Ned Schmidt says ignore the Street and focus on commodities and precious metals. Paper wealth isn't worth the paper it's printed on. We're living in the Champagne Economy. China needs food so you better believe that the price of agi-commodities is going up. And they're hoarding gold and silver so they're going up as well. So your long-term investment decisions are pretty easy. 

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Debra writes, "Americans seem content to stay put in their homes and that is bad news for homebuilders. According to a study from RateWatch, 81% of homeowners said they have no plans to purchase a different home. Less than 3% will be shopping for a home within the year. Why? They're happy with their house."

Direct download: Debra_Bouchardt_05.Jun.14.mp3
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Woody O'Brien, newsletter writer and born again farmer answers the question why the economic system hasn't collapsed once and for all. In his opinion the thieves who run the system are masters at kicking the can down the road. That and the fracking boom in the energy patch have kept employment up and kept things seemingly normal. But Woody believes that the day will come when it stops working and when it does watch out!

Direct download: Woody_OBrien_05.Jun.14.mp3
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Howard Davidowitz says that we're in an economic depression and have been for years. The government is lying to us and won't take the actions necessary to solve it. The solution will require everyone to share the pain. Eventually we won't be able to print anymore money and then it will be game over. He's telling you what you've been hearing on FSN for years. How much longer will it be? 

Direct download: Howard_Davidowitz_04.Jun.14.mp3
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Are you on the NSA's target list? We might be and the same with you. There's been no way of knowing, until now or soon anyway. Snowden got a copy and it's going to be realeased by Glenn Greenwald on the site Then we'll all know the truth about whom the government considers a threat and I believe the results will be shocking. We also discuss the truth about Fracking. You might be surprised. And there's more, so have a listen. 

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Bob Hoye, keen student of historic past credit busts and booms, believes that gold is at or near its bottom and will now begin its long term move upward. Stocks and bonds conversely will begin their move down. Other than short term treasuries, things will be extremely difficult there. The US dollar should remain fairly stable in spite of the country's major problems, as there really is no alternative. 

Direct download: Bob_Hoye_04.Jun.14.mp3
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Martin Armstrong isn't backing off of his prediction for a major stock market advance. The way he sees it, there's no place left to put one's money. He's not buying the bear case for the market. Not that he believes that the economy is doing well, quite the contrary, but rather it's a case of where else will the pension funds and big investors park their funds. There's no alternative and that's why the market is going to take off--big time! 

Direct download: Martin_Armstrong_03.Jun.14.mp3
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Alasdair MacLeod joined us for a recap of the most recent UK and EU elections. Looks like the debt slaves are getting quite restless. Guess they're getting tired of having what little wealth remains constantly confiscated. They're not impressed with having GDP adjusted upward with illicit activities like drugs, prostitution and gambling. They're looking for a real solution and they know that they're not getting it from the EU. The question is where will they find it? 

Direct download: Alasdair_MacLeod_03.Jun.14.mp3
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Here's Mickey Fulp's Monthly Major Market Review for May 2014:

Stocks markets still going up.

Gold down, silver down, platinum up, palladium up, copper up.

Energy-oil up, nat gas down, uranium down again.

Dollar up, Euro down, 10Yr yield way down, bitcoin way way up!


Direct download: MIckey_Fulp_02.Jun.14.mp3
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Bill Holter of Miles Franklin joined us today. Seems there's a cognitive dissonance problem with the American Public. They know there's something very wrong with the economic engine of the United States, but they're too scared to look under the hood to see the rubber band propulsion system that's being driven by a hamster that's about to die. But like it or not, they're going to find out very soon. 

Direct download: Bill_Holter_03.Jun.14.mp3
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Kris Miller was back on the show talking about some extremely safe investments that are throwing off amazing returns. No wonder she's known as the Money Maestro. She's chock full of cutting edge investment ideas that you just won't find elsewhere. Since she's not a stockbroker or sales type person, you can take it or leave, but at least listen to what she's saying. She's as worried about the dollar as you and I. But for now, we all need income. 

Direct download: Kris_Miller_02.Jun.14.mp3
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As expected, the US revised the most recent quarter’s GDP from barely positive to sharply negative today. But once again the true extent of the problem was hidden by some statistical sleight of hand, in this case wildly-optimistic inflation assumption Here’s an excerpt from the Consumer Metrics Institute’s just-published analysis:May 29, 2014 – BEA Revises 1st Quarter 2014 GDP Sharply Downward to Outright Contraction at Nearly a 1% Annual Rate: In their second estimate of the US GDP for the first quarter of 2014, the Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) reported that the economy was contracting at a -0.99% annualized rate. When compared to prior quarters, the new measurement is down over 3.6% from the 2.64% growth rate reported for the 4th quarter of 2013, and it is now more than 5% lower than the 4.19% reported for the 3rd quarter of 2013.

