First time guest Jayant Bhandari believes that democracy is a flawed system that has failed to bring people out of poverty in the last century. Rather, authoritarian benevolent regimes, such as China, Singapore, Hong Kong, etc., have been the wealth building leaders. Not that we're unmindful of democracy's flaws, but we tend to subscribe to the Churchillian view that "Democracy is the worst system in the world, except for all the rest!" And perhaps at present our participatory democracy is a chimera, but Donald Trump is president and that says something. Jayant sees continued growth in East Asia and economic leadership. And he believes he's freer in East Asia than elsewhere and that most people don't really care about government and just want to be left alone. Tell that to the thousands of victims of the Tiananmen Square Massacre. 

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In places like Greenwich, CT, New York City, Vancouver and around the world, it looks like there's a high-end housing bust taking place. It's partly a demographic issue, where older people are downsizing want to cash in on their expensive housing. The hoped for resale market is younger generations and they're just not stepping up to the plate. This underscores the danger or easy credit. It's great when you're acquiring luxury properties, but not so much when you go to sell. Expect such declines to increase in the future. 

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ACU's Matt Schlapp On Reagan, Trump, and Socialism

It's no surprise the far-left led by Sen. Bernie Sanders, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and Elizabeth Warren are trying to bring socialism to America. 

But, these liberals ignore the history of socialism's evil and are ignorning the current human catastrophe in Venezuela caused by socialist policies. 

President Trump, much like President Ronald Reagan, has long said "socialism will never come to America." In fact, as noted in the American Conservative Union's newest book, Ronald Reagan at CPAC, President Trump sounds almost exactly like President Reagan. 

In a 1978 speech to the Conservative Political Action Conference, Reagan warned "Many [Latin American] nations have learned the cost of socialist experimentation...All suffered economic catastrophe." 


Can President Trump learn from more CPAC speeches given by Ronald Reagan? How else does Trump echo Reagan's call to action to the base of the conservative movement? What can Reagan's battle against socialism teach us today as we fight the new socialist rise?

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Our good friend Captain Capitalism a/k/a Aaron Clarey sold his house and is living in a Millennial enclave. Gone are spacious units. Instead he's enjoying a plethora of amenities that he never wanted. There's two gyms, social programs, a large pool, a movie theatre and a bunch of other things he could do without. Aaron says this type of development is thriving because most Millennials will never own their own home and this is as close as they'll get to the American Dream. How sad.  

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Heather Wagenhals says that hackers are on the bleeding edge of technology. Unfortunately, the blood is often yours. The whole situation is so invasive. We're totally immersed in technology that we never really think about it. And that makes you a sitting duck. You always need to be on your guard. Watch out for that phishing email with those tempting links. One click and everything you own could be gone. We need a better way. 

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Jerome Corsi became a target of the Mueller Investigation. He says he did nothing illegal, never had any contacts with Russians or Wikileaks, but Mueller wanted him to perjure himself in order for them to get at the President. Coris refused and instead filed a $350 million lawsuit against the Special Counsel's Office, alleging numerous misdeeds and crimes. Let's see where it goes. However, him gambit seems to have bought him relief from prosecution and is the subject of a new book, Silent No More. Corsi has done us all a service by refusing to back down. Hopefully Roger Stone will be exonerated as well. 

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John Rubino says that all the gloom and doom stuff can be depressing, but it needs to be looked at as an investment thesis and a tremendous opportunity. Craig Hemke believes that interest cuts could happen much faster than believed if the stock markets start tanking. One thing is for certain, interest rates aren't going up anytime soon. It's the only weapon left in their arsenal. But will it work? John and Craig both agree that while it might seem effective in the short run, in the long run there's a collapse coming. So be prepared.  

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White House advisor Larry Kudlow says Fed should 'immediately' cut rates
Larry Kudlow, Director of the United States National Economic Council.
Top White House economic advisor Larry Kudlow wants the Federal Reserve to "immediately" cut interest rates by 50 basis points.

"I am echoing the president's view – he's not been bashful about that view – he would also like the Fed to cease shrinking its balance sheet. And I concur with that view," Kudlow told CNBC Friday.

"Looking at some of the indicators — I mean the economy looks fundamentally quite healthy, we just don't want that threat," he added. "There's no inflation out there, so I think the Fed's actions were probably overdone."

The comments from President Donald Trump's Director of the National Economic Council follow the central bank's decision to hold off on raising rates last week. The Fed also suggested at its most recent meeting that a hike in borrowing costs may not be needed for the rest of the year.

