Three reasons why Gold will go up. 

1) Gold should have gone down in 2017. 

2) The everything bubble is coming to an end. 

3) The technical picture shows gold coiling for a big breakout!

Soaring stock markets, with all major US markets making numerous new highs throughout the year...

• Raging bitcoin and crypto prices, captivating investors worldwide and dominating headlines, with numerous stories of investors getting rich.

• Rising real estate values, with some areas reporting frothy prices.

• Rising US interest rates, with promises of more from the Fed.

• Higher GDP in the US and many other economies around the world.

• Falling unemployment in the US.

• Higher wages, with the passage of a tax bill that spurred many companies to offer bonuses and wage increases.

• And last, falling gold bullion sales, so soft they reached a 10-year low.

• The VIX (Volatility Index, a general measure of fear in the marketplace) has registered a reading below 10 a total of 54 days in the last 20 years—and 46 of those abnormally low readings have occurred just since last May! The reversal to the upside could be stunning—and push investors into gold.

• The CAPE (Cyclically Adjusted Price-Earnings) ratio has now matched its 1999 level, the second highest reading in over 100 years of data. And you remember what happened in the years following that bloated stock market level. The CAPE has now registered a higher reading only in 1929. Yikes.


When will gold begin its surge? 

It's impossible to pinpoint the day, but we know when:

 Gold will respond when uncertainty and fear creep back into the economy or markets.

Or any other surprise that catches investors off guard. The next event that causes financial instability will likely be the spark that pushes gold out of its current range and kick-starts the next surge. 



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Chris is at heart a cycle guy. He sees a rally coming in the US Dollar for the next couple of months, along with a pause in precious metals. He believes that the second half will be the time that gold, etc., breaks out. Volatility is increasing in equities and commodities. Bigger up days and bigger down days until the momentum reverses in the various markets. We're coming to an end in the stock bull market, but they're still extremely strong. Stocks could have reversed in 2016, however, Trump literally saved the market from a major decline. Trumphoria is still alive and well. There's just no fear in the market. Such stages could extend much further than anyone believes possible. Chris believes the Utility Sector is oversold and out of favor right now. They could be a very good buy. 

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Trevor Loudon says that if Hillary Clinton was elected there would be no freedom movement in Iran. While right now it appears that the movement has taken a rest, Trevor believes that it will be back before long, in spades. Trump has emboldened freedom warriors around the globe. Perhaps Venezuela and Cuba will be next. We can only hope!

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Everything is going wrong in California. The once Golden State is now the Leaden State. It's a sanctuary state that welcomes aspiring gang members from all over the world. They love illegal aliens and can't get enough of them to help come in and loot the state. Add to that unfavorable business laws, crazy workers comp and some of the highest taxes on the books. 

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With SCOTUS resuming session and the focus on Gorsuch, you may be interested to know that veteran biographer John Greenya has just released a new biography -- GORSUCH: THE JUDGE WHO SPEAKS FOR HIMSELF —the first-ever biography about Justice Neil Gorsuch, a man who remains a mystery to Democrats and Republicans alike.

Greenya knew Gorsuch's mother and in GORSUCH, he supplies a comprehensive and fascinating examination of the youngest judge to be nominated to the Supreme Court in twenty-five years, answering questions like:

· How does Gorsuch compare to his legendary predecessor, Justice Antonin Scalia?
· What are some unique characteristics or ideologies Gorsuch brings to the bench?
· What can we likely expect from Gorsuch in the years to come?
· Why did President Donald Trump choose Neil Gorsuch over all others considered?

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According to John R we are in uncharted territory so far as the stock markets' valuations are concerned anyway. We've seen financial assets and real estate go way, way up. Now we are starting to see prices going up in energy and perhaps the rest of the commodity sector. This will invariably lead to higher consumer prices. And perhaps most importantly, interest rates are going up. We thought the yield curve would flatten, but now it seems to be steepening. Mortgage rates are back over 4%, first time in years. Rising rates mean more bank lending. Is this time going to follow the standard script? 

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in 2017 new oil discoveries hit an all time low. Prices are up over $60 the barrel and they could go a lot higher. Chris believes that there's just not enough in the pipeline to satisfy world demand. Same with many other things that society demands. There are limits to our ability to produce in many areas. Challenges are ahead and if there's another crash, all bets are off. 

