Bill and Melinda Gates are finally doing something worthwhile. Wish Bill would invest some energy into Microsoft they can use it. There's a unit coming out that they helped fund that can generate energy and water from feces. It will really help third world countries eliminate disease and improve their water quality. 

Next, why are college students only reading at 7th to 8th grade level. Why is that exceptable? Actually it isn't. Something needs to be done now. Literacy is hanging in the balance. 

Finally, in a direct challenge to Comrade de Blasio, the NYPD has stopped its revenue raising activities. The City is now a better place and there won't be any more Eric Garner incidents either. Everyone wins on this one except the greedy libs who still want an ever larger share of your hard earned dollars. 

Direct download: TLR_376.mp3
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Jason Burack gave us his market forecasts for 2015. He sees financial repression lasting well past 2015, which means low interest rates and low returns. The oil implosion has presented a buying opportunity in select energy stocks. You need to find issues with solid cash flow and good hedges. Gold will probably have more of the same as in 2014, but with China, Russia and India still buying and the EU getting very covetous of their reserves, 2015 could be the year. There's plenty more sage advice contained therein for your listening and investing pleasure. 

Direct download: Jason_Burak_07.Jan.15.mp3
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Former Congressman John Leboutillier is concerned that the leaders of the new Republican Congress are rudderless. They appear to have no vision for leadership and this can't end well. So be prepared to see them manhandled by Obama yet again. 

Next, what happened in Paris can become the norm if the world's governments allow it to become so. John says these Islamists need to be wiped off the face of the Earth. Who can argue with that? 

Finally, Comrade deBlasio is an incompetent boob who will hopefully be a one turn mayor. John says when things are going well the populace gets complacent and elects a liberal just to remind them of what can go wrong, and boy are they getting a major lesson now!

Direct download: John_Leboutillier_07.Jan.15.mp3
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Stefanie O'Connell had a problem, she wanted to pursue an acting career on Broadway and live in Manhattan. Not an easy task when one considers the cost of living. Fed up with babysitting and waiting tables, Stefanie searched for another way. Her journey has bourne fruit. She's now an author, personal finance blogger and her work is found on many well known financial websites. She's grown personally and professionally and she helps others do the same. Not a bad solution to a widespread problem. 

Direct download: Stefanie_Oconnell_07.Jan.15.mp3
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Mickey Fulp and I sat down today for the 3rd Annual Major Market Review. Things really heated up last year in Q4. No doubt you're well aware of the implosion of the energy markets. WTI and Brent Crude were down nearly 1/2. Henry Hub was down 29%. The major stock markets of course were up, as were the USD (13%) and Treasuries. Gold was down just 1.9% but silver was down a whopping 19%. Bitcoin really took a hit at -58% which was down even more than the Euro's 12%. 

Where's it all heading in 2015? Good question and we both have our own opinions on that subject. So listen on and tell us what you think. 

Direct download: Mickey_Fulp_05.Jan.15.mp3
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John writes that in the sound-money community there is universal skepticism about the Fed’s plan to stop monetizing the world’s debt. Hardly anyone thinks they’ll go through with it and absolutely no one thinks they’ll succeed if they do. But the Fed is acting like it’s serious. Take a look at the monetary base's current numbers and decide for yourself. 

Direct download: John_Rubino_05.Jan.15.mp3
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Manipulation Mondays with Andrew Hoffman:

Andy's 2015 predictions, and how they relate to the current markets…


1.    Retail Armageddon –

2.    Return of the PIIGS –

3.    First signs of Yen Hyperinflation –

4.    Oil collapse contagion – 

5.    Mining industry paralysis 

6.    Falling commodity prices –

7.    Collapsing currencies –

8.     Revenge of the people.

9.     The Re-emergence of Real Money


Plus, this morning's utter collapse of interest rates and oil - and what it means regardnig the coming "Yellen Reversal."


And oh yeah, gold and silver surging - particularly in Europe and Switzerland where gold jumped above 1,000/oz and 1,200/oz respectively, this morning.

Direct download: Andy_Hoffman_05.Jan.15.mp3
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Darryl R. Schoon believes that fiat money and the world financial system is nothing more than a Ponzi Scheme. It's unravelling very quickly and the world's central bankers are extremely frightened. There's nothing they can do to stop the destruction. If there was, they would have done it already. But Darryl says don't despair, this is a good thing. It will allow humanity to develop in a way never before dreamed of. It's an unimagined opportunity for the human race, to be embraced, not feared. 

