What's Happening Wednesdays with Andrew Hoffman:

Wednesday's "most precious metal bullish quote ever<https://www.milesfranklin.com/the-most-precious-metal-bullish-quote-ever/>"

-Trump, re: weak dollar


-Trump, re: North Korea "fire and fury"

Yesterday's HUGE crypto event

-"Bitcoin SegWit Activation - the Gold Cartel's worst nightmare<https://www.milesfranklin.com/bitcoin-segwit-activation-the-gold-cartels-worst-nightmare/>"

All contributing to the premise of July 27th's "the most precious metal bullish I've ever been<https://www.milesfranklin.com/the-most-precious-metals-bullish-ive-ever-been/>"

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Our old friend Jeff Clark joined us today for a close look at the precious metals markets. Jeff, formerly of Casey Research, is now with GoldSilver.com, a place that suits him quite well. While the more things change, the more they stay the same, this time really is different. The political system has no ability to address and solve the current economic problems. In fact, the system is trying to do the opposite, by denying their existence and refusing to deal with existential issues. If that's not a reason to own gold and/or silver, then you need to rethink everything now. 

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Michael Eastham is concerned that Consumer spending inched up just 0.1% in June
Americans increased spending in June by the smallest amount in five months, partly because it cost less to fill up at the gas pump.

Consumer spending rose 0.1% in June, matching the smallest increase of 2017, the government said Tuesday. That was in line with the Marketwatch forecast of economists.
Income growth and inflation, meanwhile, were unchanged.

Despite a stable economy and the best labor market in years, Americans remain cautious spenders. Still, they are spending more than enough to sustain an economy now in its ninth year of expansion and encourage businesses to hire more workers.

Households spent more on health care in June, but they saved on gasoline because of cheaper prices at the pump.

Lower inflation is giving Americans some extra cushion.

The PCE index, the Federal Reserve’s preferred inflation gauge, was flat in June. What’s more, the 12-month rate of inflation stood at 1.4%, down from 2.2% earlier in the year.

Inflation had surged in 2016 and early 2017 to an eight-and-a-half year before leveling off. Slower inflation has prompted the Federal Reserve to reconsider when it next raises interest rates.

Most analysts believe the central bank will wait until December.

U.S. futures markets pointed to a higher opening for the Dow Jones Industrial Average DJIA, +0.28%

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Ivan Eland joined us today to talk about the latest North Korea developments. Seems like there's always trouble in this workers' paradise and the US just doesn't know how to handle it. Ivan thinks that Trump is just doing more of the same as did Obama, Bush and Clinton before him. Will the recent stiffened UN sanctions be enough to make a difference? How mad is Kim Jong Un really? All good questions for which we have no answers. 

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A little more than a decade Keith Weinhold started his real estate empire. He bought a quad and lived in one of the units for three years. He kept buying and buying. There's many benefits to real estate investing, cash flow, tax reduction/deferment, 3rd party debt pay down, inflation hedging and of course the possibility of appreciation. These factors literally turbo-charge your returns and its why Ken keeps buying properties. In hind sight, Ken believes he didn't take one risk minimizing step, geographical diversification. Don't keep all your eggs in one basket. 

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Illinois has over 63,000 government workers (an oxymoron) making over 100k per year or more. This is a prescription for disaster. And they're going to receive pensions based upon these bloated salaries. Something has to give. The courts won't let them cut the pensions without a constitutional amendment. What's a taxpayer to do? Move out, and more and more of them are doing exactly that. Especially after the 1/3 tax increase that was just passed over the governor's veto. 

New Orleans has flooded again. No Cat 4 hurricane this time, just good old fashioned torrential rains. The city's 24 pumping stations just can't keep up with it. Very reassuring when you consider they're only 1 hurricane away from another Katrina type event. I thought the billions in tax dollars were supposed to stop a repeat performance. 

Time to stop subsidizing Elan Musk and the Tesla Car Company. The average Model X buyer makes over 500k and the average Model S purchaser is good for over 250k. Is that where we want our tax dollars going? 

And finally, LA County spent over $1.3 billion on welfare for illegal aliens! California spent over $25 billion in 2013 and you can be sure the total is much higher now. Is this any way to run a state? Heading for insolvency just like the rest. 

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They're out to get Trump. They couldn't beat him in the election and they're probably not going to be able to do it now. While the White House might look chaotic now, it's really not going to make a difference in the long run. Wayne believes Trump should fire Meuller and take the consequences. He's really got nothing to lose. How it will actually wind up is anyone's guess. 