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Harlan Ullman joined us again for a talk about what the US should be doing about Iran and North Korea. Harlan believes we need to keep hands off in Iran and let things unfold, hopefully for the better. With North Korea there appears to be an opening for diplomacy. The US has to give up the idea that they will abandon their nuclear program and hope for containment. Will it be enough? 

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We checked in with the former congressman to get an update on 2017 and to get his outlook for 2018. Trump seems to be out of favor with the public, but his agenda seems to be highly favored by the public. The 2018 midterms are a wild card. Democrats seem more motivated than Republicans, but we'll have to see what happens. The Dems need 24 seats to take over. There's numerous Republican retirements. Let's see if the passion can bring them over the top. Maybe the tax bill will be the key. 

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It's no secret that equities prices are off the chart. They appear to be at their second highest levels ever. How much longer can the madness go on for? Until it reverts back to mean. When that will happen is an open question. I guess we'll know it when we see it. But stocks have been going up for more than 9 years now. Is this time really going to be different? Danielle suspects not. 

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Gold has broken the $1300 resistance point. How much higher will it go? We've been at this point several time, however, this could be the one that propels gold much higher. The cycles guys have been saying it for a while. But it might just be a seasonal bounce. The key is if it breaks last year's monthly high of $1350. In other news, debt continues to climb higher around the globe and military tensions are heating up. Need any more explanations?  

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Look what's happening around the world. Iran and Venezuela look like they're getting ready to collapse. Can Cuba be far behind? North Korea could be approaching the end as well. 2018 looks like a great year economically speaking. Higher dollar as a result of increased overseas investment and interest rate hikes. It's very likely we'll see inflation begin to pick steam as well. You'll know at Thanksgiving.

Gold broke $1300 and silver broke $17. Now that's change we can all believe in. Bitcoin hit nearly $20k and pulled back. It's future is bright but that doesn't mean its not a bubble. People have got to get their dopamine from whatever source. What's better, narcotics or Bitcoin Bubbles? You decide. 

We're loving what's happening so far. Watch out for quakes and legal pot in Cali. Happy New Year to all!

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Mickey and I went over all the major markets for the year. DJIA +25.1%. Emerging markets +34.3%. Dollar -10%. Euro +14.3%. 10Yr down 2%. Bitcoin +1395%. Gold up 13%, Silver +6.5%, Pt +3%, Pd +55.5% and Cu +30.4%. WTI + 12%, Brent +18%, Henry Hub -23%, U308 + 16%. An incredible year with most markets up substantially except the USD and NatGas. Let's see if we can get a repeat performance for 2018.  



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Andrew Zatlin joined us for a look back at 2017 and a look ahead to 2018. Amazing things are unfolding throughout the economy. The tax cuts are going to be a big help and will eventually result in higher incomes and increased employment. Trump may have just pulled off the impossible. Look for steady respectable stock market growth in 2018 and steadily higher growth rates thereafter. 

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We've been interviewing Eric Hadik since 2014. Since that time, he has made numerous masterful calls about the precious metals markets. Since early in the year, he was calling for a major rally in the 4th quarter. We were anxiously awaiting its arrival and for a while we started doubting it would come until 2018. And sure enough the last two weeks of the month have confirmed it. Today gold broke through the $1300 level. Eric thinks it will keep going till it hits an intermediate top in February. We talk about the US Dollar, Oil and Stocks as well. And what's ahead for 2018.  

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Ivan and I did a recap of President Trump’s first year’s foreign. Overall things look pretty positive. While there have been interventions they haven’t been extensive. Ivan doesn’t foresee military confrontations with either North Korea or Iran. Rather there’s a policy of containment and allowing them to self-destruct as what’s happening in Venezuela. Of course things could change very quickly so stay tuned.  

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When we first started speaking with Martin Armstrong the Dow Jones Industrial Average stood at a paltry 16000. Today it's approaching 25000 and has never looked back. While his timing of the advance hasn't been completely accurate, his call on the direction has been one of the few correct ones. And according to Martin, it's not close to being done. Look for it to head to 39000 or even higher. The reason is simple, the rest of the world is an even bigger mess than the US. And there's more good news, the Trump tax cuts will unleash the US economy bigly! Companies that haven't been competitive in decades will all of sudden find themselves as world class competitors. Europe and Asia are in a tizzy over it. The results will soon be felt. 