Direct download: John_Rubino_02.Jun.14.mp3
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Seth Peretzman has been selling precious metals for a while. He sees the current price action as the classic set-up. Metals get slammed going into the summer making for their cycle lows and then setting for the rally that we all know is coming. Perhaps we'll break $1200 for gold, but it appears that we're very close to the bottom in silver. Some may accuse us of being cheerleaders for the metals, but nothing could be further from the truth. In reality, we're just observers of human nature and we've seen this play over and over again throughout history. Unfortunately, history is no longer taught in American schools, so the vast majority of Americans won't know what happened until it's too late. 

Direct download: Seth_Peretzman_02.Jun.14.mp3
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Manipulation Mondays with Andrew Hoffman:

  • ISM dropped from 55 to 53 but corrected to 56 after seasonal adjustment;
  • Construction spending was awful;
  • Chicago PMI awful;
  • Birth Death fix for this May is same as last May;
  • Japanese and Chinese data awful and off the charts;
  • 2/3 of all the world’s PMI’s are negative;
  • ECB meets on Thursday—what will they do;
  • Gold never allowed to go up and Stocks not allowed to go down. 
Direct download: Andy_Hoffman_2.Jun.14.mp3
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Jeb Handwerger of is a diehard precious metals and junior mining stock bull, to say the least. But he's also been bullish on palladium and nickel this year, which his subscribers have done quite well by. He hasn't backed off of his bullishness for the precious metals, because the fundamental case for them has only gotten stronger. And the way Jeb sees it, they're now on sale, big time!

Direct download: Jeb_Handwerger_30.May.14.mp3
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Dave Bego believes that unions in the United States have cost us all dearly. They're secretly funding the campaigns to increase the minimum wage and to grant amnesty to illegal aliens. They amass vast fortunes and really don't care about their members. Rather, they're all about furthering the collectivist agenda. Fortunately, they've lost major battles in Michigan and Indiana, with other battles on the way. Dave knows because he's on the front lines. 

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David Gurwitz of Charles Nenner Research joined us to update last week's bad audio recording. Yes, right on schedule, we're seeing the projected lows in gold and silver kick in. You can speculate as to why. David sees 1150-1160 as the potential bottom, sometime in July. After that it could be happy days are here again. At least David seems to think so. And the cycles are looking good for Apple too, $750!

Direct download: David_Gurwitz_29.May.14.mp3
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John Rubino writes, "Ah, the Italians. They’re good for at least one entry in the 'Why We’re Ungovernable' series each year, and their latest is the best yet: Italy has announced it will start including estimated revenues from prostitution and illegal drug sales in official gross domestic product (GDP) figures.The country’s National Institute of Statistics says starting next year, the GDP result will also include estimates on the value of the black market in cigarettes and alcohol. The move has been driven by new European Union rules requiring nations to include all activities that produce income in their national accounts, regardless of their legality."

We also discuss what happened with the UK and EU elections. They represent a tectonic shift that's coming to America soon. Forget austerity, more money printing and Quantitative Easing and pass the credit card please. We just don't want to feel the pain. 

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If you're over 62 and need cash then a reverse mortgage might just be for you. It all depends upon your circumstances. Reverse mortgages have been around since Ronald Reagan but they're more popular now than ever. Kathryn helps you understand the pitfalls and decide whether they can help. 

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Noted CPA, Attorney and Author Sandy Botkin knows a lot about debt and why people often wind up sinking in a sea of it. He's written a book about how people can avoid it or get out of it and he's shared with us the big reasons why so many have succumbed to it. The causes are simple, but exercising the discipline to say no is hard. Sandy shows you how. 

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Comments[0]'s Ross Kenneth Urkin says that too many graduates get out of college without a plan on what to do about their debt. Then they either go into denial or into panic. Either way, they're not effectively dealing with the situation and things will only get worse. The key is to effectively assess the problem and then act. It may take years but eventually a good plan will succeed. 


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Joe Deaux and I discussed the upcoming summer's gas prices promise to be higher than ever. Short of buying a hybrid or packing light and getting rid of the wife and kids, there's not much you can do about it. Just drive less and take the bus. Tune up the car and as the President suggested, keep your tires well inflated. 

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When it comes to precious metals, few people have the knowledge and experience of David Morgan. We anxiously await the regular release of the Morgan Report. With the cost of production way above the current market price, how much longer can the producers hold out before they either have to shut their mines or go into hibernation? At some point the market must assert itself through the price mechanism. No one knows when that will happen, only that it must. 

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Peter Grandich joined us for a review of what's going on in the financial and precious metals markets. Comex expiry is upon us and it's time for another raid, so what else is new? Barclays gets caught and fined for fixing gold prices and there's no response from anyone. I guess that's life in the New Economy. Until one day when everything changes. And you had better be ready when that day arrives or else.  

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Danielle Park our resident financial expert and advisor to the wealthy joined us to explain why interest rates are going down around the world. GDP in the US and elsewhere is also going down, which explains alot. Sometimes just staying even means you're staying ahead. You know the old saying about return of investment as opposed to return on investment

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