Today we discussed Dr. Charles Nenner's economic forecast. For centuries, the second decade has seen a major war occur. With the economic cycles heading downward, Keynesianism has proven a complete failure. As Dr. Nenner says, there's no way that man can make a down cycle go up, at least not in the long run. Is China really the hope of the world? Is chaos setting in? These questions and more. 

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Nick Barisheff joined us today for a discussion about precious metals pricing gradually shifting to China. It's all part of their long term plan to make the Yuan the reserve currency. As can be seen, the US has done a horrible job managing that precious franchise. Perhaps now it's time for another country to give it a try. Be certain it's going to happen sooner or later. 

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John reports that stock buy-backs are declining. Regardless of the economic justification, buybacks have been a major stock mover for nearly a decade. What's going to take their place once they fade into oblivion? You guessed it, even more money printing, because using the logic of a child, if one pill makes me feel better, then think how great I'll feel after I swallow 10! Get ready for a monetary overdose. 

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Dan Ameduri joined us to speak about the state of the precious metals markets and the coming silver supply issues. You can only draw down existing inventories for so long and then you've to start producing. Dan discusses what miners have to do to survive and how a large potential M&A boom is almost upon us. And there's a discussion about a company that's poised to really cash in on the trend. 

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It's amazing how things change. At one time the nuclear power industry in the US was on its way out. Now there are 5 new plants coming on stream in the US. Outside the US, building new plants is a major growth industry with China alone having a substantial number under construction. And the future only looks brighter. That's why Energy Fuels is poised for success. With safer designs and increased concern over greenhouse gases, uranium could be the fuel of the future. 

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Where are going Wednesday's with Andrew Hoffman:

Gold bull market is back, per my article several months ago
This weekend's article - The Fed, Cartel, and powers that be on the precipice
Yesterday's article - It's the "commercials" that should be scared."
Today's article - Hey Cartel, is that the best you've got?

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Daniel Joseph is a China expert and cautions Americans not to believe all the hype and propaganda coming out of the US Elections. China is making great strides in its economy and its trade policy. US exports have been rising for more than a decade. China is no longer accumulating huge reserves and Dan believes that it's just a matter of time. And forget currency manipulation and such. They're not doing it anymore. So let's see what happens with the election. 

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Author and political commentator George Lombardi asserts that Donald Trump's appeal and outreach is much greater than anyone has suspected. From union members concerned about the economy and their jobs, to legal immigrants who understand that they're being undercut by illegal immigrant workers, to African-American construction workers, they all share one thing in common, a desire to see American become great again. And for them, there is no other candidate addressing their needs and desires, except Donald J. Trump. 

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Donald Trump has overwhelmed the establish GOP (GOPe) and left them groping in the dark. His last 7 victories were so overwhelming that the GOPe should have gotten the message already. And yet they haven't. Trump has received more primary votes than any other Republican candidate in history. Paul Ryan is out there making a fool of himself. Will he and the others see the light? Trump is going to pick up many Sanders supporters and others who've never pulled the lever for a GOP candidate before. Time to get on the Trump Train!

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The world's central banks are on a mission to drive the US Dollar down lower. The world's economy is in precarious condition and it cannot afford an escalating dollar. They've been brow beating the dollar to keep it down and are hoping that it will stay there. Yellen is trapped and there's nary a rate increase on the horizon. It's a global problem, global trade is in collapse. What's a poor central banker to do? 

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David Gurwitz returns for our new weekly show. Dr. Charles Nenner is calling for crude to move to around $56. To quote their latest missive, "We often wonder how the big guys at Goldman get away with predicting that Crude was going to go below 20 this year, together with so many other prominent market forecasters... Oil could drop below $20 US a barrel as the search for a level that brings supply and demand back into balance makes prices even more volatile"

"We called the high at 97 and then the low - first at 30 and then later adjusted to 26."


A close below 42.90 will give a short term sell signal from longs 

So let's follow this call and see where it winds up.  

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A Chinese news outlet states that it China can’t keep pursuing it's current economic agenda because it's not working. Money creation and borrowing isn't helping the economy grow and is having the opposite.  It’s going to be an “L” shaped recovery. They also need to deal with their bad loans. Commodities back down, stocks also. Gold silver are down major. 


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It's all over now but the crying. Donald Trump has won the nomination. He beat Ted Cruz like a rented mule. Can he beat Hillary? She might be a more flawed candidate than anyone but the bought and paid for media shills imagine. This is truly a repudiation election and the establishment is taking it on the chin. 

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The always colorful and insightful Ned Schmidt joined us today. What's bad for the dollar is evidently turning out to be good for Gold and Silver too. The dollar peaked late last year and now it's starting to decline. Whether by accident or design, this is creating opportunities that were not expected. Certain select mining stocks were up 100 percent or better the past four months. Ned cautions that the gains won't be so striking in the coming months, but they're still going to be outperforming. A wild ride is ahead. 

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According to Bix Weir, the world financial system is just one mouse click away from its final implosion. Think of it as the financial nuclear football, very few people know the codes and no one wants to step up and blow up the current system. The fallout is going to be cataclysmic and it will be a major event in human history. Bix is on his way to finishing his fourth book, his personal conversations with the God of Finance (yes we know there's only one god). Always entertaining and interesting, Bix is one of a kind. We'll all meet and have cocktail on the Road to Roota. 

