Would you believe that in the latest Rich State-Poor State Report Michigan came in number 12 and New York came in near last, as usual? Comrade DeBlasio never fails to disappoint. He's busy trying to bust New York City's finances and doing a very good job of it, while trying to ban the carriage horses. Finally, have you ever wondered why you've never seen a UPS truck make a left turn? We answer that question and more. 

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Wayne Allyn Root questions whether there's still free speech left in America...if you're a conservative or Christian? Isn't free speech protected by the U.S. Constitution? Can your views cost you your job, career or property? Don’t look now but it’s happening. Views considered "too conservative" “old fashioned” or “politically incorrect” are no longer tolerated by Obama’s socialist cabal or the “thought police”

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Kyle Olson and Glenn Beck have teamed up to take on the educational establishment's effort to federalize K-12 with Common Core with their new book Conform. This rush to mediocrity has taken place largely under the radar screen. By using the carrot of increased federal funding, most states have gone along with a national educational policy. The result will be failure, just like everything else the federal government does. 

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Ross Kenneth Urken is Personal Finance Editor at theStreet.com and goes through the five most common money management mistakes that we all make. Some of them are all about growing up and some are just common sense. But in every situation, awareness is the key. 

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Danielle Park joined us today for a discussion of the first High Frequency Fraud class action lawsuit that was filed in New York City. It was clearly inspired by the Michael Lewis page turner The Flash Boys as the complaint quotes liberally chapter and verse from the book. Perhaps this is the beginning of the great Wall Street Purge that has been too long in coming. High Frequency Fraud has been too long the rage. But as long as the rewards are so rich and the odds of imprisonment so small, the crimefest that is currently Wall Street will continue. 

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Mike Gearhardt writes that decades of fiscal irresponsibility due to excessive spending, inconsistent and irrational tax policies, growth in entitlement programs, government intervention into free markets and inadequate accounting practices threatens to drown our nation’s economy under a wave of debt. While the Government has failed to take any meaningful actions to address our mounting debt, the magnitude of the problem has been recognized by the United States Government Accountability Office (GAO).

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Gary Christenson is the owner and writer for the popular and contrarian investment site Deviant Investor and the author of the Kindle book, “Survival Investing with Gold & Silver.” He is a retired accountant and business manager with 30 years of experience studying markets, investing, and trading. He writes about investing, gold, silver, the economy, and central banking. And no, silver is most decidely not in a bubble!

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Robert Ian is reporting from Las Vegas and the housing situation is getting very ugly there as in many other places. Sales are down and so are housing starts. Looks like freshly printed dollars and government manipulation can only go so far and now the market is running out of steam. 

The videos from the Second Liberty Master Mind Symposium are online now. You can order them at LibertyMasterMind.us. They're well worth the investment, we promise! That's why people keep coming back.  

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While the US is celebrating a (supposed) recovery, other big parts of the global financial system are behaving as if some sort of deflationary crash is just around the corner. In Europe, for instance, interest rates are not just declining, they’re plunging. Where it all ends is anybody's guess. John and I explore the possibilities. 

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Darrly Schoon has been ahead of the monetary collapse curve since 2007. Here's what he's saying now. Capitalism, the bankers’ three hundred year-old ponzi-scheme, is a balancing act between the bankers’ credit and everyone else’s debt. In its optimal state, credit creates sufficient growth to pay society’s constantly compounding debts. When unable to do so, debt ispaid by borrowing against future growth and in capitalism’s end game, aggregate debt exponentially expands until it can no longer be repaid except by exponentially depreciating paper money.

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Mondays with Andrew Hoffman
Slow growth for China;
Record trade deficit for Japan;
ECB governor hinting at QE;
Ukraine falling apart;
BOE maintaing ZIRP and QE;
Indian elections happening this week tariffs history;
Yellen speaking last week more monetary accommodation;
Dimitry Specht’s book;
How the Fed is actually tapering to prove that there is a recovery. 
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Noted CPA David Selig believes that proper legalized marijuana could be a tax windfall for the country, if only it were properly managed. But as usual, the government is not going about it correctly. There's a pressing need to fortify the border and make sure that un-taxed marijuana doesn't find its way into the legal US market. The reward could hundreds of billions in new tax revenues. But is it worth the price? 

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  • China ascendancy continues;
  • Hidden history of the Fed;
  • Bearish chart formation on NASDAQ and Russell 2k;
  • ECB to start printing money in June;
  • Five levels of financial freedom.
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Nicholas Pell, freelance writer says that now Spring has finally sprung it's time do a financial spring cleaning. That means pulling your credit report and making sure every thing on it is kosher. Next, make sure that you're payroll is being properly withheld. If you're over withholding, change it and put the difference into an IRA. Next, set realistic goals and stick to them. And then you need to start organizing your paperwork. Go through all your necessary documents and scan them. Back them up to a safe place and dump the uneeded ones. Create a budget. No one wants to do it, just like going to the dentist, but an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Then we go onto investments. Rebalance them. Go through your investments and evaluate. Consult your financial planner or get one if you don't have one. And finally consolidate your accounts. Take all those small retirement accounts and conslidate them. 