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The Millennials certainly have their issues. Thus far they've avoided things like houses, autos and equities. Now they're piling into equities and RV's. Is this the ultimate contrarian indicator that's now time to flee the markets and anything with wheels on it, including tricycles? 

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Ed Karr, is president, CEO and Chairman of US Gold. A new FSN sponsor, he's extremely bullish about the price of gold and the company's ability to leverage its three projects to capitalize on it. Ed's been in mining for decades and believes that the current policies being followed by governments around the world will have two definite results, currency debasement and higher precious metals prices. The company has two projects, Keystone and Gold Bar in Nevada's Famed Cortez Gold Trend. Infrastructure here is first class and all indications are that these could be extremely productive and profitable. In addition, there's the Copper King project in Wyoming. A PEA has already been done and Ed is planning to advance the project through a Pre-Feasibility Study and permitting strategy, and then continue to expand upon the current 1.5 million ounce gold equivalent resource. If things keeps going right for US Gold, there's a very bright future ahead. The stock is traded on the NASDAQ and the catchy symbol is USAU. 




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Robert Spencer wants to know how much longer are we going to let our freedom of speech dissipate?

Unfortunately, the progressive campaign to limit what you can read, say, and think about radical Islam has only just begun. New York Times bestselling author and director of Jihad Watch Robert Spencer is putting an end to the silencing.

His eye-opening new book, The Complete Infidel’s Guide to Free Speech (and Its Enemies), exposes the dangerous and disturbingly successful campaign that aggressive Muslims and their appeasers have mounted against free speech in America, and gives you the information and tools you need to fight back.

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Last month most stock markets were up. Emerging markets were up  5.6%. Dollar down again nearly 3%. Euro was up 3.6% and Bitcoin was up 14.8%. Metals had a good month with copper up over 7%. Energy was up with WTI adding nearly 9%. Natgas down 6.6% and Uranium was flat for the month. Silver to gold ratio is over 75. Platinum is still a depressed .74 to gold. Let's see where August goes. It definitely wasn't sell in May and go away. 

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What's Really Happening Wednesdays with Andrew Hoffman:

Deflation fears causing Central banks to give up on last month's "hawkish bluff" already

Perfect monetary storm coming THIS YEAR

Fiat Currency as archaic as "stocks and bonds" - all will be swept out by Crypto-currency

However, due to today's soon-to-be-published article, "immutability and timelessness in the dawning of the Fintech Age"...

...and last week's "co-existence of scarcity assets"; gold will be just as valuable in the

Star Trek monetary age as the Flintstones monetary age of today


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As John says, big toy sales are generally an indication that the business cycle is peaking. RV sales are currently at record levels. They've almost gone parabolic. Millennials are buying them because they can't afford houses. This means we're pretty close to a peak and many of these RV's will come back on the market. It could be a very good time to wait two years and snap up the bargains. Housing prices appear to have peaked as well. It's a good time to put those big purchases on hold. Financial history is sure to repeat itself unless this time is really different. 

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Our good friend Peter Grandich returned to the show after a three year hiatus. He's very concerned about the country's rapidly deteriorating finances and its escalating debt. Peter thinks that the stock market is eventually going to take a major hit due to the algo traders switching from the buy-side to the sell-side. When this happens, it's look out below. There will be blood in the streets. 

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Ellis Martin has been covering the resource sector for over 2 decades. Ellis discusses how he got into it. He was doing radio and realized there was no money in it, except for the superstars. He was looking for work and answered an ad in the LA Business Pages. He walked into the company's offices looking to become their media director. Instead, they hired him as a salesman. He lasted less than 2 years and then took off on his own. Ellis is a journalist who provides mining company execs a platform to present their companies to the public. To think it all started when as a youth Ellis started a rock collection. Who would have ever thought that his career would be rock collecting on a larger scale?

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Lior Gantz joined us in Vancouver to talk not about mining stocks, but crypto-currencies instead. There's over 1000 of them now. Have crypto-currencies replaced precious metals? When Bitcoin was created, the intent was not to create a currency, but rather a peer-to-peer payment system that would reduce transaction costs. It has evolved into a currency/store of value and with it have have come the imitators. But gold and silver are safe. At the same time, expect these cryptos to keep growing and seeking acceptance. 

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In Vancouver we connected with Andy Schectman, CEO of Miles Franklin Precious Metals Investments. He gave a speech concerning government misdirection and distraction. The Art of War is taught in every business school, law school and all the military college the world over. The clearly applies to the precious metals markets anomalies, which are still present and largely a result of this mindset. Why does JP Morgan have the largest silver paper short position and at the same time is accumulating the largest physical hoard of silver in history? Interesting question that Andy answers in a different and interesting way. 