Direct download: Darryl_Schoon_31.dec.14.mp3
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Andrew G. Poulos – Tax and Financial Expert has appeared on FOX Business News. He's a Strategic Author, and Creative Entrepreneur. While the ball is about to drop, there's still time to save on your 2014 taxes and to planon how you'll manage your income in 2015.

Direct download: Andrew_Poulos_31.Dec.14.mp3
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Paul Oster is a credit repair ace who knows how to raise your credit score and wipe out the negatives. While there's no replacement for paying your bills on time, there are things you can do to help erase the mistakes of the past. In addition, your family can help you regain your reputation and get back into the world of normalcy. You just have to take the necessary steps. 

Direct download: Paul_Oster_31.Dec.14.mp3
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Wayne Allyn Root was on with us today. Turns out that the past year was a great one for a select few, those favored by the Obama Admin. But for the rest it was not so great, despite the wonderful sounding statistics that in Wayne's opinion are purely fraudulent. The middle class is getting murdered and it's by design. The big corporations support whatever government helps them get richer. It's a great system for the wealthy. But Wayne's an eternal optimist who believes that we'll even survive Obama. We can only hope that he's right. 

Direct download: Wayne_Allyn_Root_30.Dec.14.mp3
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Bill writes, "Whether it is the Elliott Wave Theory, Kondratieff, 17-year cycle, or the Shemitah, 2015 is shaping up to be one for the record books. As much as each Country from the U.S. to Greece, Russia to Malaysia, sees itself as a unique and independent entity the reality is that the world has been united as one big Keynesian experiment."

Social media has taken significant events that normally would be continually discussed, analyzed and even become world altering and reduced them to tweets, blogs and yesterday’s news.

Such as:

  • The Hong Kong freedom demonstrations became just another footnote to be lumped with Egypt, Iran and Occupy Wall Street.
  • The Ukraine civil war is something most believe has already been settled.
  • The U.S. President’s abuse of executive orders continues unabated and the TBTFs (Too Big Too Fails) continue to run amok.  Nothing has been tweeted recently, therefore, out of sight out of mind.
  • Saudi Arabia and the U.S. made a deal for the continued bombing of Syria for lower oil prices and the American Shale oil industry is decimated.  Our only reminder is when we fill up our gas tank.
  • Cuba continues its Gestapo ways and becomes our newest best friend.  Cigars, of course, are not a continuing story.
  • SONY was hacked, says the FBI, by the North Koreans.  A big deal.  American citizens and world leaders are hacked.  Not a big deal.  Either way each is last week’s news.  On to the next.
  • Greece can’t elect a President after three bailouts and so a snap election will be held.  European markets shudder, the 1% lose millions, businesses are still closed, youths are still jobless and ordinary citizens still wonder where their next meal will come from.

Another few days and the next crisis will be front and center.

Direct download: Bill_Tatro_30.Dec.14.mp3
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Oil is tanking, gold and silver are getting attacked yet again, what's an investor to do? The dollar is riding high so we don't have to worry about Russia, Greece or the collapse that's taking place in much of the world. Then there's Comrade de Blasio who can't understand how when he was playing with dynamite and matches with his buddy Al Sharpton, it all just blew up in his face. It's amazing that we're dealing with politicians who possess this caliber of stupidity. 

Listen to tonight's Liberty Mastermind Webinar with David Morgan. 

Direct download: TLR_375.mp3
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Sandy Botkin, our expert CPA and Tax Attorney tells us the good news in the recently passed tax laws by Congress. Time to buy a truck and write it off. Or, business equipment can also be written off as well. If you're thinking of setting up a corporation, now's the time to do it. You'll be able to sell that company off in the future, tax free if you do it right. There's lot's more goodies, you just have to know where to look, and that's where Sandy excels. 

Direct download: Sandy_Botkin_29.Dec.14.mp3
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The Sony-North Korea hack is big news. The damages to Sony are near catastrophic. Movie production was halted and they were unable to make vendor payments. The movie that set it all off, The Interview will not be released in theaters either. Could this just be the beginning? So thinks terrorism expert Jack Duffy. He's concerned that the country and American business aren't ready for what's ahead. He hopes that the Defense Department is gearing up, but one can't be too sure. It all could be part of the new Cold War? 

