We touched base with Mark Skousen to get an after action report on this year's Freedomfest. We had great fun there. If you're a libertarian then you really need to attend. The only negative, if there is one, is that there are so many sessions going on at once, that it's hard to keep track of it all. Perhaps an App would help. For us PJ O'Rourke was one of the highlights this year. 

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Jason Burack of WallSt4MainSt.com joined us for a discussion of what's driving Wall Street higher. It's certainly not economic growth or rational investing. Rather the casino mentality has taken over the herd. Over-leveraging and M&A activity, among other things, is driving stocks ever higher. Flight capital from Europe and Asia is just pouring gasoline on the fire. That's why a healthy position in precious metals is always a good idea, for one day the madness will stop and that's all we'll be left with. 

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Manipulation Mondays with Andrew Hoffman
  • Options expiration coming 45 minutes;
  • The newest manipulation hail Mary yield rallies;
  • Fed Meeting on Wednesday—Pumping Priming;
  • First GDP Number coming;
  • Flat or 3 percent;
  • Today’s diffusion indices;
  • Housing numbers were awful;
  • Record low Italian and Spanish yields;
  • French employment numbers worst ever;
  • Japan highest CPI in many years;
  • Ukraine heating up—black swans;
  • The new hail Mary and the CME Wash Trade Law Suit. 
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2014 is beginning to look a lot like 2007:

NASDAQ tech stocks are back to 1999 levels

The number of IPOs with no earnings back to 1999 levels

Junk bond yields are even lower than in 2007

Corporate debt rising faster than in 2007

Margin debt back to 2007 levels

Stock prices higher than 2007

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We've been speaking with Nick Santiago of InTheMoneyStocks.com for quite a while now. He's been making money in the market with an eye towards exiting to gold and silver when the time was right. Now he believes that the metals are about to see their day in the sun. When last we spoke, he was calling for them to start going and in fact they have. Now Nick believes the conditions are ripe for large price increases and he's putting his money where his mouth is, especially silver. 

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Don's new book Rooseveltcare is very timely. Today we are at a crossroads. America’s entitlement state is threatening to bankrupt us, and new schemes such as ObamaCare are hastening the collapse. What should we do? 

In this provocative look at America before and after Social Security, Don Watkins argues that the answer is as simple as it is controversial: Abolish the entitlement state, starting with the retirement program that created it. 

This is not another book for policy wonks about the financial trouble the entitlement state is in. This is the story of the role that Social Security has played in eroding the eagerness, energy and optimism that once defined America. And it is a guide for fighting back.

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We caught up with Martin Armstrong today. We wanted to know if he was sticking by his call for Dow 32,000 and for the Dollar to remain the reserve currency. He stands by his them and cites further proof that the wealthy are sending their funds to the US. Wealthy Europeans, Canadians and Chinese are buying up properties in the US. As far as the stock market, there's no other place to put large quantities of money. No one trusts the banks or sovereign bonds, so the market can only continue going up. 

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TheStreet.com's Ross Kenneth Urken talks about why it's probably a good idea to buy a house within the next 5 months. Higher interest rates, higher home prices and higher rents could make this a good time to buy, but it all depends upon your personal situation. 

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Federal Reserve Chairman Janet Yellen address last Tuesday to the Senate Banking Committee as part of her semi-annual address to Congress. TheStreet's Joe Deaux reports from Washington that the Fed head didn't provide any shocking updates to monetary policy, which is important for investors to know. Additionally she spoke about the huge drawbacks to long-term unemployment and why unemployment benefits are a critical safety net for them. She also addressed the rising worries about inflation and said the central bank isn't currently concerned about longer-run inflation projections.

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Charles Nenner said 1342 was the peak for gold. Sure enough it hit and it's been one raid after another. They've finally driven it down to $1290 and $1280 and $1260 can't be too far behind. Let's see where it stops. But, I finally got my wearable wealth 1 ounce gold bracelet. Pictures to follow. Check out the AirBNB story about the squatter who refuses to leave. 

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Seems like deja' vu all over. When Seth was last on the show we talked about a mid to late July hit for gold and silver. Sure enough the day he's scheduled to come back on, a real-time raid drives the price of gold down to $1290 the ounce. Will wonders never cease? But that's all right. Looking ahead to the August and the fall, rising prices appear on the horizon. Now's a great time to purchase some wearable wealth like I did. 

Direct download: Seth_Peretzmen_24.Jul.14.mp3
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As John recounts in his latest missive. The old Dickens quote “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times” is pretty much always applicable to a world as big and complex as this one. But lately, as the disparity between financial markets (best of times) and geopolitics (worst) has grown to almost comical proportions, Dickens has been sounding even more apropos than usual. To take just a few “worst of times” examples:

  • Palestinians are shooting rockets at Israel, which is responding with a full-scale invasion that will end up killing many hundreds, including an appalling number of kids.
  • A coalition of Islamic radical groups called Islamic State for Iraq and Syria (ISIS) is grinding towards Iraq’s capital, home of the small city that is the US embassy. What we’ll do should it be taken is anybody’s guess, but odds are it won’t be pretty. Meanwhile, Iraq’s Christians are the largely-unnoticed victims of the fundamentalist resurgence.
  • Someone using advanced anti-aircraft missiles shot down a civilian passenger jet over Ukraine, and Russia, Europe and the US are making all kinds of threats and counter-threats as they try to apportion blame. There are an awful lot of soldiers in a small space, and the press is now full of “Archduke Ferdinand moment” kinds of analysis.
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Arch Crawford, an FSN regular, uses a combination of technical and astrological charts to track the markets and the economy. He believes the stock market is very close to a peak. From there, it won't be pretty. But it will be good for gold and silver, so get ready now. There's lots of factors involved in this forecast so listen closely. 

