Jason K. Roberts has made his fortune in real estate. He's very nervous about all markets and believes in making good short term gains in real estate. He believes that Wall Street is fixed against the little guy and the American Public at large. And like so many of us out there, he believes that we never learned the lessons of the last crash and are doomed to repeat history. But there's hope and Jason will help you navigate the economic shoals. 

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Money Laundering Mobsters

Most of the world’s population has watched The Godfather and, to a lesser extent, Goodfellas, The Untouchables, and Scarface. These films present a mysterious, almost vigilante, image of the mafia: slick suit-wearing guys with slicker hair and even slicker (mandatorily) black rides. They’re represented as sort of demigods. But are they champions of their communities or downright coward villains?

But what is the actual life inside the Sicilian Mafia? What are those glamorously portrayed so called Wiseguys really like? Are they as powerful and influential as perceived by those who subconsciously admire them? And what is their private family life like?

Dan Simone has written the definitive work 36 years after the heist!

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Ned Schmidt joined us for a review of 2015 and some predictions for 2016. He believes that inflation is starting to accelerate. In addition, he's seeing a lower Dollar starting soon. Production of gold and silver has peaked. Therefore, the dynamics of the precious metals markets have seldom been better. If you look at their performance in currencies other than the dollar this is obvious. But the final nail in the dollar's coffin will be collapsing stock market prices. Ned believes that the Fed is going to keep increasing rates, which he says will have a disastrous affect on the US Stock Markets. Will he be right? Perhaps, stay tuned and see. 

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Dale Bellis, head of Liberty HealthShare was with us today. As a direct result of the Obamacare re-enrollment nightmare, Healthcare Cost Sharing Ministries, such as Liberty are booming. No wonder, the cost is a fraction of the Obamacare premiums and the coverage is far better, at least in my opinion. Dale tells the heart-warming story of a member's fight with cancer. She needed a surgery that would have cost $300,000 under her old insurance. Fortunately, as a Liberty HealthShare member, the community came to her rescue to insure that she got the care she needed, at half the cost! A movement is indeed afoot. 

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Jason is holding his annual Meet The Masters event. Get a nice discount by going to www.JasonHartman.com/Lutz. I promise you if it's only half as good as last year, it's still worth your while. Jason also discussed the real estate markets. While some coastal markets are pretty heady, the boring markets that Jason likes are holding pretty steady. Mainly because of the Millennial generation's aversion to home ownership and the low home ownership statistics. We're becoming a nation of renters. 

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Author and real estate expert Brett Furman believes that investing in real estate early and often is the way for the Millennial Generation to acquire wealth and invest for their future. He suggests that the younger investors find wealthier older investors to team up with to acquire their capital. Then find sound properties with positive cash-flows. Then rinse and repeat and pretty soon success!

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The sound money community woke up this morning to a world finally behaving rationally — which is to say cowering in abject terror at the prospect of insane levels of debt, criminal incompetence at most major governments and geopolitical turmoil on a scale not seen since Vietnam, if not WWII.

Stocks are plunging everywhere (with the Chinese market closed because of instability), gold is surging, and the “buy the dip” voices in the mainstream media are vacillating between bemusement and panic.

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Mickey Fulp and I sat down for a complete review of the major markets and their performance in 2015. To say the least, unless you were buying dollars or Bitcoin, it wasn't pretty. Precious metals were hit hard. So was copper, the entire energy sector, with the exception of Uranium-which only suffered a slight 2% decline. Every currency was virtually cremated in 2015, except the good old US Dollar. Stock markets were all down except the NASDAQ. And interest rates rose every so slightly. What does 2016 look like? More of the same or will there be a recovery? We're not sure, except we believe that increased volatility is in the cards. 

If you want to get Mickey's proprietary spreadsheet with performance broken down by sector for the past 6 months, write me at kl@kerrylutz.com

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Just saw The Big Short. An amazing movie on so many levels. Take away, "Give a man a gun and he can rob a bank, give a man a bank and he can rob the world!" Great acting, well written and a great directing job. Two thumbs up!

Next, bitcoin, gold and silver for the new year. Will it go up? Probably, things are heating up and you need to be ready!

And thanks for an incredible year. This is our fifth year doing what we love and we appreciate every one of you out there listening.  

Happy New Year!

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SEO is an industry where everybody has an opinion, and most people love to share it online. However, you would be amazed at the amount of misinformation shared, repeated and deformed out there.

If we were to believe everything that we read online surrounding SEO and digital marketing, we’d be in a constant state of confusion. SEO is very complex and there are very few sources of information that can be considered completely creditable. Why is it so popular?

Charles Strange, The Million Dollar Analyst, uses his expertise to help you understand the proper meaning of SEO and how the system works. He explains this new internet phenomenon and offers his opinion on why it may not be worth all the hype.

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What's about to implode in 2016 with Andrew Hoffman

My 2016 predictions, per my audioblog released yesterday
- None of them good
               - In hindsight, 2015 will be viewed as the beginning of the end
               - High probability that it all comes apart in 2016

- To the contrary, record high PM demand in 2015, which will only rise in 2016 - as inventories vanish, and production collapses

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Jordan believes that the theme of 2016 will be that dreaded four letter word Debt. The debt implosion will lead to deflation and liquidation. Commodity countries are in trouble and so are commodity companies. Lots of things blowing up in the coming year. Deflation/Inflation, will they both happen at the same time? Welcome to the new economy!

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Sprott's Jason Stevens joined us today. He's bullish on farmland, both for cash flow and capital appreciation. While other hard assets haven't been doing well over the past few years, farmland keeps marching on. In addition, world demand for protein is always increasing and there's major improvements coming in  farm technology, which will increase crop yields. Justin says that REITs could be the way to go for some, but there's other alternatives you should look at. 