Direct download: Jack_Duffy_24.Dec.14.mp3
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According to Heather Wagenhals medical identity fraud is sweeping the country. Obamacare also isn't helping any. With electronic medical records, if someone else is using your health insurance, the results can be catastrophic, as demonstrated by the person who died as a result of a midagnosis due to incorrect records from a fraudulent user. It's going to get much worse before it gets bet, so beware. 

Direct download: Heather_Wagenhals_24.Dec.14.mp3
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Craig Bergman is just off the successful release of his movie Unfair: Exposing The IRS. He's got two more movies scheduled that promise to be even bigger. The first deals with the militarization of police forces across America. Once upon a time, your local Sheriff kept order and was merely a night watchman. Now, the police force is under the control of corrupt politicians and is getting more militarized by the day. Their job has become one of subduing the population. Craig's movie will examine this trend and propose solutions to bring us back to the way things used to be. 

Direct download: Craig_Bergman_23.Dec.14.mp3
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Steve Lord, publisher of The Modern Money Letter, is quite excited about bitcoin's many developments in 2014 and 2015. While it's opportunity as a speculative investment has cooled off, it's acceptance as a medium of exchange has picked up speed. Innovations are coming at a break neck pace. This means that bitcoin is going to have a place at the monetary table of the future. And it's getting much easier to use, which means many more people are going to start using it soon. Big things are ahead. 

Direct download: Steven_Lord_22.Dec.14.mp3
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Eric Hadik, the master reader of cycles joins us again for a look at 2015-16. He sees more chaos and unrest in Europe as the Euro dips to 110. Gold and silver are headed for one last cycle low as well. King Dollar keeps up it's rally, for a while anyway. The Russian Bear is rising and that's bad for the Stock Market. Everything is connected for better or for worse. Just be prepared to avoid losses. 

Direct download: Eric_Hadick_23.Dec.14.mp3
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When will precious metals prices start going up again? David Morgan doesn't know the exact date, but he suspects we're getting very close and that the bottom has been put in. Now it's just a matter of the fundamentals asserting themselves. He's putting together a list of high value mining stocks that should out perform all the others. He'll be talking about some of them at the webinar on December 29, 2014 @ 9pm est. We look forward to seeing you there. 

Direct download: David_Morgan_22.Dec.14.mp3
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Manipulation Mondays with Andrew Hoffman:

FOMC meeting

                - per audioblog, "laughable FOMC statement sets new Central bank credibility lows, until SNB one-ups it" - Fed DID NOT take out "considerable time," yet MSM says it did!

                                -also, called oil price decline "and other factors" TRANSITORY

                                -not worried about anything, but still data dependent

                                -FOMC governors' avg expectation for Fed Funds rate at end of 2016 dropped from 2.9% at OCTOBER 29th MEETING to 2.5% today

                                -as meeting going on, SNB took deposit rates negative - just three weeks after referendum, and as Euro challenges "whatever it takes" July 2012 low!

                                                -per article, "end of the gold 'bear market'," gold up sharply in countless currencies - including Francs since the referendum

                                                                -on average, up 5% worldwide; yen gold 7% from all-time high, Ruble gold way above all-time high; rupee gold and others, on average, just 20% or so from all time high

                                                                                -and this, as 2014 ends with record demand


                - whilst FOMC going on, not only SNM madness, but oil at $54-$55/bbl; Greek snap elections favor Syriza; cratering U.S. economic data, nearly across the board.  Not to mention, dollar surges above 10-year range, causing massive                 currency plunges the world round (article - the "single most precious metal bullish factor imaginable")

                                -incredible to see the level of PM manipulation and stock support around the FOMC meeting, as powerful as around the Swiss referendum!  Gold capped at $1,200 35 times last week, and twice already today -                                                  DESPERATION

                                                -if it closes year above $1205, will be up in dollars, too, after all the smashing!