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Where Are We Going Next--Wednesdays with Andrew Hoffman:

NIRP ramifications exploding!  Schwab, pension funds, etc.  Now that markets falling again, back in focus.

Cartel record short position, fighting to the monetary death

Horrible ADP report today - portends last leg of fabricated "recovery" dying

"Goldbugs" deemed to "root for Armageddon" - HOGWASH!

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Seems like debt just isn't like it used to be. Governments spent a dollar and supposedly got three back in increased economic activity. One has to wonder whether that was every really true, however, now the opposite is certainly the case. The more debt we take on as a society and a world, the less activity results from it. The bill is coming due and there's no one left to pay it. 

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Our regular car expert Pam Oakes joined us to discuss what is going on with the car companies. Both VW and Mitsubishi have been caught cheating on their emissions ratings. VW will wind up paying billions for this serious ethical lapse and the jury is still out on Mitsubishi. Before this GM had a defective ignition switch that caused over 100 deaths. While its current CEO fessed up, it was long known to be an issue. How can these manufacturers believe that they'll actually get away with it? Eventually, they got caught and no doubt others will be as well, now that the scrutiny of their practices has been turned up. 

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It was a great month for Gold, Silver, Oil, Natgas, the TSX.V, Bitcoin, Platinum and Palladium. They were all up by double digits. Of course some markets like the Toronto Venture Exchange were at or near all time lows. Gold and Silver showed true strength and the Silver to Gold ratio looks like it's starting to come back down to earth. Oil and perhaps Natgas appear to have put in their cycle lows. How high will they go from here? Nat's hit a low of 1.66 in February and is now at 2.18. This in spite of the lack of demand for heating or AC around the country. Bitcoin is continuing its pattern of volatility but was still up nearly 10 percent for the month. 

Check out our previous monthly reviews. There's virtually no one else out there looking back at prior performance. The Wizards of Wall Street only look ahead. But those who don't learn from history are doomed to repeat their market losses. 

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Imagine being able to work from any location in the world andbefree to travel anywhere your heart desired. That's exactlywhatEris and Stephen are doing now as we speak. They started outinTampa and are currently in Madrid Spain. They carry theirworldlypossessions on their backs and are actually living more forlessmoney. And they work when they want. A great life style forsome,but is it right for you? Definitely somethingtoconsider. 

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The master cycle forecaster Charles Nenner is still calling forapossible cycle low for Gold in May, so be on the look out.Silver,however, is still on a buy signal. Stock markets could betopping,watch out for head and shoulders formation. There's lotsmore in theinterview, which will become a regular, so take a goodlisten. Ohand oil and Natgas have probably hit their lowland areboth on buysignals. 

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John Rubino visited with us today. In case you hadn't noticed,there's global economic turmoil brewing. From Greece, to Italy, toChina and of course the good old USofA, the economic laws andcycles are asserting themselves. What's a central banker to do? Andwhat's a Too Big To Fail banker going to do? The final answerprobably rests with the tried and true monetary anchor-gold. Butgetting there is the tough part and no one has any idea how that'sgoing to happen, but rest assured it will!

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Like all things new and socialist, eventually they lose their luster and wind up being discarded. When Comrade William "Bill" Wilhelm deBlasio was elected mayor of the collectivist utopia known as New York City, we took bets on how long it would take to make the once great metropolis bankrupt. It's hard to believe that just 3 years later the Comrade has exceeded our wildest expectations. A man of limited intellect, extremely poor judgment and an exaggerated sense of self-importance, the Comrade is now grasping to hold on to his political life. Seems that City Hall under his regime became an organized crime outpost where pay to play wasn't just a philosophy, it was a religion. Now the US Attorney is circling his rotting carcass as well as the DA. A recent report about electoral corruption in the City, describes a web in which deBlasio was at the center. And it just shows the difference between a rat and a politician, there are somethings a rat just won't do! 

Obama is attempting to bridge the diaper gap with generous subsidies to low income parents. Seems that being poor also means you kids will go without Pampers, isn't it wonderful the things that government will do for people in need.

Finally the lie has been put to social promotion, the practice of public schools promoting illiterates to higher grades to get rid of unwanted problems. The deal is that if your kid can't read by the end of 3rd grade, he's screwed. Florida of all places recognized this fact and outlawed the practice in most cases. Michigan is next on board. Can you imagine a world where all students learn to read and write at school? 

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Where's It Going Wednesdays with Andrew Hoffman:

April 27th (today) - a day of Central bank infamy?
The Myth of "QE to Infinity"
The Ultimate Chinese Finger Trap
Silver 2016 - the Cartel's last stand
China vs. the Gold Cartel - No Contest!

Direct download: Andy_Hoffman_27.Apr.16.mp3
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Professor Alain Sanders has been watching the election like the rest of us, never really sure where it's heading. But now the field is finally narrowing down. He believes that Bernie Sanders will have a major role in the party once Hillary has secured the nomination. 

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