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Doug Altner talked about the recent minimum wage hike in Maryland to $10.10 per hour. This follows Connecticut's hike to a similar number. Is it really going to help the working poor? Is it just and does the government have the right to force businesses to increase their costs and lower their profits in the name of helping these people. Doug says no, for many reasons, not the least of which is that such well intended measures actually wind up increasing unemployment and putting companies out of business. 

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It's been a while since Chris Duane was on the show. So many silver coins have been produced since last we spoke. In his view not much has changed. Rather than waiting around for the systemic collapse, he has far more important things to do. Concentrating on friends and family and building those vital relationships that will help us all get through the coming collapse is vital and we couldn't agree more. 

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A century ago there wasn't a college in the country that taught entrepreneurship. Now, many colleges and universities across the country offer courses and programs in "entrepreneurship." Are they worthwhile? Entrepreneurship is apparently an occupational category now, yet when it comes to judging the value of what they teach, its practitioners are flying blind. Carl Schramm just wrote an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal on the topic and believes that they and their students could learn a lot from how the medical field evolved. 

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We spoke with Jim Rogers on changes taking place in the United States and around the world. As has been said repeatedly, the only constant in life is change. Jim's key to success has been to realize where the world is heading and then to get ahead of it. Obviously philosophy has been very effective. Now he sees the de-financialization of the world and a return back to the producers. Mining, agriculture and industries that actually make things will be the leaders in the coming era. Jim also shares some personal stories that are quite touching. 

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Why did Dorothy follow the yellow brick road? Film maker Joel Gilbert journeys across America to find out what's at the end of the Progressive rainbow - Utopia or something far worse? From the ruins of Detroit to the slums of Chicago's South Side, and from Denver's illegal immigration invasion to Newark's urban removal project, Gilbert pulls back the curtain. He confronts Progressives on his quest, and takes us deep into their political fantasy of paradise on earth. There's No Place Like Utopia is a humorous and horrifying exploration of Progressivism, amnesty for illegals, race relations, Islam in America, political correctness, and Barack Obama himself, who promises to "remake the world as it should be." But is Utopia a real destination for America? Or, does the true path to happiness still remain faith, family, and hard work - back home in Kansas?

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Hard to believe but Marijuana legalization actually is starting to cut into cartel profits. Marijuana cultivation is way down in Mexico's gold triangle all because of liberalization of pot laws in the US. Is that a good thing? Depends upon whom you talk to.

While on the subject of Mexico, they're starting their own border patrol. Seems that using the army to stop illegals coming from all over Central and South America just isn't working out so well. They're even planning to patrol the northern border with the US. Is that a sign that Americans will soon be fleeing to points south? 

Maryland is cracking down on online higher education companies. They're trying to accredit and license companies outside the state who teach Marylanders. Guess they never heard of the Interstate Commerce Clause, or else they don't really care anyway. 

Finally, Detroit is attempting to emerge from Bankruptcy protection. A creditor vote will soon be taken and deals have been cut with various unions. Unfortunately, a golden opportunity has been missed and the odds are stacked against a full recovery. 

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Frank Pringle has come up with a new innovative security device to help homeowners, businessmen and farmers secure their properties. Using solar and wind power along with efficient led lighting, the device can sustain itself indefinitely. It's really worth taking a look at. 

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No one likes to go out on limb for making a specific prediction and Bill Holter and I are no exception. But May 20th of this year is shaping up to be a very interesting date. That's when we might find out about the huge energy deal that China and Russia have been cooking up, which could accelerate the end of the petro-dollar. It could also usher in the acceptance of many other currencies to be used in payment of petroleum purchases. None of this bodes well for the dollar. Gold and silver are the antidotes for this potential disaster. 

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Peter Schiff was on for an update on the self-immolation of the US Dollar and the economy. Janet Yellen is learning the art of the happy talk and the media hasn't missed a beat. Everyone is very hopeful, upbeat and optimistic, but that's not going to change the ultimate outcome and the economic collapse that's heading our way. The NASDAQ is making a huge head and shoulders formation and the dollar is hitting new lows. Not the signs of a healthy economy. Peter tells us all about what's next. 

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Ned has nearly 40 years of experience in investment management, consulting, and teaching Finance in the U.S. and offshore. In 2003 he published "$1,265 Gold", one of the earliest major research reports documenting the impending rise of Gold at that time. Ned says, "When the Russians are shooting down helicopters in Eastern Europe you buy gold, food and oil, not Facebook, Google or Twitter." 
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As Tom Payne says, "I've out-interviewed more qualified competitors and so have my clients, and it was done ethically, telling nothing but the truth." He's done it himself and trained others by effective storytelling. It's a great skill to have and it can enhance your life in so many ways. Have you ever listened to someone tell a story and wish that you could do it as well. Tom gives you an effective method for doing that will filter into all aspects of your life, whether it's looking for a job, helping to raise your kids or relating better in a social setting. 

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