                -per tomorrow's article, "a major silver shortage must, and will, occur", global supply will be up no more than 2% or so in 2014 - and set to plunge; whilst demand at record levels - up 7% in 2014 for maples/eagles/indian imports                 alone, and new research says indsustrial demand set to grow whilst production declines

                -if ends year around $16, massive write-downs, losses, capex cuts, paralyzing mergers - gold, too, at $1,200; 2015 will be year of paralyzing PM mergers


OIL prices!

                -3/4 or more of all Shale uneconomic at current prices; not to mention, other high cost production the world round

                -Saudi and other low-cost producers will smoke them all out

                -$500 billion of junk bonds/leveraged loans will collapse (already are), per article "2015 shale oil = 2008 subprime mortgages"

                -crashing commodity currencies the world round will have horrific consequences


Horrible holiday season likely to be far worse than last year's post-2008 crisis lows, and with GOOD WEATHER to boot

                -Amazon slashed prices on kindles this weekend, and free shipping across the board

                -retail armageddon in 2015, especially as more sales on line

                                -gee, I wonder when the government will impose an online retail sales tax


2015, the year of, per article, the "re-emergence of real money"

                -record demand now, accelerated money printing/currency crashes

                -repatriation wave

                -Euro collapse?



Direct download: Andy_Hoffman_22.Dec.14.mp3
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Megan Megale of Megale Public Relations started the Minnow Project to helping small companies master the art of getting needed media attention. And best of all it works. The companies that Megan has been working with have been experiencing much needed success in social media and other Internet PR. It's easy when you learn from the experts.

Direct download: Megan_Megale_19.Dec.14.mp3
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I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Don Mazzella about the end of the Cuba Embargo, the State of the Union and Small Business in America today. It was a real pleasure. I'm fully in favor of ending the Cuban Embargo. Clearly if it ever was effective, it's become counter-effective now. While the US can't yet be accused of having a murderous regime like the Castros, it has lost much of its moral high ground with its non-stop drift towards collectivism. Who are we trying to kid? Besides, I'm ready for Christmas in Havana. As far as small business in America today, it's never been harder to start and succeed at this daunting challenge. But there's nothing else I'd rather be doing. The corporate life just has never been for me. Make sure you sign up for the next Liberty Mastermind Webinar with David Morgan giving his precious metals 2015 forecast. Not to be missed. 

Direct download: Don_Mazzella_19.Dec.14.mp3
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Pam Oakes of Car Care for the Clueless has valuable advice for the motoring public this winter: It pays to be a prepper! Take a look at what Pam wrote and follow it closely. 

You should have all your severe storm preparations completed at least 24 hours before the snow hits the area.

For those who procrastinate, it may be too late. Supplies at the stores will be minimalized, fuel probably scarce. My advice – stay put! But, for those who just have to travel for one reason or another, I have a bit of advice for you.

First - other than your Facebook buddies – your “new” best friend is going to be your emergency roadside kit. If you get stuck in a traffic jam or snow drift, this is what is going to see you through the storm. Most of these items you can find in your garage or basement. Gather these items into a box or duffle bag and place it into your trunk or backseat.

  • Extra cell phone battery or power cord adaptor (keep your cell phone on…
  • Paper towels
  • Half dozen cloth towels
  • Sealed snacks (like crackers, peanut butter)
  • First aid kit
  • Clear painter’s tarp
  • A couple of bungee cords
  • Thermal blanket
  • Duct tape
  • Shovel
  • 2, 10lb bags of sand, potting soil or (clean) kitty litter
  • Deck of playing cards
  • Magazine or two
  • Flashlight
  • Extra car key (if possible)
  • Screwdriver, pair of pliers
  • Favorite short stories book
  • Red cloth or clothing to mark your vehicle (if you get stuck)
  • There's lots more you can find on Pam's website. 
Direct download: Pam_Oakes_12-18-14.mp3
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Aaron Clarey a/k/a Captain Capitalism has found his calling. From blogger, author and internet personality, he's become a consultant and goto guy to the lost and helpless generation known as the Millennials. Often without fathers and constructive role models, more and more of these young adults are turning to Aaron to help them resolve problems that their fathers would have been there for. Have a problem attracting women, Aaron will let you know if you're too fat or you don't dress properly. Thinking of starting a business, Aaron is there to let you know that you need to set up an LLC and bank account. There's much more that you can count on Aaron for, you just need to check out

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