We like to check in with David Gurwitz of Charles Nenner Research regularly since his calls on precious metals have been pretty spot on in recent years. He's still seeing some down action in gold for July, but then we should see it recover and start a long term up trend. Stock markets are looking toppy but there's no sell signal yet. The Euro has held up pretty well considering the bad news out of Europe. Nat Gas is looking to go lower and the same with oil. All things considered, some interesting times ahead. 

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Bill Holter says the new BRICS Bank is just another nail in the Dollar's coffin. It's half as big as the IMF and it gives countries the ability to escape the dollar and the jurisdiction of the US and the DOJ. The world has had enough of the US, witnessed by Germany's recent explusion of the CIA station chief. It's all beginning to rapidly unravel. Be prepared!

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Gold is up again. And that was before the Malaysian Airliner was shot down over the Ukraine. Talk about Black Swans. Hopefully this won't lead to something crazy, but who knows? When sociopaths run the world, you have to expect things like this to happen. What's going to happen when the London Silver Fix ends on August 14? There's lots more so listen up. 

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Ned Schmidt of The Value View Gold Report sees nothing but blue skies ahead for gold and silver. $22 is the key number for silver and $1385 for gold. Once they pass through those resistance points it's nothing but blue skies. He thinks the price action this week was healthy as gold was slightly overbought. 

For agricultural commodities, beef is still going up, along with butter. Corn is down this year, but next year this time he belives it will be trading in the $6.5 to $7.0 region. He's still super bullish on the emerging farm animal health drug sector. He believes the upside potential is huge!

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Goldmoney's Alasdair McLeod joined us today to discuss the impending demise of the London Silver Fix. Will it force the LBMA to become more transparent and to modernize? Alasdair believes they need to do this to remain the center of the world's precious metal trade. He also believes that the latest slam down in gold prices was due to profit taking and not an organized takedown. 

Direct download: Alasdair_McLeod_17.Jul.14.mp3
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We connected with Bix Weir today. Seems like they're desperate to find a solution to the vanishing silver fix. Evidently there are billions and perhaps trillions in silver derivative contracts who's very is existence depends upon the Fix. But nobody is quite sure exactly what to do about it. Rumors are circulating that Reuters and CME Group will replace it shortly, but will their Fix be legally binding and sufficient? 

Direct download: Bix_Weir_16.Jul.14.mp3
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Aaron Clarey, a/k/a Captain Capitalism joined us today for an economic review. By virtually any measure the US economy is heading into or is already in a recession. But you can't do anything about it, just like you can't do anything about the Border Crisis or the march towards Socialism. So don't let it get you down. Find the community you want to be a part of and move there. Enjoy your life and have a good cigar. 

Direct download: Aaron_Clarey_16.Jul.14.mp3
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Gold and silver are up today, does that mean that the raid is over? We can only wait and see. We tend to agree with our friend Turd Ferguson that the goal is to break the trend line at 1280, but perhaps not. Silver is still above $20 and gold has bounced back above $1300. We'll learn a lot from where this stops. We also talk about the continued decline of New York City and the free for all known as Times Square. Seems as though the inmates really are running the asylum. 

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Steven John left the US for Mexico two years ago. He spends his mornings day trading ETF's and otherwise enjoying the view of the beach. There are many benefits to living south of border if you're ready to make the mental transition. The taxes are low and so is the cost of health insurance. Sounds like a great place!

Direct download: Steven_John_15.Jul.14.mp3
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Dave Franzetta is an innovative thinker and creative problem solver who developed strong leadership and leadership development capabilities over his thirty-year career. In his consulting business he finds that many entrepreneurs can't let go of the reigns enough to delegate less important task, thereby freeing them to concentrate on the important matters. Dave says the key is learning how to trust and keeping your eye on the ball. 

Direct download: Dave_Franzetta_15.Jul.14.mp3
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James Hirsen reports that in terms of box-office performance, summer 2014 is not exactly turning out to be the blockbuster season Hollywood had been hoping for.

The Fourth of July holiday weekend, which is typically a key revenue generating time period for Hollywood, has turned out to be an unmitigated disaster.

Newly released movies actually brought in 44 percent fewer dollars than they did in last year’s matching time slot, handing the entertainment industry one of the worst Independence Day weekends it has ever experienced.

Direct download: James_Hirsen_15._Jul.14.mp3
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Just as Charles Nenner predicted, gold hit a high of 1342 and whamo! a raid is well under way. Turd Ferguson thinks that they're going to take it down between to $1260 to $1280. How long will it stay there? Probably not too long. The demand-supply dynamics favor higher prices. Some external force has been keeping the price lower. Wonder what it could be. Also, Steve Forbes believes a return to the gold standard is the only thing that can save the dollar. And the fracking boom is remaking North Dakota and other states, except New York--which has a moratorium on it. 