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Jason Hartman was with us today discussing the relative performance of real estate during a number of different economic scenarios. When done properly in the right markets at the right valuations, real estate will protect you whether the economy is inflating, deflating or just stagnant. See the charts Jason prepared

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In our last discussion, Gordon predicted that another credit crisis was forming. That was nearly two months and sure enough we're witnessing the start of a sub-prime auto debt bubble. Great call on Gordon's part. Lately he's been writing about the stock-buyback bubble. This work is starting to gain traction as well. David Stockman had a recent article about IBM's rampant buyback's. Gordon's work is always ahead of the curve, which is why he's a regular on FSN. 

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Sandy Botkin, CPA and attorney talks about how to maximize your spouse's social security payments. Like everything else the government does, there's no simple solution. It all depends upon your situation. For some it makes sense to start receiving payments as soon as possible. For others, it makes sense to wait until age 70. Sandy goes through the myriad of possibilities to help decide which is right for you. 

We also discuss the grandparent scam. If you're a grandparent and get an urgent plea for cash from your grandchild in the middle of the night, think twice before wiring the cash. 

Direct download: Sandy_Botkin_22.Jul.14.mp3
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Danielle Park was on today, really on. With all that's going on in the world, this is a time where people need to be more concerned about return of investment, rather than return on investment. Each day that the bull market continues means that the risk of staying in increases. The average non-professional investor has no means of assessing that risk. Even the so-called professionals are lacking in that skill. But soon, they'll get the necessary education. 

We also discussed Elizabeth Warren. In a Congress where most members are beholden to the financial powers that be, Warren is different. While she is clearly ignorant of the benefit of free markets, she has proven herself to be a worthy adversary of the banksters. Let's see where it get her. 

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We caught up with Peter Grandich today. Peter says there are many signs that speculation has gotten out of hand. Junk bonds and securitized subprime auto loans are out of control. They could be the next bubble to pop. The signs are there. When even a rigged casino starts losing money, it's time to head for the exits, witness Atlantic City, New Jersey. The general economy is not much different. 

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We talked with market historian and analyst Bob Hoye today. The key factor to watch now is the further credit deterioration that will take place in the months ahead. You will witness dollar firming which could be bad for gold and silver in the short term. Expect miners to be taken down with the general market. 

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Gold is under selling pressure today but is still above $1300. Silver seems impervious. Big decision comes down from the DC Circuit Court of Appeals, overturning many of the Obamacare subsidies paid out under a loose interpretation of the law. Right after we recorded it, the 4th Circuit in Richmond Virginia handed down a contrary ruling. Sounds like it's headed to the Supreme Court. 

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Obama says the Russians did it. Putin says the Ukrainians did it. Who are you to believe? When in doubt assume they're all lying, because you know that they all lie all the time anyway. It's beginning to look a lot like 1914, isn't it? Things are heating up all over the globe. Gold and silver, the ultimate insurance company are no longer a theoretical proposition, they're becoming more real by the moment. Something that every thinking person needs to be spending more time focusing on. 

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Manipulation Mondays with Andrew Hoffman

  • It’s the economy stupid;
  • 2.45 on the 10 year bond;
  • Housing starts down 11 percent;
  • Economic data versus reality;
  • Longest string of negative economic surprises since 2008;
  • Negative 2nd quarter gdp fast becoming a reality;
  • China largest ever monthly decline in home prices;
  • US Subprime Auto Loan Bubble popping;
  • Mortgage apps at 20 year low;
  • Gallup poll people spending more on food and energy;
  • Ukraine and MH17 and no AK-47's for you;
  • Israel and worst fighting since 1967 War;
  • Espirito Santo files bk;
  • Gold fundamentals looking—Hard Asset conferences cancelled.
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We like to check in with David Gurwitz of Charles Nenner Research regularly since his calls on precious metals have been pretty spot on in recent years. He's still seeing some down action in gold for July, but then we should see it recover and start a long term up trend. Stock markets are looking toppy but there's no sell signal yet. The Euro has held up pretty well considering the bad news out of Europe. Nat Gas is looking to go lower and the same with oil. All things considered, some interesting times ahead. 

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Bill Holter says the new BRICS Bank is just another nail in the Dollar's coffin. It's half as big as the IMF and it gives countries the ability to escape the dollar and the jurisdiction of the US and the DOJ. The world has had enough of the US, witnessed by Germany's recent explusion of the CIA station chief. It's all beginning to rapidly unravel. Be prepared!

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Gold is up again. And that was before the Malaysian Airliner was shot down over the Ukraine. Talk about Black Swans. Hopefully this won't lead to something crazy, but who knows? When sociopaths run the world, you have to expect things like this to happen. What's going to happen when the London Silver Fix ends on August 14? There's lots more so listen up. 

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