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John McCain strikes again. I guess revenge really is a dish best served cold, because McCain will soon be at room/ground temperature, but we only wish him the best of health and a lengthy retirement. On to tax reform, will they do it? Don't be surprised is the Obamacare Repeal magically rises from the dead. Like Trump says, it is imploding. 20 out of 24 Healthcare Coops have folded their tents. But whatever happens, remember, happiness is always an inside job. You don't need to react and be influenced by externalities. The world is the world. 

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Mickey joined us in Vancouver. He thinks we're seeing unexpected seasonal strength in the yellow metal. Geopolitical concerns have been driving the advance, along with Fed Chair Janet Yellen's recent very dovish comments. Gold held up above $1200 and we may very well have seen the last test of lows for a while. The Greenback has been plummeting recently as per President Trump's stated preference. The Canadian Dollar has recently shot up. Is this a permanent state of affairs. Could be good for gold. 

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What's Really Happening Wednesdays with Andrew Hoffman:

-Whirlybird Janet in focus, one week after here "ding dong, the Fed is dead" speech

-The "Holy Grail of Bullish Silver Statistics"

-Historic market overvaluation, and complacency

-Crypto-currency update - "Bitcoin SegWit Activation - the Gold Cartel's Worst Nightmare"

Etc., etc.

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Money is fungible, while the Fed may be tightening slightly China, Japan and the ECB are loosening. How big an impact is it really going to have on the US or global economic system. Japan just replaced two skeptical members of its central with hyper-doves. Draghi reaffirms that the ECB will do whatever it takes. Will Yellen's next speech be hawkish or dovish. The stock market is betting on dovish. 

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Thank goodness for researchers always on the look-out for ways to milk the federal government for research dollars. A group has just discovered that Money Can Buy Happiness! I always believed that money can't buy happiness, but it'll do till the real thing comes along. But what the actual study found is that people who spend money to avoid doing things they don't want to are happier. So it's not so much that money buys happiness, but rather can help buy a little more personal freedom and choice. Wow, what a shocking finding.

China and India may potentially go to war over Bhutan. You need to be an International Lawyer to understand why. Just keep your eye on it.

Sadly, at least to this recovering attorney, tort lawsuits are way down. It's partly due to economics and partly due to new laws passed by a number of states to help control frivolous lawsuits. Whatever the case may be it's working.

Scaramucci is taking over the Trump White House. He just canned one suspected leaker and more are probably on the way. If you want to make an omelette, you've got to break some eggs. 

Lot's more so check it out. 

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Imagine a complete Amazon newbie who joins Mike's group and sells thousands her first day. And she's not the exception. Many of his students are making Amazon's Top New Release and rising quickly through the ranks. Once you're doing $1000 per day, it's time to release a new product. You keep releasing new products and increasing your sales. One student did over $100,000 in his first three months, just by following the system. Another student, Jamey, was already selling on Amazon bringing in just $100 per day. Now he's well over $1000 and it keeps getting better and better. Mike's students' success is proof that almost anyone can do it!

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Just celebrated the big 60 with all my children and sons in-law. We went to Cape Cod and it was truly a wonderful weekend. No matter what's going on in the world, family is what counts most. And when you need some help or someone to listen to, your family is most likely to be there for you. Certainly Comrade deBlasio won't. The subways are collapsing and he's busy protesting Trump at the G20. Cops get killed and he's just too busy to attend the vigil. And now he finally takes a symbolic ride on the subway, but first he has the cops clear out the homeless so he can ride in comfort. Nice going Comrade!

Something might be up with the US Dollar. The Canadian Looney has popped 10 percent in the past week. Gold is up and so is Bitcoin, which is back at the $2700 level. Remember, at the webinar I said the only reason this time will be different is if it's the end of the world as we know it! A little too early to make that pronouncement. Let's see what happens next!

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Amazon Prime Day was a major success. It's become so big that it's now referred to Christmas in July. It's the largest sales day ever for Amazon. Even sellers who didn't slash prices saw major sales increases. It's a great opportunity to sell products. Most people are going to buy what they're going to buy, regardless of the day. But the hype surrounding the event is what really boosts sales. In Amazon retailing you always need to be thinking 3-6 months ahead. The supply chain can be unpredictable and you'll need the time to get your product properly positioned. 

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