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Manipulation Mondays with Andrew Hoffman

  • Humphrey Hawkins metals slam down;
  • Esperito Santos in the toilet and stock down;
  • Real bad economic numbers;
  • Multiple companies came out and said it wasn’t the weather;
  • Japanese machine order number;
  • JOLT survey—employment number;
  • What is really contained;
  • Comments by Goldman and others about containment;
  • Goldman’s comments on stocks;
  • Shorting of metals contracts.
Direct download: Andy_Hoffman_14.Jul.14.mp3
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John thinks, for the average person trying to decide how to feel about the economy, the single biggest data point is the stock market. When share prices are rising, the implicit message is that finance professionals — who, after all, dedicate their lives to understanding such things and should therefore know what’s happening — have decided that life is good and getting better.

So the rest of us relax and go shopping. Known as the “wealth effect,” this tendency of asset prices to affect consumer behavior is now a key policy goal of the US and pretty much every other major government.

But what if it’s all a gigantic, multi-trillion-dollar con? That’s the conclusion a growing number of analysts are reaching as they dig into the reality behind the recent record highs in US equity prices.

Direct download: John_Rubino_14.Jul.14.mp3
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While visiting Freedomfest we were fortunate to interview the acclaimed author P.J. O'Rourke, who's written 16 books. I remember first reading Parliament of Whores 25 years ago. I knew then that I was experiencing greatness. P.J. has the ability to find humor in almost any subject, whether it's a brutal war, or an over the hill demented politician. His ability to craft a sentence to get the maximum affect laughter is truly amazing.

He believes that every person was born a libertarian. And yet through some process we get corrupted and lose that desire for personal freedom. He's not sure why, but eventually some us find our way home and wind up at a conference like Freedomfest, rejecting the concept of unlimited government. 

Direct download: pj_orourke14.Jul.14.mp3
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Andy Schectman has been a bullion dealer since 1991. He's encouraged by the recent turn around in gold and silver prices. However, he's wary and wants to see prices advance further. Until then he urges caution, but he believes that you buy when prices are favorable, not when they're high. Right now metals prices are very attractive. 

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For those seeking the ultimate escape when it all hits the fan here in the US, there's a place in South America where they speak English and the weather is perfect almost all the time, Belize. Best of all, Americans can still open a bank account there. It's worth considering. 

Direct download: orchidbay_11.Jul.14.mp3
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Anthem Hayek Blanchard has a long history in the precious metals industry. His middle name is in honor of the famed Austrian Economist and his uncle was a pioneer in private gold ownership. Precious metals run through his blood. Therefore, he's enthusiastically started the first gold backed crypto-currency. While there's not much backing, it could be the start of a major trend. We'll be watching. 

Direct download: anthem_vault_11.Jul.14.mp3
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Douglas E. French is a Director of the Ludwig von Mises Institute of Canada. Additionally, he writes for Casey Research and is the author of three books. We talked about what's going on with markets and malinvestment around the world. How long before the next crash? No one knows for sure, but time is running out. 

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Gold and silver are much higher this morning. Looks like the Black Swans are circling Portugal and Europe's banks once again. The price is just about at Charles Nenner's 1342 peak for July, but it still could go higher. A trend in motion... We've got some interesting facts about fracking, especially it's possible relation to increased seismic activity in Oklahoma. Live interviews from Fredomfest are comin soon. 

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Our weary petroleum engineer Dr. Frack returns with some interesting news. Seems like the oil industry has become too fixated on quarterly results and is ignoring some troubling safety issues. Not earthquakes in Oklahoma or gas coming out of your kitchen faucet. No we're talking about H2S gas that has the potential to kill people. Dr. Frack is fed up with them cutting corners. We're not talking about the inherent dangers of fracking, we're talking about risky behaviors that companies engage in to save money. There's a big difference. 

Direct download: Dr_Frackenstein_09.Jul.14.mp3
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FOMC minutes get released showing a desire to end QE in October and the price of gold spikes shortly thereafter. What's with that? Is somebody sending the Fed a message that they no longer control the price of gold? Just a thought. Then we have Dr. Frackenstein back to talk about life in the oil patch. There's opportunity in North Dakota if you can stand the place. There's an emerging danger that the industry isn't facing up to from H2S that we get the scoop on. And more. 

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Tom Dyson publisher of the Palm Beach Letter was back on with us. As with many, he's perplexed by the seemingly endless rise of the stock market. However, that hasn't stopped him from searching for bargains. He likes Goodyear because it's cheap and has an excellent brand and also because it's in the replacement tire market, which is poised for growth. Tom is also bullish on precious metals. He thinks they very well may have turned the corner, but isn't totally convinced, but who is? 

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Michael Krieger joined to discuss various memes taking place in society. Right now someone is claiming that the terrorist group ISIS plans to use Bitcoin to finance it's operations. Absurd on its face, the story is getting traction. We also discussed the Facebook mood experiment where they attempted to manipulate user moods by the content of their newsfeed. Who do you think was behind that one?

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We caught up with John Manfreda. Something is up with the Fed and QE. Will they phase it out and just force the banks to step up consumer lending regardless of the risks? This might be the case. Banks are issuing new credit cards like there's no tomorrow. It won't end well. It never has before. But it has to be good for gold. 

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