Though Fed Chairman Jerome Powell highlighted slowdowns in overseas economic growth, the Fed did not indicate at its March meeting that rate cuts would be necessary. Trump has criticized the central bank's plans to increase borrowing costs, but the recommendation from Kudlow marks one of the most explicit directives from the White House to date.

Kudlow reiterated that the president has no plans to try to replace Powell as head of the Fed.

"Globally, there's a lot of weakness out there. Europe — euro zone virtually in a recession. China: very, very, very soft as we negotiate on trade," Kudlow continued. "In the absence of inflation, with some of these global threats, our view is at some point ... I wouldn't mind seeing the Fed drop their target rate."

The rhetoric from the White House also signals a shift from historic norms. Prior Fed chiefs — ranging from Alan Greenspan to Janet Yellen — have stressed the importance of the Fed's independence from political agendas when setting monetary policy.

The idea is that the Fed's independence allows it to make sometimes unpopular decisions, such as raising interest rates, without pressure from politicians looking to goose the economy in the short term.

Trump said last year that the central bank has "gone crazy" with rate hikes, blamed Powell fordeclines in the stock market and announced he was "not happy" with Powell's "loco" decision to continue hiking throughout 2018.

In response to the president's "loco" comment last October, Kudlow told CNBC that "we all know the Fed is independent. The president is not dictating policy to the Fed. He didn't say anything remotely like that."

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The US has limited alternatives to deal with a possible recession. QE4 by any name will certainly be high on the Fed's list of warding it off. Lior says, "It's like a training that's going to crash at some point." You know it's going to happen and you can either jump now or later, but either way it's going to be painful and potentially dangerous. 

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Financial experts Gordon T. Long and Charles Hugh Smith join FSN for a discussion on what went/is going wrong with the American Experiment. Obviously among the culprits, corrupt government, corporatization, financialization and inflation to name just a few. The solution is very straight forward and simple. Go back to localization, bring back the institutions that once made America great. The mom and pop stores and merchants who had a connection with their communities. The bankers who lived amongst their borrowers. Effectively, it's a repersonalization of business as we know it. 

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Henry Weingarten used to run the Astrologers Fund. His investment philosophy combines a healthy dose of fundamental and technical analysis along with a look at the stars. He believes we're in for a near term 3-13% correction in US Stock Markets, but they'll finish 2019 higher. He's also calling for gold to finish higher in 2019 and 2020. Oil will come down to the $52-58 per barrel range from its current mid 60's perch. USD is looking good but gold is looking better. Interesting times ahead. 

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Beau Henderson is a retirement consultant, money and business coach, best-selling author, radio host, and CEO of RichLife Advisors. He has helped over 3,000 clients to not just improve their relationship with money, but to live their unique definition of a fulfilled life with purpose. RichLife Advisors helps clients across the United States approaching retirement with a strategy to:

-Save more money
-Pay less in taxes
-Properly address the 12 components of creating a successful retirement
-Protect the people and things that they care about the most
-Live their unique definition of a RichLife in retirement

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It's no secret that many thousands of people are taking meds to deal with Trump Anxiety Disorder. But even more have recently jumped on the medication bandwagon to help cope with Mueller Disappoint Psychosis. It all stems from PC or political correctness. The inability to deal with other's disagreeable opinions which leads to spending long periods of time in safe spaces and generally withdrawing from reality, when it doesn't suit your beliefs. Yes it's a disease and one that we must desperately search to find a cure for. Millions of lives are hanging in the balance and perhaps civilization too.  

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There’s an alarming trend taking place in many states across the nation. So-called Red Flag Laws are being passed that allow states to confiscate an individual’s firearms based solely upon rumors and anonymous reports. There’s no real provision for due process or notice. The police simply show up on one’s doorstep demanding their guns. Somehow one can reasonably believe that the founding fathers never provided for such an outcome. 

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George Papadopoulos was minding his own business when suddenly he became the centerpiece of the Trump - Russia collusion investigation. At first, when Mueller came knocking, he was quite shocked. He was being accused of the crime of the century. His alleged misdeeds earned him 12 nights in a minimum security prison. Now he gets to tell his story. The CIA and FBI along with several of America's closest allies were setting him up to enable them to obtain FISA warrants to spy on the Trump Campaign. After the election, it became part of a plot to pull a soft-coup on President Trump. The truth is coming out and it's quite disturbing. How President Obama, Hillary Clinton and a cabal of unelected bureaucrat/spooks tried to bring down a duly elected president. It's a good thing we live in a democracy. 