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Gerard Lameiro was one of the few who called the election for Trump (along with us of course) long before it actually happened. He made 37 predictions, many of which have also come to pass. And now he believes that the tax bill is a tipping point. We both agree that there will be another one far more helpful for Americans than this less than perfect bill. But, it's all happening according to plan. Which is why Gerard's new book More Great News for America is sure to be a hit. 

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Short sellers need dopamine too. Bubbles are dopamine triggers, in fact some of the best known to man available without a prescription. We're just wired to engage in behavior that spurs dopamine production. We can't help ourselves which is why we keep getting sucked into bubbles and why you're just naturally a Bubbler. 

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Dr. Elaina George writes, "The passage of the Republican tax reform bill with the removal of the mandate is a win for the American patient and doctor.

Since the passage of the Affordable Care Act there has been a steady unraveling of the American healthcare system. There has been a loss of access to healthcare for those who live in rural areas and those who are underserved in cities; the middle and working class have been priced out by high insurance premiums and the exponential rise in out of pocket costs; there has been a devastating loss of independent physicians (now accounting for only 30% of practicing physicians); and has been a steady rise in the consolidation of corporate hospital systems and medical insurance companies. Each change has caused a decrease in choice with a resultant rise in cost leading to the all too familiar ‘too big to fail’ phenomenon.

The removal of the mandate allows those who cannot afford to purchase a product or those who have purchased a product that they don’t need or want to be free to find healthcare coverage that will work for them.

The best part about the law is a change in a direction that respects the individual. If you like the ACA you can keep it, but if you don’t like it you will no longer be penalized. This one change will allow consumer driven healthcare to thrive and encourage the market create products that will benefit the patient.

The argument that the ACA has increased access has been disingenuous. After the passage it became obvious that the promises made were never going to be kept."

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At long last the tax bill has become law. What does it mean for the you and the country? Well as long as you're not a high income earner in a high tax state, you're looking pretty good. It should help spur corporate formations and breed a new class of entrepreneurs. Perhaps it's just the push that the Millennials needed to start a new business. If you want more people to start businesses, rewarding them through the tax code isn't a bad thing. Of course they'll be tons of unintended consequences and lots of creative finance. But overall the net result should be positive. 

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Nick Santiago is one of the sharpest technical guys out there. He's extremely upbeat about the just-passed tax bill and its effect on the economy and the stock market. He firmly believes that it will make a bigly difference. While there's certainly a lot of naysayers out there, Nick is convinced that it will be a boom to business and jobs. And that's all we really need. 

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Twelve-term Congressman and three-time presidential candidate Ron Paul ( is the father of the modern Liberty movement, which by many accounts was launched ten years ago with a spontaneous mock Boston Tea Party in 2007. His 2008 and 2012 presidential runs energized a new generation and put Liberty on the map.

In his latest book, "The Revolution at Ten Years", Dr. Paul looks ahead at the future of the movement he helped launch. He tackles central planning, the military empire, cultural Marxism, the surveillance state, the deep state and more.

The Revolution at Ten Years (Paperback 2017)

The mainstream media obsessively focuses on the "big battles" between the political left and right, particularly in Washington. We become more polarized as a nation, but the differences between the Republican and Democratic parties are for the most part superficial.
Both parties are pro-war and anti-civil liberties. Both support the surveillance state and Big Brother. Both endorse the warfare/welfare machine that enriches the well-connected and impoverishes the rest. Both continue the lie that bombing more people overseas will keep us more safe at home.

Liberty is on the march like never before and armies of opposition cannot stop this idea whose time has come. The movement continues to grow even with the various political sideshows that vie for people's attention. This movement is not Democrat versus Republican. It is authoritarian versus pro-liberty. How can we continue to work toward Liberty and against the authoritarianism that creeps in from every crack? Read Dr. Paul's how-to guide for the next ten years of the movement

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What's going of with trade in the US? The deficit, especially with China, keeps going up and up. Will Trump be able to stem the tide? Eventually, these deficits will become a major problem and lead to further economic decline. But maybe Trump will really fix it. Right? 

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It's no secret that Ned Schmidt isn't a fan of Bitcoin and crypto currencies. He believes that when push comes to shove, and it will, investors will flock back to precious metals. It was only a few years ago when investors were all in on $50 silver, it was a new era, never to go down again. And look what happened then. Past is often prologue. The final chapter has yet to be written. And right now there's a lot happening in ag commodities that most people are unaware of. China is going into ethanol Bigly. And they're going to buy their corn from somewhere. Guess what that will do to corn prices? And there's lots more where  that came from . 

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