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7 Trends for the coming year

1--Silver to make new highs;

2--War clouds on the horizon;

3--China is imploding;

4--Oil will rebound;

5--Federal Reserve will lose control;

6--Stock Market has peaked;

7--Dollar remains king!

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The Dallas Fed just announced the Texas numbers and they are terrible. The manufacturing report is abysmal at negative 20. Texas is heading into a recession due to the oil price implosion. What's really bad is that the Oil Patch kept the US Economy afloat during the post-crash era. Is there possibly another sector that can keep it all going? Junk bonds are becoming worth what their name implies. So what's next? Does it spread to the rest of the economy or will it be contained? 

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We're about to release a new show, The Truth About Stem Cells, with Dr. Sharon McQuillan. Adult stem cells are being used in cutting edge treatments around the globe. Dr. McQuillan has been involved in stem cell research for over 10 years and really knows her stuff. Located in South Florida, I had the opportunity to discuss the therapy with her over the past several months. I'm amazed by the results and can't wait to share them with you. 

Interesting story about the lengths an NJ woman went to reclaim her rightfully earned parking space. She hit another woman over the head with a 15 inch steel pipe. She's facing aggravated assault charges. Moral of the story, if someone wants your parking space, let them have it!

As promised, New York's decline has accelerated. The number of derelicts living at the airport has increased dramatically in the past year, turning the main terminal into the city’s most popular de facto flophouse, where they sleep, eat and wash up while competing for space with passengers, according to Port Authority sources. But after the NYPost ran their expose, the Authority is promising to bar the homeless from 11pm to 4am daily. What a bold measure. 

New York State is also incapable of understanding the unintended consequences of rapacious tobacco taxes. At $4.35 per pack, plus other levies, it's running smokers over 10 bucks a pack to satisfy their addiction. And NY can't figure out why cigarette taxes are down a whopping 54 percent. You don't need to be Ludwig vonMises to figure that one out!

And Cuba is making progress. They've agreed to pay back billions in principal to their creditor nations, sans the US, while getting a waiver of the accrued interest. Not a bad deal, all things considered. 

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Noted realtor Dale Nabors advises not to be thrown off by the recent housing numbers. First and foremost, all real estate is local and business is great throughout most of Florida and in Dale's backyard in Tampa. There's technical reasons why the numbers were down so much, largely due to the new mortgage disclosure rules put in place by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. One month, does not a trend make!

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Where Do We Go From Wednesdays with Andrew Hoffman:

My take on the worst Fed "policy error" in its long, sordid history of policy error.

More "horrible headlines" than ever, heading into what will likely be the scariest global year since 2008.

And the PHYSICAL gold and silver shortages that are coming, as 2015 ends with plunging supply and inventories, and surging demand.

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Wayne Allyn Root is convinced that Donald Trump can win New York State in the general election. New Yorkers, especially the working class, love Trump. They love his attitude, his lack of political correctness and his success. Wayne just met Donald for the first time recently. As Wayne says, "Only Donald Trump can bring out a crowd like this..." And who knows, maybe Wayne is right.  

Wayne Allyn Root's Opening Speech at Donald Trump Rally ...

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Why do intelligent people often wind up being so unhappy? The answer is really quite simple, from kindergarten to college to corporate America, the system caters to the average. So if you happen to be an above average intelligent person, you're cooked. There's not much out there for you. But realizing this is empowering and can be the key to you finding inner happiness and contentment in a mediocre world!

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Chris Vermeulen has been trading since he turned 16. He's always in his element when he's hitting the keys of his trading terminal. He just hit NatGas when it made a major low at $1.70. He piled in and as a result of being oversold, it went up 20 cents. He sees a similar play coming in oil very shortly. Further down the road, he's expecting a major stock market decline. Listen on for his other recommendations concerning gold and silver. 

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Andrew Amato run Dronelife.com. He's concerned about the FAA's current proposal to register drones. First, the FAA has failed to answer the question of what a drone is? Next, there are no privacy protections are in place for registrants. It's important that the government doesn't stifle this growing industry that could shortly contribute billions to the economy. No one can say for certain what's next in the drone industry. 

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John write, "Sometimes one big event dominates the landscape, like last week when the Fed raised interest rates. Other times a bunch of less-universally-significant-things add up to a meaningful story. And the story that follows here is, of course (given the venue), ominous. 

First up is the much-discussed US$9 trillion that developing countries borrowed back when the dollar was weak and their currencies were relatively strong. Pundits have been warning that with the dollar soaring this debt was largely underwater and therefore a threat. But as far as anyone could tell it wasn’t blowing anything up. 

Then on Friday a big Mexican construction company ICA has defaulted." Listen on to hear more about those dominoes. 

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David Gurwitz of Charles Nenner & Company joined us for a review of 2015 and the accuracy of their calls. There were many correct calls for the year, chief among them, a forecast of a flat stock market, which has come to pass. Oil's price call was pretty spot on, but NatGas wasn't close. With a few minor exceptions, Nenner & Company was alarmingly accurate. Listen to the interview to find out what they're expecting for 2016. 

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What's going to implode next Wednesday's with Andrew Hoffman:

The upcoming (likely) "rate hike"
-What on Earth is the Fed thinking, as everything it is "data dependent" on is going the wrong way
               -collapsing global economy
               -40-year low commodity prices, record low Baltic Dry Index
               -horrific holiday spending
               -imploding currencies
               -record, exploding debt levels

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