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Ivan Bebek, CEO of Auryn Resources is having trouble sleeping at night. That's because he's personally convinced that he's on the brink of a major discovery at the Sombrero Project in Peru. Recent rock sampling has only added to his conviction and has made him even more positive.

Ivan has also invested big in artificial intelligence (AI) for the Company's Committee Bay Project. While Auryn's team of geologists is top-tier, the addition of AI has further focused and directed their efforts to the point that they're on the cusp of a major discovery, which would mark a revolution in exploration. Hopefully, Ivan's sleep deprived nights will soon be a thing of the past. 

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Daniel Ameduri gives us a first hand report from the Southern White House. All Presidential functions are now tightly controlled, attendees are required to surrender their cellphones and electronic devices before meeting with President Trump. No pictures are allowed. Dan was part of a very diverse group. Children were in attendance. It was a great event with a wonderful brunch. 

Dan also got the word on the Trump Cannabis policy. It's expected that at a crucial time prior to the 2020 election, Trump will go all in on legalization. That means de-scheduling Cannabis from the dangerous drugs list and then it's all bets are off. The industry will catapult after this major event. 

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Brent Johnson - The Milkshake Explains it all
John Rubino - Is the Fed buying Gold?
Mickey Fulp - Monthly Major Market Review March 2019
William H. Northwall - Return to Capitalism?
Steve Rhodes - Timing is Everything in Life


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Renowned geologist Dave Mathewson had been acquiring claims in the famed Nevada Cortez Hills Trend for many years. He connected with Ed Karr, a well known trader and founder of several investment management and investment banking firms. Thus was born US Gold Corp (an FSN Sponsor). Mathewson has high hopes for the project and so does Karr. It's located nearby several other prolific mines that have been producing huge quantities of gold for decades, and its geology appears very similar. It could turn into a major discovery. And with over 40 years of Nevada exploration experience and numerous big finds under his belt, you have to take Mathewson seriously when he says. “It’s the best exploration project I have seen in my career.” As if that wasn't enough, US Gold Corp acquired the Copper King Project in Wyoming, an advanced-stage gold and copper exploration and development, with an estimated $178 million net present value (according to the PEA). If things go right, there could be loads of value unlocked by US Gold Corp. 

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Retirement planning is a must. Unfortunately most people don't start until it's too late, hoping that things will just work out. As they say, if you're not planning to succeed, you're planning to fail. No wonder so many people approaching retirement find themselves in such a bind. The lesson is simple, start saving early and often!

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Bitcoin just broke $5000 today. Is this the start of something major or another fake rally? Ken is of the opinion that it could be the start of the next Bitcoin upward move. After all, it's competition to government backed currencies and competition is good for everyone, right? Let's see where it goes. 

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Disappointing employment numbers, declining home sales and prices in Canada, the US and Australia, among others and bad US employment numbers, it's all happening. We'll see about the stock market. Earnings are certainly declining. There will be a day of reckoning and probably sooner than later. When that day comes, there will be tons of opportunities for amazing values. The key is to be prepared for when it all comes to pass. 

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Jeff Clark has long experience in precious metals. As we all know, when it comes to the economy, things are never as they appear to be. Just like in 2008-09, the government was telling us that everything was okay and there was nothing to be worried about. It was just a small problem with sub-prime mortgages and it wouldn't affect the economy at-large. But they were very wrong and it cost people dearly. What will set off the next crisis? We can't possibly know, but there are many black swans circling overhead. Also take a look at Jeff's latest article about the hidden silver profit opportunity that exists right now. 

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Jim Oliver is a financial planner, but he's always look for a profitable angle. He describes policies that have all but been forgotten by most agents, but they have features that make them very attractive. He looks for non-paper based assets such as private businesses to make higher than average returns. Jim has the answers. 

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Steve Rhodes loves numbers. By following the numbers and the cycles he's able to make some very savvy and profitable market calls. He's been at it for a long time. At present he believes that gold is eventually headed higher, but if it breaks below 1280 per ounce, it could take an unwanted hundred dollar detour. He has his own opinion of the stock market, which also could go higher and higher. That probably makes him a contrarian too. Listen to his calls on oil, the dollar and stock markets as well as Bitcoin too. 

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