to get input and decide when to issue the ban. The proposed rules have already been issued a while and it's all over except the crying. 

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Another brutal Monday. Stocks down, oil down and gold is up. In the Davos Conference the billionaires say not to play the game anymore and instead go to cash. What affect will they have on real estate and stocks. They own most of the assets that we consider to be wealth now and there will be a lot of sell orders hitting the market. The average person doesn't have the money to invest, let alone any money for emergencies. 

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Patrick Donnelly is a geologist and an MBA by training. He's president of First Mining Finance. He's helping the Company make sound acquisitions of promising gold mining properties. He believes in buying undervalued assets and is looking to buy gold at $10 per ounce in the ground. In the current environment, Patrick says he's getting at least 1 call per day from interested sellers. But, the target company must meet a strict checklist of requirements before Patrick will even look at it. With this type of discipline, First Mining is getting ready for the next resource boom, which eventually must happen. 

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The critical presidential election of 2016 is shaping up to be the most profound presidential election since the election of 1896. Gerard's book makes ten surprising predictions that are bold and powerful. It predicts some historic events for America that will take place before, during and after the 2016 presidential election.

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Brien Lundin, publisher of the esteemed Gold Newsletter believes that if we are not already in a recession, we will be shortly. This is creating all sorts of challenges for the economy and the financial system. No sooner did the Fed finally raise rates, Brien believes they will be cutting them very shortly. He thinks that the fix is in for the dollar and that the world's central banks have an agreement to not let it go over 100. Will it work, can they really control things in the long run? It's an open question that will soon be answered. 

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Our good friend David Morgan appeared today. Fresh from the release of his new book, The Silver Manifesto, he's in a process of watchful waiting concerning the precious metals sector. Is this the moment when they ascend or are we in for more of the same? Will central bankers be able to regain control of markets again soon? Perhaps not, but we will know more very shortly. 

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Wipe out Wednesdays with Andrew Hoffman:

Andy's latest article, Is This the Big One should have hit your mailbox by now. Start getting ready if you haven't already. Currencies are collapsing all over the globe. Look at Canada and Australia if you don't believe it. The Dow is down is nearly 400 points as we speak, 2000 since the beginning of the year. Crazy politicians are cropping up all over. The crisis is either here or just a heartbeat away. Numerous banks are exposed to the plunging energy prices and collapsing oil producers. Everyone is levered to the hilts. There's no where to go and no way to save it. Don't mean to be alarmist, but the situation is grave! 

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Wayne Allyn Root was back with us today. His book the Power of Relentless is doing incredibly well. He believes that Bernie Sanders won the last debate and still maintains that Hillary Clinton will never be the Democratic nominee for president. He believes as do I that neither will Bernie Sanders. Sanders is unelectable and Vice President Joe Biden will be substituted in the last minute. Stay tuned!

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China just released their GDP numbers and they were up 6.9% in 2015. This was the lowest growth rate in decades. But did it really happen? Ghost cities, credit busts and real estate troubles bring into question the reality of these numbers. All governments twist and distort statistics to their own uses and China is no different. So what will happen next? Cash is still king!

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He’s loathed by the political establishment and hated by the media, but he’s leading by a mile in virtually every poll. Donald Trump’s support continues to grow no matter what he says or does. How can this be?

Jeffrey Lord has the answers. A CNN political commentator and contributing editor for the American Spectator, Lord unravels the 7 reasons why Trump is resonating with the American people in What America Needs: The Case for Trump.

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The FBI processed a record number of firearms-related background checks last year, indicating that more guns were sold in 2015 than in any previous year in American history. More than 23 million checks were processed through the National Instant Background Check System in 2015, an all-time record.

The all-time record for yearly sales comes after May, June, July, August, September, October, November, and December 2015 each set sales records for their respective months. In December the FBI conducted 3,314,594 checks, an increase of more than half a million checks over the previous single-month record set in December 2012. What do all these numbers mean?

Noel Flasterstein is a Second Amendment and Gun Rights Law Attorney dedicated to Protecting and Preserving our Constitutional Rights. He can use his expertise todiscuss all the issues surrounding guns and how our awareness can be the key to protection.

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Welcome to the Powerball Economy! It's hope but nothing changes. The odds are against you and there's not much you can do about it until you wake up and smell the coffee. Reality always has a nasty way of intruding upon your dreams. But good things are on the way. Better technology means better health and longer happier lives. Stem Cell Therapy is set to explode upon the scene shortly. Check out DrSharonMcQuillan.com for more info. It's extremely important that you learn as much as you can about this new breakthrough therapy. 

Finally, Europe's largest economy, Germany, is poised for collapse. Not a good sign for the US or the rest of the world, for sure. 

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Wipeout Wednesdays with Andrew Hoffman:

The worst ever start to a year (and end of the prior year)
               - The worst global economy of our lifetimes - trade "ground to a half"
               - Essentially all currencies at, near, or below all-time lows
               - Commodities at 40-year low, with much more pain to come

But Obama says "Don't fear the future," in one of the most Custer-like statements ever

The perfect storm of Precious Metals supply and demand, coming in 2016, in my view.

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If the world's population does not rise up and stop the madness. Gerald sees financial panic, war and chaos if nothing changes. Gerald believes that Hillary will win the election. The refugee crisis will escalate, largely the result of prior US mistakes. Gerald believes that a change is coming. What's coming next? 

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Bill Tatro had been predicting $35 oil for several years. Now, much to common disbelief, it's hear! Bill thinks it could decline further due to the Sunni-Shiite conflict taking place between Saudi Arabia and Iran. There's always the possibility of surprises, but it's taking a tremendous toll on the US and Canadian Economies as well as others. Where will it end? We can't, but it's getting interesting for sure. 

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The Chinese Economy has taken quite a hit so far in 2016. There's probably more in store as well. The great debt bubble is collapsing and the world will be a better place for it, eventually. Right now we're in the pain phase, however, if you can stay liquid and out of risky instruments, soon the world will be your oyster. Patience and discipline are the keys to succeeding in a down environment. 

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Preston Despenas, partner is Growth Equity Group is bullish on these two real estate markets. Omaha is becoming a bit of tech center with over 120 new tech companies situated there recently. Employment is strong. The ports of Virginia are looking as the Panama Canal expansion wraps up. The new Panamax super-sized container ships will be choosing Virginia as their destination, which is increasing employment throughout the state. Add to this the Millennials as renters trend and you've got a recipe for increased cashflow and increased appreciation. And Preston knows how to help you play this trend. 

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Currencies are collapsing around the world which is Good for the dollar. Is it time to travel overseas and take advantage of all the great bargains? John thinks maybe it's a good idea. Last week was the worst start of the year every for US Stocks. But overseas the carnage was even worse. Is it the start of new crisis or was it just a bump in the road? We're not sure yet, but it could very well be. And oil prices are tanking and there's basically too much of the stuff floating around. It all points to more instability going ahead. So buckle your seatbelt!!

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First Mining Finance's Keith Neumeyer has been on the show a number of times and is an FSN partner. Unlike many stayed CEO's Keith loves the action and excitement of building a successful company. And he always looks out for his shareholders in the process. It's share and share alike, no special stock discount deals for management. Keith is certain that it's just a matter of time until precious metals markets turnaround and when they do, it will be extreme. In light of the world economic crisis taking place once again, it could be unwise to bet against Keith. Oh, and he's out there aggressively buying First Mining shares on the dips. 

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Wipe Out Wednesdays with Andrew Hoffman"

Chinese Yuan devaluation accelerating
               - and more importantly, the PBOC is losing control of the offshore Yuan peg, per today's article " PBOC LOSES CONTROL OF YUAN PEG, SETTING THE STAGE FOR A GLOBAL CURRENCY CATASTROPHE."

Crashing currencies, commodities!

All time low Baltic Dry Index!

etc., etc.

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Jason K. Roberts has made his fortune in real estate. He's very nervous about all markets and believes in making good short term gains in real estate. He believes that Wall Street is fixed against the little guy and the American Public at large. And like so many of us out there, he believes that we never learned the lessons of the last crash and are doomed to repeat history. But there's hope and Jason will help you navigate the economic shoals. 

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